GameFreak working on new game~

…and it’s NOT a pokemon one!  A small group of GameFreak staff are currently developing a new game, but the details have not yet been revealed.  Whether this is for an existing Nintendo character or a new series… we’ll soon find out.

Just thought it was interesting :]  Definitely would play an RPG from them if they decided to make one and hopefully creating something new may give them a different perspective and inspire them to make changes and additions to the pokemon formula.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Today I had to procure 35 USD because a girl from my dorm is going to the military base in Tokyo tomorrow to buy Pokemon (GameStop there).  LOTS of mishaps while trying to get yen exchanged into dollars so I was kind of crabby today 🙁  For those of you who are playing the English version, please tell me my trouble was worth it 😡  *sigh*

  1. The English game is definetley worth all the hassle your going through, I’m I’m truly honest. 🙂
    I only just managed to tear mysefl away from playing it.

  2. ポケモンブラックバージョンとポケモンホワイトバージョンがアメリカで明日をリリースしています! 私は待つことができません!

  3. Interesting. I like what they did with Drill Dozer… Maybe it’s a sequel to that? Even if it’s not, I know it’ll be a fun game, and like you said, hopefully they’ll be able to learn a few new things and apply them to the Pokémon series.

  4. Colaberate with Hal and reboot Earthbound please.
    I think Game freak will use one of their orginal ideas from the old school days, possible an idea that was created before pokemon.

    1. Well, there are quite a few similarities between the Mother series and Pokemon Black and White, for example, the image in the Forest Shrine in Mother 3 has two dragons, one black (Zekrom) and the other white (Reshiram), not to mention that the whole legend of Unova involves two brothers (Lucas and Claus) with a dragon. Going before the 5th Gen, we have Giegue and Mewtwo, and the fact that the player characters of the first two Mother games (Ninten and Ness) are silent protagonists both wearing a red hat (Red)…..

      So, we have no idea what Masuda is planning over at Game Freak, in fact, we do not know if it’s Masuda at all who is behind this, but I DO want to see an EarthBound remake.

      1. You have no idea. Do you know that Ape, Inc., one of the co-developers of Mother and Mother 2, became Creatures, Inc.? That same Creatures, Inc. helped designed a ton of the Pokémon we know today, and participated intimately in Pokémon Red and Green. It’s not a coincidence that certain Earthbound enemies resemble Pokémon.

        (Plus, Hirokazu Tanaka, one of the composers of Mother and Mother 2, still composes most of the anime’s opening and closing songs today. He also became the president of Ape/Creatures, Inc. The more you know!)

        On topic, Game Freak’s previous non-Pokémon games:
        Drill Dozer = Fun
        Pulseman = Fun
        ??? = Almost certainly fun

      2. Thats actually a good point. But I’ve never played the Earthbound/ Mother games but I hear they’re great

        1. (Oops, I forgot that Game Freak actually made a lot of games before their big break with PKMN Red and Green. They even made a medical sim game for the PlayStation! I’m happy to hear that that “small team” is working on something else.)

          BWBeastness, I really recommend the Mother games. They’re great. If you play them, first start with Earthbound. Then do Earthbound Zero (a little hard and tedious but still good if you can deal with it, and its music gets referred to by the sequels) or Mother 3 (which is very, very good; get the Fangamer manual when you can).

          I just beat HeartGold, and I still need to play Platinum before I play White. 🙁

          1. Do they have it for Wii Virtual Console? If they do I’ll check it out. Also I really wouldn’t recommend Platinum. If you want to play through that before White you can, but really the only major difference from DP (except for catching Giratina) is the order of the gyms that are now in a more practical order. The game does feel long and tedious at some points, but I do have to admit that Giratina’s battle music makes it all worth it. If you really wanna play that first, you can, and you’ll enjoy it, but it’s not good enough to put the great Pokemon White on hold:)

    1. I wish they had made spanish names for the pokemon though. Thankfully I’ll be playing the english versions 🙂

  5. I bet GameFreak doesn’t work on my dream RPG…(Where you can play as N and Silver from Generation II) V_V

  6. Only 11 more miserable hours of waiting before I can get Pokemon Black and White!

  7. OK here is my mini-review. I’m not giving numbers because people can dislike one number or they don’t read thoroughly.

    Gameplay: Here does it truly shine. Faster battles, new strategies and Pokémon and still the gameplay as always. One downside: the mainquest is too easy (easier than ever) and short.
    Graphics: Some areas are beautiful especially the better water(falls). It does look sometimes dated. The DS wasn’t a powerhouse from its existence and you can clearly see it now.
    Sound:Good mix of old/new. Team Plasma music is nice, and we don’t get the irritating ‘HP low’ sound anymore, instead a change in the music’s pace.
    Story: More story-driven than previous entries. You may find this too linear, but it’s easier to pick up when you aren’t playing much. Characters are better drawn, especially Cheren, Alder and N.

    For a pokemon fan, this is a must buy and the best game on the DS. For everyone else it’s still a very good game, only to be surpassed by Bowser’s Inside Story and breaking even with DQIX.

    1. I agree! From the little I’ve played it’s one of the best DS games ever made. (Although I still think The World Ends With You is the best. But this sure comes close!!)

  8. Guys, I need your help. Do you think this is a good party?
    If that’s not good what should i change?

    1. That’s a pretty good party.
      Samurott and Stoutland make a good pair, you’ll get Darmantian just when you need it and remains strong, Reuniclus and Haxorus are strong and have good abilities, and Braviary comes late (unless you’re trading) but can beat up the Elite Four by himself.

      1. Thank you. And yeah I had heard that Rufflett didn’t come till late. Until then maybe I’ll put a Seismitoad in or a Krookodile. Any suggestions?

        1. If you want to fly around, grab something that can fly like Sigilyph or Golurk.
          Something that can put wild Pokemon to sleep like Liligant isn’t a bad idea either.

        2. Yes He can fly!
          He’s super useful and is American through and through, so is the Vanillite family.

  9. My party (6th gym:)
    Swampert (LVL39)
    Deino (LVL37)
    Larvesta (LVL38)
    Gengar (LVL38)
    Lucario (LVL38)
    Archeops (LVL39)

    I traded them al except Archeops.
    What do you think of my team?

    1. It’s epic since you have Larvesta on your team, cause it’s going to evolve into something marvelous.

    2. That is a good party, except why didn’t you use all Unova pokemon and catch and train them yourself? I mean it’s a whole new generation with 156 new pokemon weren’t there a bunch you wanted to use and try out? maybe it’s just me….

  10. I need 1 more pokemon for my team my team they are:
    I’m trying not to overlap typing but i will if necessary

    1. Hmmmm. Maybe Seismitoad or Conkeldurr? I love Stoutland and Mienshao too. Another good pokemon could be Zebstrika. But with so many pokemon, I don’t think youll have a hard time figuring it out.

  11. man, YA’LL IS LUCKY!
    i gotta wait ’til the 15 (of March) to get Pokemon White. Because of this, I HAVE TO PAINFULLY READ EVERYONE WHO’S ENJOYING THE GAME!!!
    nontehless, I’m still getting it (yay!)

    Here’s my “dream team” *snicker*:
    *Serperior/Samurott (Haven’t decided because Serperior is royal (TEEHEE), but Samurott can wipe out people who have the uber (and pretty lame (no offense, flame lovers) Chaobuu (don’t remember the english name))
    *Braviary (Serperior’s/Samurott’s Right-Hand Man)
    *Blitzle (So I herd u leiks Blitzle)
    *Swoobat (I dunno…need an “unexpected” Pokemon)/Druddigon (1. I need a Defense Sweeper and 2. He’s name–Drug is in it so I know it’s gotta be good)
    *Crustle (Defensive + Bug/Rock = FTW!!!)/Klingklang (The name…it captivates me)
    *Reuniclus (A Special Sweeper would be nice. Plus, it’s psychic so i can read your mind…!)
    This team is without legendaries because you can’t use legendaries in Wi-Fi Battles. If there were legendaries and I had picked Serperior, Reuniclus would be replaced with Zekrom and Swoobat/Druddigon would be replaced with Victini. Of course, this team could be a total lie because I picked this out of thin air.
    So, that’s about it.

    Pokemon Black + Pokemon White = FTW. Nuff said.

    1. Dude Emboar is a beast!!
      Not only does he have excellent HP but he can learn Water type moves which is quite handy.

  12. 15 hours, 21 minutes, and 7seconds until my local Game Stop opens and Black and White are out.

  13. Just came back from day one of the NY Nintendo World Store Event. SUPER crazy, lots and lots of people, but a lot of fun. They had The Presidents of the US playing live (even a pokémon song! lol) They sold copies of the game today, and gave some autographed ones by Ken Sugimori out for free. NOW HERE’S MY PROBLEM WITH THAT. They gave them all to kids, some of them WAY too young to even understand how amazing or valuable a copy of that game SIGNED by Sugimori really is. One of the kids said he had been playing Pokémon 2 years. I’VE BEEN PLAYING SINCE BLUE AND RED CAME OUT! AAARG!

    Tomorrow morning I’m picking up my game at gamestop so I don’t have to deal with the madness at the Nintendo store, but then I’m going back to play and see if I can exchange some FCs or mayble battle some trainers.

    1. I fell ya. Honestly, I wasn’t alive when they came out, but my bro got me HOOKED on pokemon when I was like three, AND he did it in 3 SECONDS!!!!!

  14. Honestly, I hope it is either: Mario, Sonic, or Kirby.

    P.S. I know they have NOTHING to do with Gamefreak I am just saying it would be nice.

  15. Does this sound like a good team?


    (Please, I don’t want to hear any Swanna dissing please. This is going to be my team no matter what, I’m just looking for opinions)

  16. 9 hours 30 minutes and 11 seconds until I will be the proud owner of Poke mon White!

  17. Could I please have some feedback on my team (this isn’t my final team, it’s just an idea)


  18. I’m watching the new anime episode right now. “SIGH-len”? I thought it was “sih-LAHN”. I gotta say, I think Cress is my favorite of the brothers.

    1. I haven’t forgotten about everyone hounding me because I wondered how it would be pronounced :p “Of course it’ll be like sih-LAHN-tro” they said.


    2. Well yeah Cress just obliterates Pikachu, but the Pika would have the upper hand now with its new move Electro Ball. More powerful the faster you are to the opponent.

  19. OH!

    Of course it could mean they are rebooting one of their older games, and that would likely turn out cool.

    But if they aren’t, imagine the possibilities O:
    They could make a similar franchise to Pokemon but aimed towards an older audience, or who knows what!

    My first thought was actually “they should stick to what we all love, pokemon”, but no one knows what they’re up to, and it culd very well be something genious.

  20. Sounds like you had fun PJ. I had to get up at 5:45am to get to wal-mart for its insane 7 am opening. I had to drag my mom along so I would have a ride too, but for the most part she was a good sport.

  21. It’s being directed by James Turner, I believe.

    My bet is that it has something to do with ‘nature’, but it’s just a hunch 😉

    1. The game is directed by James Turner?? The man responsible for my fave robot-like Poke in existance?? EXCELLENT!!!

  22. That’s exciting, all right! They’ve made great games in the past, like Pulseman and Drill Dozer. I wonder if they will work on a sequel or a new project. I’m hoping for a new character, but by no chance would I mind a sequel! Pulseman was really awesome.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to details! I wonder about the genre. GF has previously worked on platforms besides the Pokémon RPGs. I’m thinking that a side scrolled has the best chances. Also 3DS probably.

  23. Don’t worry, pj, I still don’t have it yet either…even though, like, five of my friends do…and my birthday is still for a while yet… ><;

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