English names for the Monkey Trio

Serebii was recently sent English promotional materials and they named the monkey trio, as well as confirmed that ‘N’ would be keeping his “name” (duh?).  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Yanappu = Pansage (Sage is a plant)
  • Baoyappu = Pansear
  • Hiyappu = Panpour

Aaaaaaaaaaaand what do you think? Any guesses about their evolution? (I’ve updated the English Names page accordingly)

<3 pokejungle

  1. First comment!!!

    I think the evo names are going to be similar to each other including the sage, pour, and sear names in each respective pokemon

  2. Awesome early Christmas present 🙂

    Also, there is TPCi’s holiday card with a calendar on the back highlighting the dates of March 4th and 6th. Maybe the whole weekend? It’s definitely interesting.

  3. I don’t get Baoppu’s… Pansage for “sage”, Pansour, probably from “pour”. But… Pansear? What the… ?

    1. “Pan” is a genus name referring to certain types of apes (i.e. chimpanzees)
      “Pan” is also a Greek prefix which can refer to “involving all members of a group,” “all,” or “of everything.”

      This is a clever double pun to express a group of monkey-like pokemon that are considered to be part of the same whole.

      Also “sage” refers to ceremonial or medicinal plants.

  4. Meh, I prefer Yanappu, Boappu and Hiyappu personally, but, each to their own. Just glad we got some more names revealed.

    I wonder if their evo’s will keep the “Pan”; I hope not, because it makes me think of a cooking pan 😛 “zee” would be better imo (it sounds cooler too) and use it at the end, not the beginning just to shake it up (if all six start with pan i’d be disappointed). So, Sagezee, Searzee and Pourzee (they are just an examples to demostrate how “zee” could be used). lol i’ll shut up now.

    1. I’d guess they’d sort of do like they did for the Japanese names (where the three monkeys and evos had different suffixes in common), and have a different common prefix for the evos keeping the respective endings. ie, if they chose “Mon-” for the evos, the names would be ‘Monsage’, ‘Monsear’ and ‘Monpour’.

  5. I LOVE the names. Pansear is my favorite! Hahaha All the names go along with the whole restaurant theme. Pansear (the term for searing in a pan is pan-sear(ing)) for cooking, Pansage (as an herb) used in cooking, and Panpour which is the waiter pouring a drink. Nice!

  6. Wow! Im really interested in these Pokemon now that I know their names! I liked the Japanese ones but the creativity in the english ones is good aswell!
    My guess for Pansages Evo would be something dealing with herbs. But I <3 Pansear. Very creative. Panpours ok. Doesnt roll off the tounge but when I get it (Im choosing Snivy ^3^), Ill prolly be used to it.
    Cant wait for more english names!

  7. Wiird names!
    But it works with the logic of America but not with the idiom of “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”
    Pan has now become the most politically correct prefix of current, like the new favorite- pansexual.
    Which makes no sense to me, because it’s practically the same as omnisexual.
    Some people like using asexual for the exact opposite effect. Which oft is misused as refusing to date period, which normally its used as lack of attraction to either sex. The English language is one very odd mishmash of cultures.

  8. Pansage, Pansear, Panpour…
    Yanappu, Baoppu, Hinappu,…
    I like how the English names have almost the same letters as the Japanese names. I like them all!
    Zekrom still my all-time favorite, and nothing can change it, nevah!!!

  9. I like Pansage the most….and Panpour is pretty cool too.

    Something about Pansear seems a bit off though…..it doesn’t feel distinctive enough. :/ I’m picking Oshawott though so I’ll be ending up with Pansear…

  10. Pan is also the god of nature in greek mythology, I’m kind of surprised that nobody noticed that.

    Zekrom vs. Reshiram! Who do you think will win? type Z for Zekrom and R for Reshiram!

  11. “I will defeat the champion and become a trainer like no other!” …N, you rock!

    Zekrom vs. Reshiram! Who do you think will win? type Z for Zekrom and R for Reshiram!

    (p.s. what does this do?

    1. OMG! touch undre the bottom of the question mark in my last comment and somthing…umm…cool (i guess…) will happen.

      Zekrom vs. Reshiram! Who do you think will win? type Z for Zekrom and R for Reshiram!

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