More English Names! :D

Sorry, a bit late on this one because I was asleep~  Official site updated with some new information:

  • Munna the ‘Dream Eater Pokemon’ (Telekinesis keeps its name)
  • Pidove [Mamepato] the ‘Tiny Pigeon Pokemon’ (Pigeon Heart is now Big Pecks)
  • Sandile [Meguroco] the ‘Desert Croc Pokemon’ (Overconfident is now Moxie)
  • Blitzle [Shimama] the ‘Electrified Pokemon’ (Wild bolt is now Wild Charge)
  • Minccino [Chillarmy] the ‘Chinchilla Pokemon’ (Min-see-no? Min-chi-no?) (Sweep Slap is now Tail Slap)
  • Klink [Gearu] the ‘Gear Pokemon’
  • Darmanitan [Hihidaruma] the ‘Blazing Pokemon’ (Encourage is now Sheer Force)
  • Gigalith [Gigaiasu] the ‘Compressed Pokemon’
  • Professor Juniper is our new official prof <3
  • Hiun City is now Castelia City

:]  I’m fairly happy with these names to be honest.  Going to go update the English Names page, be back when I finish *skips away*

<3 pokejungle

ps- ENGLISH NAMES PAGE has been updated!  Now off to shower and enjoy a Japanese curry buffet <3333  YUM