Xmas Xtravaganza Giveaway Winners! (UPD2)

UPD: Due to unforeseen complications, ShiningMew2 is unable to receive his prize. And being the nice and amazing person he is, he asked me to give it to someone else! So, a new winner has been announced! Check it out!

Hey Pokejunglers! Merry Christmas to all! And for those awesome people who don’t celebrate Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As I think most of you know we announced our first holiday giveaway earlier this month, and today we have our lucky winners! But just as a reminder here are the prizes!

Prizes for giveaway #1 (All event Pokemon)

Arceus, Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy, Latias, Latios, Satoshi’s Pikachu

Prizes for giveaway #2 (They were previously a mystery but now they’ve been revealed!)

Ozy’s Roserade, PJ’s Cherubi, Daigo’s Shiftry

Now, after hours of me writing down their names, then realizing that typing would be easier, then typing all the people’s names for another hour, we have the results! The winners were chosen by a randomized number system, where your number was determined on when you entered the giveaway. So without further adu here they are!

Giveaway #1 Winners!

CrazyChaos, Unlucky (How ironic. :P), Andis,  Aetherdinoman007Daedardus and the last minute winner Sadistic Blaziken!

Giveaway #2 Winners!

Brianna P. , Logan A. , and Marc A. !

Congrats to all the winners! Now here’s the catch, it’s up to you what prize you get! For those who won in giveaway #1; I have sent you an e-mail (The one you used to comment on here) so read that e-mail and respond to it to get your prize! For the winners of giveaway #2; First one to friend me on facebook and PM me the order of which prize they want, gets the prize they want. So basically, it’s first come, first serve for both giveaways! That’s fair enough right? 😛

Congrats to all the winners once again, and on behalf of all the PJN staff Happy Holidays everybody! — ozymandis

P.S. Any suggestions for our next giveaway? 🙂