First English ‘Dex Entry

Always happy to bring you the news first <3  Not the most exciting thing in the world, BUT it does get me just that more excited for the English release of Black and White!  Did you notice that the Pokedex entry alludes to Snivy gaining energy from photosynthesis AND  the fact that snakes are cold blooded and move faster when heated?

  • Random Matchup is the official name for ‘Random Match’ (One of the English modes is officially “Free Mode“)
  • Pokemon Musical will keep its name

<3 pokejungle

ps- Pokemon Black and White just announced as Japan’s top selling videogame for 2010!

  1. Oh, 1st and 2nd. Sorry, this is my first and possibly only time i can do this. BUT YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!! Cant wait!!!



    i really need 2 heart scales and a dusk stone,so if anyone can help me,plz help.offers must be from black and white,but plz help


    1. This is Snivy’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Black.
      The Japanese entry in Black, when translated into English, follows as the same thing.

  3. ok,i found a dusk stone 🙂

    but,i also need a shiny stone,to evolve my new adament mincchino(chillarmy).if anyone has a spare shiny stone,plz let me know.i cant find any shiny stones in the game,so please help

    and happy(almost)new year everyone

    and i can pay in a shiny,lv 1 dialga that i got in a trade,i am not kidding.i didnt plan on useing this dialga,so if you have a shiny stone up for trade,shiny dialga can be yours 🙂
    im also offering other stuff 🙂

    1. I believe there’s a shiny stone inside that tower past Sekka city(where N got one of the dragons).

      1. i have searched in the dragon spiral tower,and nearly everywhere else,and no shiny stone 🙁
        i need one badly

        would you possibly have one,zenmaster?if you,i WILL trade you a shiny lv 1 dialga from the HG/SS arceus event.i got it in a trade,and im willing to trade it for a shiny stone,and if you have 2 heart scales,ill offer other stuff too.just let me know if you want to trade

        1. If you really need a shiny stone, a kid inside a house on Route 6 will give it to you as a gift. Should you need a heart scale, there is one right at the north-westernmost corner of Resort Desert. The other one is hidden outside the Dragon Spiral Tower, so might as well use the Dowsing Machine. I have all of those but I can’t trade with you. Good luck!

  4. Hate to burst your bubble pokejungle, but I’m pretty sure if seen this already.

    Although I’m not certain if I saw it on another news site or if someone just made a post about it in a forum though…

  5. @Snivy Fan I have like three extra shiny stones, however I don’t have Black or White D: , but I have HeartGold 😀

  6. @Snivy fan Try and take a look at White Forest, I don’t know where but I got 2 Shiny Stones, but I can’t trade because I’m playing it in an emulator, sorry…
    I why I’d choose Snivy, because the better look and the intelligence! (I don’t hate other)
    Which other Pokemon have the word intelligence or smart in their Pokedex entries? I know that Latios and Metagross are…
    I wonder what N’s real name is! In the English patch rom, at the end, after you beat N, Geechisu said that N is not worthy of the Harmonia name (I’m not sure)… I wonder what that name could be… A family name maybe? Sorry for the long comment, I don’t want to spam by having too much comments at the same time.

  7. wow…. i guess it fits being #1 in the unova dex……… i hate snivy by the way i like oshawott much better…..

  8. Hooray for Capitalized Names!!
    Even though this entry is for Black I still love how the biology of Snivy works.
    I may be getting Tepig in the English version but I still love my Snivy!

    1. Yuo, Metagross definately has the brain equivalent of 1.000 supercomputers.

      PS:It’s the last day of the year.:(

    1. Hmpf, we still need 6 hours. Waiting till family comes and then we can eat. And of course MORE PRESENTS!

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