PJN in JPN: Yodobashi Camera

At great personal risk (of getting kicked out of the store) I took a covert picture in the electronics store ‘Yodobashi Camera’.  Thought it was cool because there was a ton of Pokemon merchandise and I wanted to show it off to you guys <3

If you would like to purchase plushies or anything I may be willing to ship stuff from Japan to you if you cover price and postage + like $5 USD for my time :p  Just throwing that out there, but I don’t have time for a lot of that stuff.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone going to buy any Pokemon Games with their xmas money?  😮

  1. How much does a miju cost in yen?

    And I’m buying Black and White if that counts. No interest in Ranger or MD

  2. PJ,see if there are any snivy’s,i want to see it 🙂

    i effort trained my adament ho-oh and adament groudon yesterday.ho-oh is lv 100 now,and i beat the E4 with just ho-oh,no healing items or moves like roost,but i know it’s not too impressive to you all,just felt like sharing.but the moveset is great.here it is:
    nitro charge
    sacred fire
    and free-fall(couldnt get a heart scale for brave bird),but i may swap that for aerial ace,cause it never misses

    but today,im going to train my mewtwo and lugia 🙂

    1. You’re making great progress ^^
      I really need to train some pokemon. I’m bored, but I want also a shiny 🙁
      What do you guys think is better?

      PS: Saw some hilarious battle video’s. Water spout on palkia, a guy with shiny legendaries and stupid movepools(slash, hyperbeam). Watching noob stuff can sometimes be so fun.^^

    1. I don’t know what they’d do, but there were police floating through the store and signs that said “No cameras/cellphones” :p

  3. You’ll have to make a post of all the stuff available! With or without pictures 🙂

    That Darumakka figure looks pretty dang cute.

  4. Do they have more plushies than what shows in the picture?
    (i see Snivy,Oshawott, Tepig, Pikachu, zorua, and Pigdove)
    If so, is there any chance they may have a yabakuron or the monkey trio?

    If not i may be interested in a Tepig or Snivy plushie!!
    (email me at [email protected] with details about paying for the plush)

  5. OMG!!! All of this stuff looks AWESOME! I wouldnt mind a Snivy plushie (Looks like they sold out though :O) and the Desumasu and Darumaka look cool. And a Pokecenter playset!? Its too much!

  6. Oh some of those are so cool! Glad you are having a good time in Japan!
    I wonder if there is any merchandise for Yabakuron? It’s my little sister’s favourite Gen. 5 Pokemon 🙂

    Also, not trying to spam or anything, but I have a shiny Magikarp and a shiny Beedrill. Does anyone want to trade?

  7. Hey Pokejungle,

    Can you tell me how much the plushies and the Pokecentre playset are? I’m thinking of buying the Oshawott, Tepig, Meowth, Zorua and Snivy, if there all available.

    And is that a poster I see rolled up? How much is that?

    I have $600 from Christmas. I need to spenddd

  8. Awesome! I nabbed an 11″ Snivy plush from Singapore for around $23 (US) but those smaller, fluffier pokemon centre ones are usually around $15 I think. You might be able to find importers in your own countries though, that’s how i found the Snivy 😀 They also had 11″ Zoruas and the rest of the starters, so anyone in singapore or travelling there on holiday (like i did!), i can give you the location/name of the shop 🙂
    Also those little figurines can be crazy expensive (up to $5/6), and personally imo they’re not worth it. The hollow plastic ones that come with the sticker and a lolly are better made and less expensive, but probably haven’t been released yet.

      1. 🙂 it’s an awesome place. i could happily set up a tent on orchard road and just live there xD

  9. In Bangkok, we are all ready getting the ENGLISH version of black and white + They arnt fake!

      1. well its probably a translated rom that has been put into a game card
        its not technically fake because you could still use it like a legit version, but it’s still not the real thing

        1. No, but it isn’t an official copy of the game with Nintendo having not officially releasing it yet therefore it’s a fake.

  10. I wish the U.K. still sold pokemon plushies and toys to the amount Japan do. I hardly seem them anywhere anymore. I wouldn’t buy them, but it would be nice to see. It would bring back memories of my childhood – always running to the pokemon section in every shop that had one, and being overwhelmed by the amount to choose from. I remember buying an Elekid plushie and loving it. Ahh, those were the days… 🙂

  11. i have to get my DS to play Pokemon games before I buy the new Pokemon games.
    it’ll play any kind of games except pokemon!
    and they play fine in my sister’s ds.

    1. Do you have a flashcard or real ones? Flashcard: you deserve it. Real: contact Nintendo.
      The system menu doesn’t know you are playing pokemon, because it never checks anything based on title id (except dsi, who blocks flashcards). Most likely your pins are filthy or damaged or the games are corrupt.

      1. no dude they’re legit.
        its only the 4th generation games though. the gba games still work.
        and they will play in all other ds’s except mine so i guess mine is broke.
        i’m planning on calling nintendo soon.

        1. On do other DS games work? Clean your pins and try again. If that didn’t help, your pins are most likely damaged. Don’t use liquids or sharps objects to clean them, it can certainly damage them

  12. Heck yes! I’m gonna buy one (haven’t made up my mind yet, too many variables), then later I’m gonna get the other. Right now I’m enjoying Heart Gold as the male protagonist Corazon 🙂 Later as the female protagonist Alma in Soul Silver :B

  13. @JP Yeah, you can get kicked out of stores in America for that. I got kicked out of Best Buy for filming myself with MY CAMERA that I brought from BEST BUY! And to anyone who doesn’t think Snivy is the most popular starter: Count how many Snivys there are compared to Tepigs and Oshawotts there are =b.
    BTW, I would totally spring for a Tepig plushie.

    1. There are privacy laws to protect people from being filmed. Only when you have permission from government/other instance you can film in public places. You don’t want someone who follows you around and films everything you do.

  14. I’m putting most of my christmas money into my fund for Pokemon Black/White & the 3DS…

    However I’m going to get Ghost Trick for DS when it comes out on January…

    2010 was a pretty dud year for gaming to me tbh….however 2011 seems like there are too many great things coming :S

    1. 2010 was full of disappointments. I think we shouldn’t get overexcited for next year, or history repeats itself. I have high hopes for Skyrim, but I think it will be full of bugs and broken features.
      Most games for the 3DS aren’t confirmed for 2011. Don’t be surprised if they push back several titles.

      For me 2011 is buying 3DS, Black and White, max. 2 3DS games, quitting WoW, working hard to be able to buy a new computer, buy it when the new processors come out, skipp the psp2 till 2012 and open that backlog of steam games. This permits to buy all I want, without having the bad feeling I had with spending too much money this month.(bought a new keyboard, 90 euros @ steam sales, cata. These thing will last however, but 200 euro is still a big chunck of my money.)

        1. After playing a year you realize the community is shitty, so you invite some friends to play WoW. However two of my friends played so much that they haven’t done much of their homework. Result: bad examinations due to not knowing what you need to know. As we only get two examinations, it’s almost certain that they have to stay down year. Now they’re playing MORE WoW. It isn’t my fault, I was saying from the beginning they shouldn’t play that much and better try to score good marks. They didn’t listen however.

  15. How would we contact you if we were to have to ship out an item?
    and I’m guessing payments to you would have to be directly via PayPal?
    I’d like a Pokabu plush, so cute.

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