Official Site Has Updated + Anime News

Nothing all that post-worthy butttt

  • Feeling Check keeps it’s name
  • All Global Link related things keep their names (i.e Dream World, Random Match Up etc..)

They also gave us a lot of images, one of them being Victini’s English dex info

Ground breaking, I know I know. But Cartoon Network has also updated with a preview clip (for people outside the US, watch it on YouTube) of the Pokemon Black and White anime! The clip is Ash in Prof. Juniper’s lab with Shooti meeting the three starters for the very first time. Ash keeps his original voice actor and Juniper is now played by the girl who voiced Dawn.

My personal opinion as a otaku: I’m kinda hating the English Pokemon cries in the scene. Oshawott’s remains kinda cute, but Tepig and Snivy…Tepig sounds like a sick child, whereas they took the sexy Snivy cry and made it sound like, like…I can’t even describe it. It’s usual “I don’t give a crap, Imma rape chu’s” attitude is replaced with a creepy “derpderpderp Imma rape chu’s”. It’s cringe worthy. And like previous seasons of English Dub, the pace at which the characters talk is fast and they say the weirdest things. But besdies that, I rather like Prof. Juniper’s voice. 🙂 I’m just hoping they don’t ruin Cilan… ;__; Anyways, comment below with your opinions!

peace and love — ozymandis