I don’t want to forget the true meaning of the December holidays so, without further ado, let’s discuss what they’re really about: PRESENTS!  Share in the comments ;D

<3 pokejungle

ps- I didn’t actually celebrate xmas today :s  It was just like a normal day for me haha

  1. Just getting some cotton with blue, orange and green ink. ^^
    Need it to buy some good games next year.

    We’re also getting a PS3 in January, but it’s not christmas-related.

  2. well,i got my presents about 2 weeks ago 🙂 ,but heres what i got:

    pokemon ranger guardian signs
    mario vs donkey kong:miny-land mayham
    the mystery egg kibago(i count that as a gift)
    the pikachu world collection set(my pikachu’s still have that new card smell)
    disney epic mickey(got that around december 2nd,its so EPIC,go buy it)
    sonic colors(got that early too)
    and the 25th anniversary super mario all stars game(has mario’s first 4 adventures on it,it also comes with a CD).

    but the best present was my family,and finishing my new effort team 🙂

    shiny raikou lv 60 EVD
    tyranitar lv 60 EVD
    shuckle lv 60 EVD
    garchomp lv 61 EVD
    lucario lv 62 EVD
    and staraptor lv 60 EVD
    im pretty happy with this team,just cant think of any good hold items,besides leftovers for shuckle

    merry christmas everyone

    and i wanted to say this yesterday,but forgot till now!

    trust your pilot,respect your monkey(s)

    if you dont get this,the pilot is the trainer,while pansage,pansear,and panpour are the monkeys,and they trust you,while you respect them 🙂

    i thought that was kinda cool,because of the monkey english name release,so i thought i would say it 🙂

    again,merry christmas,and have some fun in japan ,PJ

    by the way,does this symbol, :CD ,kinda look like mario?i think it does,but i wanted to ask.

    1. Not the games I really want to play, I heard Mickey’s got some camera issues?
      And I have played SMB on the NES, so I’m not tempted to buy it.

      Nice team however, it reminds that I have to level mine to 100 :p

      1. thanks for the comment on my team,daedardus.do you have any suggestion as for hold items for my team?

        i dont have camera issues with epic mickey.people also say there are control issues,i am saying,if you cant control the pointer on the brush,your going to have problems,and its not hard to control the brush,just point at the screen,and press B or Z,thats all for the brush,its so simple.some people complain about the simple things about games.

        1. Depens on the moveset. My garchomp works well with a choice scarf. And life orb, expert belt or a supereffective type-weaken berry can never miss.

          And about the simple things: more mature gamers feel like everything needs to “click” for the game to be really good. They have played better/thighter games in the past and present and are put off because an other game does it right.

    2. quick question i know epic mickey and mario and donkey kong is good but are pokemon ranger gaurdian signs and sonic colors any good?

          1. just ignore what you have read about Epic Mickey. The cameras and controls are fine. Im about half way through the game and iv not had a single problem with it. Although i wish the good/bad advancement was more clear. Iv tried to do a “good” playthrough by using Thinner only when necessary, and using Paint to progress the stages and do the quests, but certain quests will give points in the other direction without telling you before hand.

  3. i also need a heart scale,so i can teach my garchomp fire fang,so it can counter ice and grass.if anyone has a extra one,let me know

    1. I Do not have any, but you can go under ground to dig for some… Because I dag, but my bag was too full!

  4. i got a copy of heartgold but my mom made me get clothes with the rest of the money. she owes me in march >.<

    1. Why March? Is it the 3DS or something else?

      Congrats with your HeartGold, and clothes aren’t bad things. Trust me, running around naked will certainly get you some weird looks.


        I CAN’T WAIT

        oh also, i think i heard somewhere that game freak specifically did some of the work on the 3DS?? Can anyone confirm that?
        cuz if they did, i might just expect a great third version of b/w with a LOT of extra features 😀
        That would kinda even out b/w’s lack of new stuff (IMO)
        I kinda want them to renew the series FULLY, because now they are mainly making money off of what they did 15 years ago with the red/blue versions

        ….still buying it anyway….. God dammit Capitalism wins again

  5. im going to be making a uber team.i just need some pokemon

    adament or jolly ho-oh
    timid mewtwo
    bold lugia
    i think i will use my timid shiny dialga
    adament or jolly groudon
    and ill use my modest shaymin-s

    to get ho-oh,mewtwo,lugia,and groudon,i think i will have to restart my soul silver 🙁 but i can get everything off it

    wish me luck everyone,im going legend hunting 🙂

      1. well,i planned for a nattorei,but getting it to learn stealth rock and leech seed is too hard,so i figured lugia was the next best thing

        135 def/154 sp.def/110 speed
        with roost,i can outspeed most opponents,and reheal half of lugia’s hp,before getting hit

        so,i feel lugia would be better,nattorei dosent have roost,or recover.i know its good,but lugia just suits me.plus,lugia is my favorite legendary 🙂

        1. Do you stil need a bold lugia? I have one my SS and I can get another one on HG, so I don’t really need. I’m not sure of its IV so I can look them up if you wish. Make me a reasonable offer and he’s yours. Ofcourse no hacked pokemon please.

          1. well,actually,i looked on smogon,and lugia is better with a timid nature,so thats how i will do it
            but i do appreciate the offer,thank you,daedardus
            however,if you have a timid palkia,ill trade something for that.it must be untrained.and i dont trade hacks,people who do are weak,and lack disipline,and cant train for their own effort pokemon

          2. I can get you a level 1 timid Palkia. It takes a while however to SR but I can do it for you.
            The Lugia sucked anyway: he was 8/21/5/24/6/22 :p

      1. thx for the luck,JKT17

        i also made one change on my team.
        im going to use my modest palkia over my shiny timid dialga.

        so,here is what it will be:
        and mewtwo

        ill try using hold items,im just not used to the choice scarf,just dont like how it works,plus i only got one on my black version 🙁 but,ill try to think of something

  6. My Xmas isn’t done until after the new year (Yay divorced family arrangements), but my most notable gifts were:

    – Avatar: Collector’s Edition
    – Random giftcards
    – Cash
    – New battery for my phone
    – Several blankets (and I mean SEVERAL)
    – SNOW~! (Okay, maybe not a gift to me specifically, but hey, my birthday was yesterday. I CLAIM THE SNOW AS A GIFT TO ME!)

    And my Betta fish got a shiny, new 5 gallon aquarium, along with a filter a heater, and some new fabric plants (although he won’t know it until tomorrow, the tank still has to cycle).

    Merry Xmas, PJ~!

    1. Nice gifts, but why several blankets? And wherefore are the giftcards? Amazon, steam, food,….?

      1. Mainly Target, Walmart, and the movie theatre near my house. I go to a small college, so when I go back the only stores nearby are basically the big chains, and even then they’re the next town over.

        As for the blankets, your guess is as good as mine. For some reason, people LOVE giving me blankets for the holidays. However, one of them may be re-gifted, as it’s one of my best friend’s favorite shades of green. Normally, I don’t like to re-gift, but this year I’ve gotten about 5 blankets, so I’m making an exception.

        1. What?! Five blankets!! xD
          But I’ve never understanded gift cards, why not giving someone real cash? Maybe it’s because here we don’t have superstores like Wal-Mart but more smaller ones. Although many people receive them, but tomorrow you can find all of them on ebay :p

          1. Mhmm, my thoughts exactly. But I like giftcards, they let me conserve my cash flow without taking up space -w-

  7. Tron Legacy 3D with group of friends, Tron Legacy 3D with family, Tron Legacy 3D with one of my best friends… and most likely later, Tron Legacy 3D with family that hasn’t seen it…
    And rum cologne
    Pokemon-related…. The monkey’s names were actually really cool… can’t wait for what dennis’s name will actually be

  8. I just got a dsi as a Christmas gift for myself. That’s all. They won’t give me anything mainly because I have my own work now. XD

          1. Waiting 10 hours outside when it’s raining is indeed better than eating stuffed turkey and getting presents.

  9. http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=ukgvTE3A0Ic go here, just do it…you know you want to… by the way, if you need a loop button on youtube than just take your favorite video and put “repeat” inbetween “youtube” and “.com” And since I need atleast one pokemon related thing in this comment…

    Zekrom vs. Reshiram! Who will win? Type Z for Zekrom and R for Reshiram!

        1. I want epic yarn! However I have to wait till the end of 2011 when I have enough money. (PAL release is in a busy period)
          I’m not going to say what sort of music is good. Each decides for his own.

          PS:I’m really bored. Have been posting way too much on PJN :p

          1. not trying to rub it in,but iv had kirby’s epic yarn sence the begining of november,or somewhere in that time.
            i dont want to spoil anything so dont ask,unless u want a spoiler

            and no,i have not gotten all the treasures 🙁

            but it still is a good game

        2. i saw that trailer yesterday and i am absolutley excited 😀 next year is looking like a good year.

      1. It’s the winter solstice festival that took place at this time in roman times, before the christians figured it would be a neat idea to place their prophets birthday on that date and call it a christian holiday.
        Similar to how lots of churches were built on pagan worship places. People would walk to the same place, just worship a different guy LOL. Makes converting easier.
        Hahaha and the christmas tree, which also has sooo much to do with christmas, was actually a ritual of the pagans. They went out into the forest, and took a tree back in their house, to feel closer with nature. At least that was an interesting reason xD

        1. You realise Christians started celebrating Christmas on the same day as the winter solstice festival to avoid prosecution?

  10. Got an unexpected MP3 player (my first one!) and a $25 ebay gift certificate with which I immediately purchased Muramasa: The Demon Blade for Wii. XD

    1. That game looks fun! I just drew a picture about console wars, I hate console wars. :p also, no dk country for christmas…atleast I have epic yarn.

  11. i just realized this is my first christmas with the pokejungle site.i heard of this site around july,and iv loved it ever sence :CD

    i awnserd the survey on here about “best anime female”.my favorite is dawn. well,i know its kinda lame,but i think she looks pretty cute.dont judge me anyone,theres alot of people who think dawn is hot,and im one of them

    by the way,i DO have a life,so dont ask.i say screw all dawn haters (unless any are on this site)

  12. Do any one you know what Walmart’s Christmas Return Policy is? Someone bought me Zatchbell Cards for some reason, and i have no desire to learn to play something like that. Nooo, they couldnt have bought me Pokemon or Yugioh, something i actually know how to play, they had to buy me some weird magic doll cards with seemingly satanic symbols on the “spellbook” card album -.-
    No offense to those of you who like it, it just seems a little too weird for me.

    Anyway, I dont have a receipt or anything and i was wondering if they let you refund presents like that after Christmas. If i do return them ill probably buy me some Pokemon cards in return since that family member atleast thought to buy me cards instead of the usual and generic shirts or headphones -.-

  13. I got $50, a $200 new camera, a $40 pair of Skull Candy headphones, a $25 dollar iTunes card, the Hunger Games box set worth $30, I get to redecorate my room (should be around $250), and I still have more on the way! Yay for a $595 Christmas! (so far)

  14. Question for the Americans: how long are your school holidays?
    I have no school till 10 January. In february I have one week, around Easter two weeks and the big one is from 1 July till 31 August.

  15. Idk what 300€ is for $s. Ours is Winter- Dec. 18- Jan. 3. We get a week of for Mardi Gras for a week our Spring is one week then we go in for one week and then another week off. And the big one is May 22- Aug. 17

    1. It’s about 400 dollars.
      And you get 3 months. 🙁
      Do you sometimes get one day off? With some Christian holidays that are always on sunday we get monday off.

  16. Lol my Christmas was normal too 😛 Besides, it ain’t Christmas when you have an annoying little brother who literally is the controller of the TV. He seriously won’t let you watch anything else other than those stupid Playhouse Disney shows (back here, it runs ALL DAMN DAY). Dosen’t help he has a bratty attitude and there were family problems afoot. Merry Christmas to me~

  17. Here’s a christmas story for you, and this actually happened:
    I was listening to owl city as I stared at my computer screen. I was on Serebii.net and I was looking at anime character bios. Just as Lyra’s picture showed up, the song I was listening to went: “And I’ll kiss you…” and I was just siting there thinking “no, just no.”

  18. I heard some stores are taking 3DS pre-orders already. I’m going to check my local store tomorrow.

    In other news, Europe has got Zenonia. Has anyone played it? I’m thinking of getting a points card tomorrow. And I hope steam gets some good rpg deals today. They have been kinda meh…

    1. I hate steam :@
      First your giving me a great game for 4€ and three days later it goes for 1€. Laaaaameeee.

  19. I have a question for you guys, does ANYONE actually know he TRUE meening of Christmas?

    Hint: The path to the answer is in Christmas itself!

  20. Christmas is about love and happiness.Screw you, Pokejungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I want mother 4 next christmas! I DO! I REALLY DO! SCREW YOU ITOI, FOR CRUSHING MY HOPES AND DREAMS! But no, seriously.

  22. We have sort of a morning break where we all just hang out outside, that’s from 6:45-7:15 then we have four classes per day each 90 minutes long with a 30 minute lunch and we get five minutes to go from class to class. School hours are 7:15-2:15. Wednesday we stay a full day, why?

    1. Ohh, we start at 8:40 and end at 15:45. We have 7 classes of 50 minutes a day except wednesday when we have four.
      So actually, whe have nearly as much school a year.^^

  23. I received the gift of charity along with two special esoteric gifts via the dream world, and one materialistic yet necessary gift.

  24. Merry (late) Xmas. Btw you haven’t yet posted the Tabunne C-Gear skin news have you? The 合言葉 is ポケモンセンター

  25. Oh I forgot, we have A-days and B-days. One day we’ll go to 4 of 8 of our classes and the next day we go to the other 4. Each day we have two of the four core subjects, Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, and two classes we choose. My schedule goes
    1st period: P.E. II (a required class for Freshman and Sophmores unless you substitute it with ROTC)
    2nd period: Digital Graphics and Animation/ Webmastering (one of my choice classes, where I learn to Photoshop and design websites)
    3rd period: English II (required)
    4th period: Biology I (required)
    5th period: Drama II (a choice class, where I learn to act and write scripts and other theatre stuff)
    6th period: Geometry (required)
    7th period: Spanish I
    8th period: Civics/Free Enterprise (required)

    1. Here in Belgium, it’s rather complicated. Many students follow different classes. For example I do scientology-mathematics and my timetable is as follows:
      Monday:Dutch, French, Religion, Biology, English, PE, PE
      Tuesday:French, Math, Physics, Physics, Biology and 2 times “free space” (teacher decides what we do)
      Wednesday:History, Dutch, Maths, Geology
      Thursday:Maths, English, Dutch, Maths, Scientific English, French, Religion
      Friday:Hard to describe, it’s about social aspects of life, Maths, Chemistry, Chemistry, History, Maths, Dutch

      Your choice classes look nice. We only have boring stuff 🙁

      1. RE: Caspuff, I personaly find it intresting how Civics/free Enterprise is a required course. Considering if your in the U.S. It’s quite obvious that free enterprise is a catalyst for harvesting possible corrupted capitalism. Hey, just look at small local bussiness verses major corporations. The small bussiness is forced to have high prices due to the expenses of product placement, manufacturing shipping and less man power. While the fat cat corperations spend as they please on high tech machinery and more workers, but don’t because they rather out source jobs in attempts at cheep or free labor. this can lead to money laundering and possible swiss bank accounts, that could support black market and staged stock market investments with the assuraces of never lossing money.
        RE: Daedardus those classes sound really intersting. I would get really confused with a schedule like that. There seems to be alot of science math and religion. May I ask what grade your are in, if not in college?

        1. I’m in the fifth grade of secondary school, out six. It’s about the same as a junior if I’m not mistaken.
          And there is much science because i chose to do it. If you want you could study Latin-Greek or ICT(more of working with office software than real programming)
          And religion is free to exercise so each school has to offer it. It is a pact between catholicism and liberalism. That doesn’t we read the Bible or prey or go to church or whatever it’s actually just learning about other religions and about yourself. We’ve even discussed atheism with our teacher.
          Most classes are interesting (I’m looking at you, French) but it’s sometimes heavy stuff to study.

  26. That is complicated, I don’t see how you know which class to go to, I’d be lost. Do you go to a private school? Here in America we aren’t allowed to have Religion in public schools, but that might just be us. Hmm, I never really thought of my classes as interesting, My choice classes I take to get scholarships with TOPS, except for Drama, that I do because I’ve always wanted to be an actor. What time is it over there?

    1. I go to a public school. But the teacher comes to our class, so we don’t have to move constantly. And religion is obligatory, altough you can choose what you want.(there is a non-religious option)
      And it is 11:45 am.

  27. I don’t know if pj is still doing the segment on good deals, bit right now best buy is selling hgss for $20.

  28. It was in the best buy add inserted into the newspaper yesterday. I’ll scan it into my computer and upload the picture if you want.

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