Playing Black & White Yet?! (UPD)

Let’s discuss!

UPD: Many months ago (in the early post BW JPN release) we reported about the Unity Tower. And it was at the time unknown how you gain access to it and what it’s function was. Well, with the release of BW in EU we now know that you gain access to it by trading with someone from another country over the GTS, and that the 130 floors represent the 130 regions of the geo net. Once you trade with someone from a different region an NPC of them will be in their designated floor in where you can talk to them. [ozy commentary: Neat little feature I guess, kinda wish the NPC’s did more then just talk to you. But I’m sure it’ll be cool to be able to go to all 130 floors. Just another one of this things you can brag about having, am I right? :p]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Working on Leavanny’s Library.  A lot harder than I initially expected, but I’ll do my best :p

  1. Monday for me 🙁
    But I am overly psyched when i get because ill be tryin for A Shiny Tepig (thatsa lott resests!!!)
    Levanny’s Library sounds interesting and i shall be greatly anticipated!!!!! =D

    1. POO! I want to get it sunday, but I can’t cause I have hurch, so my atheist friends are going to get it before me and get a bit further than me (which will probably not be too much of a problem, cause dey can’t match diz beastliness!) I know my entire team (and what i’m gonna name half of them) Serperior, Zekrom, Reuniclus, Hydreigon, Leavanny, and Cinccino!!! What are you guys’s?!

      1. Well if you’re going to ger Zekrom, you’re going to have an empty spot in your party for a while. Same with Hydreigon, and you will probaly be using a Zweilous the entire Elite Four/N event. I would get Hydreigon for post elite four as he doesnt evolve until level 64. Anyway my party will be:
        Won’t be getting Axew or Rufflett for awhile though, but hey, it’s a chance to train my four other pokes

  2. I preordered mine for store pickup, not knowing that i could receive it earlier if I had it shipped to me. *face palm*but I’m going as early as I can to get them on Sunday,lol.

  3. I’m in the Celestial tower now. Friend of mine already beat the game, he played all night long. We both got it yesterday afternoon ^^

    1. Celestial tower? o_0 I’m so far at the moment after the first meeting with Alder. Got it yesterday and played till 2am 😛 I couldn’t beat the 3th gym.

      1. Just my old powerhouses. Maybe I’ll throw in a Natorei or an Hydreigon, but I’m not sure.

        1. Emboar(Start With),Samurott(Trade over GTS),Serperior(Trade Over GTS),Haxsorus,Krookodile & Swoobat 😉

  4. I got Pokémon White today. Luckily I was off school with a bad knee.
    I’m live-blogging my gameplay on Twitter 😀

    Check my website for a link.

    1. The controls feel delighted TwT Seriously this game could’ve been a 10 for not missing a grand Battle subway/ frontier… But it does miss .__. So it’s a shame.. But nonetheless.. It works Perfectly!

  5. Sssssssssssssssunday. Ugh! It needs to come faster! I’m turning blue over here! I. Just. Want.To.Play. Why would you mention this and make the wait worse pokejungle? WHY?

    would anyone be willing to trade me a washibon and a hydragon? I’ll trade anyone one of my shineys for the both of them. (from my soul silver) Or just one, i don’t relay care. I just one them for my in game teeeaam.

    1. I CAN I CAN! I’m getting White (on Monday, I have church sunday), so I can give you a washibon! BTW, do you mean Hydreigon, the 3-headed dino-dragon? I CAN’T WAIT! When I got Platinum, I got it the year after it came out, and I didn’t have wireless then, but now that I am actually getting White when it comes out, and have wireless, I can actually connect with people on Wi-Fi!!! 🙂

  6. Yep playing =D! It’s way more Awesome now playing the European version !! So happy OwO! <3

    1. Darn you and your European Pokemanzzzzz!!! I wish they had a midnight release at my Gamestop. 🙁

    1. Ugh this just reminds me that GameStop aint giving out squat if you pre-ordered the games w them (so says pokebetch), and I pre-ordered both with them. Kindda ticked off at them >:c

      1. I have a standing preorder at Gamestop, but I re-preordered yesterday at ToysRUs so I can get the stylus pack. Kind of wish there was a nearby Target for the supposed Art Book, though.

        1. What? Art book at target?? Dammit! Why didn’t I preorder when I could have..
          do you know if they’ll sell it separately too?

  7. Not until SUNDAY! SUNDAY SUNDAY! Which kinda sucks. Then I have a Midterm Monday morning so I can’t even play all that late sunday. At least Spring Break is in two weeks. I still don’t understand why Nintendo of America like Sunday release days. You’d figure you’d want to release stuff on Friday so people have all weekend to play your games….

    1. Don’t they realize that some people are christian (DING DING DING Me!) and therefore cannot get the games until late monday?! (Due to school)

  8. I’ve got mine. (Live in Cambridgeshire, in the UK)

    Black (Route 2
    All about level 7

    White: Dreamyard
    Oshawott Level 12

    Loving the games so far. Gotten loads of stuff for free so far. 2 great balls, 1 dusk, loads of potions.

  9. Yessss i spent the last 24 hrs drinking in a pub untill Gamestop opened 😀 PKMN i have so far is Pignite,Patrat,Lillipup,Pansage :3
    Have to college work now tho so i play it more later :3

        1. *plays Pokemon White while high and drunk*
          Me: I can actually feel the Pignite’s heat!
          Friend: No dude, you’re on fire.
          DON’T DO DRUGS!!! (You’ll burst into Pokemon-induced flames!)

  10. As someone in the US, I’ll be picking it up Sunday. I didn’t preorder, but I really don’t care about bonuses, etc. I have two mid-terms next week, but I should be able to get some playing. Also, the week after next is Spring Break so…there’s a nice chunk of time! ;P

  11. Wait!
    I´m getting it tomorrow!!
    I´m more than anxious!!!
    Does anyone else feel like christmas??

  12. I’m picking it up on Sunday! 😀 Apparently game stop forced my mom to preorder the official strategy guide (That’s Game Stop for ya :P) so it seems I’ll be getting that too. I’m gonna explode from excitement! I just know Saturday will drag on, but I get to hear Cilan’s English voice so that’ll tie me over for the day.

  13. I didn’t preorder… but I live in a small town with a K-Mart. My little brother is paying me five dollars to drive him there at seven in the morning… so that we can pick up our games together.

    1. Lucky. I dont get it till the 15th. Walmart says you have to pay extra to make it ship fast… p.s. I preordered from Walmart because I just got a $10 and $25 gift card for walmart!!! : D

  14. i already hav black(japanise),but im still very happy for english black and white,so im getting them both.

    soo happy 🙂

    ALL DAY THIS SUNDAY!SUNDAY!SUNDAY! snivy fan(me) will try to beat my personal best time for beating pokemon black,a total of 14 hours,46 minuets(thats how long it took to beat it).lets see if i can beat it.all day this SUNDAY!SUNDAY!SUNDAY!



    also,snuggies are like small childern with polio that keep you in a full nelson!

  15. Ok, Pokemon Zodiacs from Serebii:

    January – Sawsbuck – Capricorn
    February – Simipour – Aquarius
    March – Alomomola – Pisces
    April – Whimsicott – Aries
    May – Bouffalant – Tauros
    June – Klink – Gemini
    July – Crustle – Cancer
    August – Braviary – Leo
    September – Gothorita – Virgo
    October – ??? – Libra
    November – Scolipede – Scorpio
    December – Fraxure – Sagittarius

      1. no, they haven’t found it out yet, of course there’s a pokemon for world’s most equitable sign.

      1. Because every sign starts around 20th of month and ends around 20th of other month

    1. I should be a Klink but since they added that new one ive been bumped to STUPID BOUFFALANT!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow my idea got picked. 😮

    I’m playing pokemon White right now, for some reason most of the pokemon I’m catching and my starter all have Lax natures. My team is full of lazy bums. XD

    1. Looking forward to seeing Leavanny’s Library. I’ll try and contribute to it if I can. Will it be like bulbapedia in that we’ll be able to edit it?

      1. Yup :] I will require users to register and be logged in to edit, but yes. And of course the most active members will be chosen to mod it for quality ^^

    2. I think there’s some kind of thing in this game that makes certain Natures more likely. In Black, Naughty and Brave natures seem to be favouring me.

  17. Did anyone here about the Unity tower? It keeps track of WiFi trades. Sounds like the United Nations of pokemon trade.

  18. Wow. -FLASHBACK- April 10th, 2010, I freaked out when I learned there we be new pokemon games. I followed it every day on the internet but I knew it was so far away. Back to today, and it’s coming in like 1 and a half days! 😀

    1. What a horrible Pokerap; something that was constructed out of the blue. If anything else, I’ll give these guys an A for effort in such a short amount of time.

      Still there are a lot of sexual innuendos in this song.
      “Reshiram is ENORMOUS AND WHITE.”
      “Zekrom is so BLACK AND HUGE.”
      “Panpour likes to SPLASH AND SPRAY.”

  19. I picked the game up today. I was the first person to get it in my area and to get Victini as well. *so proud* XD

    Ahem. Anyways, as for the game…What can I say? Holy cow! This game really deserved that perfect rating it got! It’s so cool! >///<

    Oh. Yeah. I'm also at the fourth gym after seven hours of pain, consisting mainly of sticking Victini in a Great Ball, of course. =_=; Otherwise the game is surprisingly easy. O_O

    (Love you. Thanks for your hardwork PJ. You're the best. <3)

    1. That’s lucky you got victini. my houses wifi is password protected, so i cannot get on nintendo wifi:(

  20. I will speaking on the behalf of the American fans. After Europe had to wait an additional 3 months to play their DP games, it is not so bad that us Americans have to wait only an additional 2 days to get our copies of the game. It was about time that Europe finally got its day, so congrulations to you guys. I hope you are enjoying the new games. Even though I did want to play the game over the weekend, having to wait an additional two days for a set of games that I wanted for well over 7 months… Well, it only makes me wish to play the game even more now.

    @Marianne. I agree. Unlike the past gens, you are able to cover a lot of the pokemon types very early in these games. I would say that this game is “easier” compared to HGSS, but of course Victini is an early-game challenge. I would suggest to catch Victini early just for the hell of making it harder to catch, and therefore will be worth it when.

    I plan on doing a lot in Castelia City myself. In addition to receiving the Liberty Ticket for Victini’s event, I plan on importing my Gamestop Celebi over to Black and White to get Zorua. It may be at Level 10, but Zorua is still cute for what he is.

    I have watched videos of Black and White english playthroughs online, and even though some people are complaining that TPCI’s script was horrible in this game, I honestly do not see it. As far as I am concerned, TPCI is very accurate with the English script.

    Pokemon Black and White is bound to be one of the highest selling DS games, if not one of the highest selling Nintendo games (of any console) of all time. Pokemaniacs who have been loyal throughout the series in all parts of the world, and even some Pokemaniacs who have left our community in Kanto or Johto and have decided to come back to play these games. It’s interesting to hear what the latter group has to say after they have been gone for such a long time and missed out on so much over the years.

    1. Woops! Spelled Giratina wrong. I don’t deserve to play Pokemon now. *shoots self in face*

  21. Getting White on Sunday. Been waiting like a year so I’m super excited! It’s gonna be awesome. I’m choosing oshawott and am going to pick up a lillipup early on too. I plan on also getting a darumaka so I can have darmanitan. I’m gonna get axew and rufflet too. I’m not sure about my last spot, any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a solosis or possibly a petlil to fill in for the missing grass type. I may get a scraggy or sewaddle though, idk I guess ill just see when it comes out

    1. If you want to fill up that last spot with a grass, you should get a sewaddle. They’re so cute! You could also get a Mienfoo to give you a fighting! Or Virizion for a grass AND a fighting!

      1. Yeah if I’m gonna get a grass type id probably go for a sewaddle cuz sewaddles amazing. I wouldnt want a virizion just because its a legendary plus you have to beat the elite four to get it. I do think that mienshao looks pretty awesome so thats another good choice thanks for bringing it up. but man with so many pokemon its hard to choose just 6! but thats not a bad thing:)

  22. I can’t wait preordered the games from Gamestop gettem Sunday moring, all the way when we got the silhouette of Zoroark i guessed itd be a whole new region with no pokemon from previous gens in it pre-national dex. Only thing I didnt predict of tht was the titles, i guessed Black and Purple. So i’ve essentially been waiting for over a year now for this and its just 2 days away. Been with pkmn for 15 years now, go pkmn, and I’m extremely excited for BW, starting with Oshawott, my team will probably be
    1. Samurott – Water
    2. Swoobat – Psychic/Flying
    3. Krookodile – Ground/Dark
    4. Darmanitan – Fire
    5. Galvantula – Bug/Electric
    6. Mienshao – Fight or Ferrothorn – Grass/Steel

      1. Hmmmm. Id go for mienshao as he is pretty awesome and has great attack and sp attack. Ferrothorn has good defenses but has a double weakness to fire and with fire types (especially Darmanitan) super common that double weakness is really going to hurt him. Id go for Mienshao. Now Golurk has better attack, defense and special defense than krookodile. And that can be helpful as in my opinion ghost type is the type most hit up with special attacks. But the down side is he is slow and cant learn trick room. Krookodile has decent stats in every category except for speed, hp, and attack where Krookodile soars. Krookodile has a better typing in my opinion and has more sheer power. Plus you can find Sandile just before the fourth gym where it can be helpful. I would say go with Krookodile and Mienshao

  23. Got national dex this morning. Now going to transfer my team over, beat the league and then trying some online, if there are any people 😛

    1. From March 22nd to the 30th There will be no random matches, while from March 18th to the 22nd the dream worrld is unavalible.
      Say, Have you capture dream world pokemon?

      1. Dream world isn’t open yet for us.

        And I keep getting beaten by Japanese top-players :p

  24. Everyone is complaining about the two day wait ._.
    Do they realise that Australia and New Zealand have an extra four days on top of that, and South Korea doesn’t get it til late April?
    Calm down all of you xD It’s as close to a worldwide English release as they can make it to keep with the release schedules in each area.

    1. 19 hours 36 minutes and 41 seconds until my local game stop opens and i can get White!

  25. Captured the seven sages ^^
    Wanting to go online but I need some items first.
    The game is great, though not perfect. Still, it’s the best Pokémon game ever. I’ll do a mini-review when I tried some online 🙂

    1. Meh, there is nobody online. Japanese are asleep, Americans don’t have the game and most Europeans haven’t beaten it yet.
      And I hate that I need to get 250+ BP for getting my items needed.

  26. Getting the games tomorrow! ^___^ I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t waitIcan’twaiticantwaiticantwaiticantwaiti-

    *slaps self*

    Well, I can’t.

  27. I am hoping, HOPING to get Pokemon Black tomorrow…or else I’ll have to wait end of March >.<

    Hope it dosen't sell out D:

    1. I was worried Platinum would sell out so i preordered it. I got to the store 20 minutes before opening and when it opened i was the only one there. Two days later my friend got the game and got the giratina statue with it even though he did not preorder it because they had so many left. And i live in houston the fourth largest US city so its not like i live in a small town. Point is that I think BW will sell better, but it wont sell out

      1. Well, to be fair, Platinum was the third edition of the 4th Gen. It wasn’t a brand new gen or anything and a lot of people who played DP didn’t bother picking up Plat.

        1. Oh yeah I know, that’s why I said I thought it would sell better, I’m just pretty sure it won’t sell out. But if it does, you can hold it on me

  28. I’m amazed i got the Liberty Ticket so quickly, as i normally cant get the wi-fi events, but i did this time, i was really happy and now i have Victini.

  29. i went to my local retailers at around 7 on friday and BW were sold out!! first time a pokemon game has been sold out there for as long as i can remember 😛 i still havnt got BW cos i went back yesterday and they were still sold out 🙁

  30. Srry to be random but I have 2 questions to anyone willing to answer.
    1. How soon do you recieve a pokedex in the game?
    2. After getting it can you save immediatly and access Mystery Gift or do you have to sit through the how to catch pokemon tutorial?

    Im asking because its storming where I live and Im gonna be walking to gamestop, so I wanted to know if I could start the game, download Liberty Ticket and get home quickly without getting hit with Rain Dance too much lol

    1. You have to pick starter, have two battles, listen to Prof Juniper talk THEN get the ‘dex and THEN see a tutorial on catching pokemon. Takes ~10 mins.

      The Liberty Ticket however is a WiFi download, so you won’t need to be at gamestop

  31. My expected final team:
    – Serperior
    – Conkeldurr
    – Hydreigon
    – Seismitoad
    – Unfezant
    – Metagross or Eelektross
    hope this comes true!!

  32. I still haven’t gotten my game yet. I ordered both versions back in January on Best Buy, and the order status is still “Order In Process of Being Fulfilled. Usually Ships In 1-2 Days”. I know I’m over-reacting and I’m not expecting it to come in the mail today but it’s just that I’ll only be at the shipping destination by this Saturday and I saw how for some people, they had the same situation and it took 5-7+ days for their packages to be shipped so I’m a little worried the same thing will happen to me too

  33. Been playing TODAY!!
    BTW PJ I named my Tepig- Boarbeque as an indirect reference to your site as he was riding the wave of excellent rumors.

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