First English ‘Dex Entry

Always happy to bring you the news first <3  Not the most exciting thing in the world, BUT it does get me just that more excited for the English release of Black and White!  Did you notice that the Pokedex entry alludes to Snivy gaining energy from photosynthesis AND  the fact that snakes are cold … Read more

More English Names! :D

Sorry, a bit late on this one because I was asleep~  Official site updated with some new information: Munna the ‘Dream Eater Pokemon’ (Telekinesis keeps its name) Pidove [Mamepato] the ‘Tiny Pigeon Pokemon’ (Pigeon Heart is now Big Pecks) Sandile [Meguroco] the ‘Desert Croc Pokemon’ (Overconfident is now Moxie) Blitzle [Shimama] the ‘Electrified Pokemon’ (Wild bolt is … Read more

Introducing: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Happy with their English names?!  I won’t be using spoilers for any information OFFICIALLY given out by Nintendo of America. Snivy (tsutaaja) – Grass Snake Pokemon [Overgrow] Tepig (pokabu) – Fire Pig Pokemon [Blaze] Oshawott (mijumaru) – Sea Otter Pokemon [Torrent] Reshiram – Vast White Pokemon [Turboblaze] Zekrom – Deep Black Pokemon [Teravolt] Region name: … Read more

Starters to be revealed Monday

Sadly we have no more information than this right now.  Make SURE to check back on Monday as we’ll have the information FIRST ;D <3 pokejungle ps- In the comments please GUESS THE ENGLISH NAMES!  Winner, if there is one, will get congratulated when the official names are revealed. </lame prize>