Playing Black & White Yet?! (UPD)

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UPD: Many months ago (in the early post BW JPN release) we reported about the Unity Tower. And it was at the time unknown how you gain access to it and what it’s function was. Well, with the release of BW in EU we now know that you gain access to it by trading with someone from another country over the GTS, and that the 130 floors represent the 130 regions of the geo net. Once you trade with someone from a different region an NPC of them will be in their designated floor in where you can talk to them. [ozy commentary: Neat little feature I guess, kinda wish the NPC’s did more then just talk to you. But I’m sure it’ll be cool to be able to go to all 130 floors. Just another one of this things you can brag about having, am I right? :p]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Working on Leavanny’s Library.  A lot harder than I initially expected, but I’ll do my best :p