Black & White- Release date! [UPD]

As you can see in the above picture, get ready to buy Black and White on March 6th, 2011 if you live in America!  Great news and a lot sooner than the fishy April date some sites had been giving.  The only other details we got were that “Black City” and “White Forest” keep the names they were given for the Japanese release :] UPD: Added vid from our partner PLDH!


<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks for the heads up Dae :p

pps- ‘English Names‘ page has been updated accordingly ;D

  1. I gues it’s the last first-party DS release, as the 3DS comes out a week or two later. It is good ending for the DS, however.

    1. Oh Gawd, No!
      The DS era can’t be really coming to an end. ;_;

      Pokemon will be a great title to end the DS generation. *sob*

  2. What? A new kirby game’s gonna be on the ds, so it’s not the last first-party, and second (no pun intended), the ds will still stay strong for atleast 2-3 more years, it’s not over…

  3. I’m glad that April 11th rumour was false… It was pretty far away IMO. March 6th is A LOT more reasonable!

    And of course Pokémon B/W aren’t gonna be the last first party games on the DS, for that, they’d had to be first party games! (It always makes me sad to see how many people know of first and third party games, but nobody knows about second party games, which tend to be my favourites, like Pokémon, Kirby and Paper Mario)

    1. Oh sorry. I know GF is not a first-party develloper. What I meant was being published by nintendo itself, what essentially the same is as a first-part title.

  4. i cant wait for white version,i already got black(beleave it or not,my game time is 487:56) 🙂

    i got the legends i wanted off of my soulsilver,in the right natures,timid lugia took about 2 hours 🙁
    but on my legend hunting journey,i caught a adament snorlax,and i was wondering,should i swap my shaymin for snorlax?i already got a wall with lugia,but maybe i should have another?
    let me know on what you all think.

    1. The lugia will do fine. And a dual-wall would be better than snorlax, if you really need an extra one.

  5. I hope europe isn’t too far behind, if we have to wait until June or July I’m definitely importing.

    If it’s like the HG/SS release though and it’s release later in March I’ll wait it out.

    1. I hope it’s not the same as the HGSS release. I haven’t forgot what a stupid release it was, with the bugged copies.
      But it will be released shortly after March. It’s an ongoing trend that the gap shortens.

  6. Hey! People are saying Europe will be getting the game on March 4th because it’s highlighted on the calender (along with March 6th)

    Also March 4th is a friday, the day new games are released over here.

    1. If so, where is the press release? If they do the US anouncement now, why can’t do the EU at the same thim. Especially because the EU release would be earlier.
      However I still think they want to release it before people start buying 3DS and the majority of the kids wil forget about it. (To be honest, you sure now of plentiful of kids that don’t even know that Black and White exists)

    2. It’s great to be optimistic, but don’t get your hopes up. The pokecenter in New York tends to do pre-release events, and since the calender was shipped out to event holders….well, it’s definitely a possibility that the 4th was highlighted for the big pre-release event.

  7. Hey guys. I have never preordered a game in my life so i have a question. Is it safe to pre order from websites like gamestop? I ask because they dont have the official boxart on them and i am suspicious. Please respond 🙂

    1. I think going to an actual store would be wiser. You don’t want to hear on 3/05 that your pre-order went missing.

    2. Gamestop is one of the safest place to preorder from. If you Pre-Order it online it will be delivered straight to your house. It just might be better to go to a Store to Pre-Order.

  8. Just a quick heads up, official site has updated with some new English names

    Chillarmy = Minccino
    Gigaiath = Gigalith
    Meguroko = Sandile
    Shimama = Blitzle
    Mamepato = Pidove
    Gear = Klink
    Hihidaruma = Darmanitan
    Munna remains the same.

    Abilites were also shown:

    Encourage = Sheer Force
    Overconfidence = Moxie
    Pigeon Heart = Big Pecks

    Official Trailer:

    1. These are lame names.
      I want ones like reshiram, which is more exotic than klink.
      Like minccino, however.
      And what is moxie? Reminds me a bit of Boxxy.:P

      1. Moxie means energy, overconfidence.
        Klink is a lot better than Gear, just as Magnemite is a lot better than Coil.
        And these names are awesome, short sweet and to the point.

  9. 😀 Not only is that earlier than the rumored date, but it’s earlier than my prediction too! ^_^ I predicted March 20th.

    1. If that March 4 release is the real deal, march will be a busy month. I think I can’t even buy PS3 games. I really need a job :p
      Kinda hope for you they send it early.

  10. hey pj why don’t make a contest to see who is guessing the names of the new pokemon!to see what names the pokejunglers are thinkinng?

  11. Hey pokejungle! A month or so ago you came up with Rockodile for Megoroko, and it’s offical name is Snadile! Not only is it close but I like your’s better! PS. Munna is Munna, so what’s Musharna? XD

    1. I hope that Musharna either keeps its name or has it changed to Moonsharna (evolves with Moon Stone 😛 I know it’s lame)…except for the fact that it sounds like moonshine lol

  12. just in time for my birthday~~
    March 25th
    though, that means i might have to buy myself a gift early x’D

    by the way, [i don’t keep track of news and that stuff x’D]
    is there any news on when the 3DS is being released?

    1. It’s still the vague march. However there will be a press event on January 19 with release date, pricing and launch games.
      I expect it come around 18-25, because BW coming first and they could interfer.

    1. Also…

      Telekinesis stays the same.
      Wild Bolt is now Wild Charge.
      Munna is still the Dream Eater Pokemon
      Pidove is still the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon
      Sandile is the Desert Croc Pokemon
      Blitzle is now the Electrified Pokemon
      Minccino is still the Chinchilla Pokemon
      Kilink is still the Gear Pokemon
      Darmanitan is now the Blazing Pokemon
      Gigalith is now the Compressed Pokemon

        1. I’d love Maggyo to stay the same…

          everytime I say it’s name it’s like I’m talking to a girl called Maggie.

          Maggie Yo! Wazzup! XD

  13. GUYS. Black and White are NOT the last DS games AT ALL. Nintendo has already confirmed that they’ll continue to support the DS AFTER the 3DS has been released! Enough of the “OHGAWDNOOOOTHEYRETHELASTDSGAMESEVUR!!11!1111!oneoneelevenone!11!1” stuff! @[email protected]


    1. Nobody said it that there are absolutely none coming out. But why would they still publish big-budget titles? They have to focus on the 3DS so that is sells, instead of still promoting the DS. People will than stick to their phat DS’s.
      Yes, there are still games coming for it, but none with a budget of 20 million dollars.
      And look at the PS2. Sony still sells and supports it. There are still games coming for it, but most are downports. I can’t think of a very good original title that launched this year. However the 3DS has BC and the PS3 not, so people can still buy them.

      The DS isn’t dead, but it isn’t full of life either.

  14. Wait if the 3ds is BC, then how do ds games deal with the changed screen sizes and the fact that the resolution is much higher?

    1. Most likely with black sides like the GBA did on the DS or with the option of upscaling, wich isn’t difficult to do. Keep in mind however that you don’t see extra detail, it only fits on the screen size.

  15. If previous releases are any indication Europe/Australia will be a few weeks/months behind the US release;

    US March 14, 2010
    AUS March 25, 2010
    EU March 26, 2010

    US March 22, 2009
    EU May 22, 2009
    AUS May 14, 2009

    US April 22, 2007
    AUS June 21, 2007
    EU July 27, 2007

    I hope the wait is not as intense as Diamond and Pearl :/ Mind you there does seem to be a trend for shorting the release date between US and EU/AUS

    if you go here and click Australia it says early 2011, click UK it says spring 2011….

    1. You said it yourself: the gaps are shortening. Nintendo now knows Europe is as important as the US, and therefore it tries to release at the same time. In some cases Europe got things way before the US, like Pokepark. It wouldn’t surprise me if March 4 turns out to be true.

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