Auctioning Japanese Pokemon Calendar

I kind of forgot that I had an extra 2011 Pokemon calendar lying around.  My boyfriend (who is amazing) bought me 2 before I got to Japan because I asked him to go pick one up for me.  This calendar is from McDonald’s during their November-December pokemon promotions :]  I have mine hanging on my door hehe.  But yeah, all brand new stuff here.  It is in Japanese, but Calendars are universal so even if you don’t know any Japanese there is nothing to impede you from using it :p

Bidding is starting out at $10. Please note shipping is $5 extra. I didn’t know how much it would be to ship it so I kind of guessed.  Not trying to cheat anyone so I wanted to make that clear.  Timing isn’t coincidental either… figured I’d try to scrape up some money before B&W came out ^^”  But yeah, just thought I’d try this if anyone had any interest in it.  I can write a personalized note with it too if you so desire :p

UPD: Some of you may of seen that this was originally an ebay Auction.  Then 20 minutes later they suspended my account and after half an hour on the phone with support (Using my free Skype call) they said I need to fax stuff in. Too much hassle.  So just bid in comments ^^”  Please be serious.  Whoever wants to pay $35 (+$5 shipping) automatically gets it.  Hmm, wonder why I’d need that amount?  xD

<3 pokejungle

ps- Keep voting on the name 😀  Use the comment section on the post to talk about WHAT YOU’RE MOST EXCITED FOR IN BLACK AND WHITE!