Waiter Trio: Cilan, Chili, Cress [UPD2]

New Information (with Japanese in parentheses):

  • Cilan (Dento) [Grass]
  • Chili (Poddo) [Fire]
  • Cress (Koon) [Water]
  • Striaton City (Sanyou City)
  • Trio Badge (Tri Badge)
  • TM83 Work Up (Cheer Up)
  • UPD: Nacrene City (Shippou City)

News just surfaced from the Official Nintendo Magazine UK!  They also have posted a gameplay video in English if you’d like to see it.  Check it out here.
<3 pokejungle

ps- Gamestop’s Celebi download confirmed to go from February 21st to March 6th

pps- Shout out to Blue Emerald who had guessed in the comments that Koon might end up being named Kress/Cress!  I remembered reading your comment about that, nice job :]

  1. Lol I was guessing Cress as well, I knew I should’ve wrote it down. Ah well also to help clear things up about Chili’s name since I can already see the controversy starting doing a little research there have been people named http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chili_Davis Chili. Also I guessing that he was named Chili after Chili peppers with is a very well known cooking ingredient rather the the food Chili itself. Plus the fact that you get Chili pepper off of plants make it even more reasonable but that’s just me. 🙂

      1. Go to serebii.net forums. Some people over there are already starting to complain about Chili.

        1. “Chili is so unoriginal! Why the hell”

          Forum members, take a step back and realize something.
          – All three gym leaders have names that begin with the letter C (oddly enough, they are all five letters long).
          – All three of the names are either plants or parts of plants (i.e. Chili comes from “chili peppers,” which are the fruits of specific plants in the Capsicum genus).
          – All three names have some relevance to their typing. Chili, for example, is a spicy and red-flavored fruit and as we all know, they are hot. Most chili peppers are red, and Pod has red hair and uses a fire-type pokemon.

          Why are people bitching about the names for being commonplace? Yes, they are commonplace, but TCPI (they are the localization team this gen) is trying to preserve a theme.

          I honestly will not be surprised if Aloe’s name in the localization will be “Aloe.” They managed to keep Iris’ name, and Aloe is pretty much as foreign (non-Japanese) as one gets with plant names.

          I’m more worried that Sanyou City is now called Striaton City. How does ANYONE prenounce that?

          1. I’m surprised that we have much fervor and rage for the names of relatively unimportant gym leaders, gym leaders I may add have very little influence on the storyline other than a battle. To be more specific, this trio of gym leaders does not assist you in other parts of the game, unlike the others.

            Some people might say now that everything on that list of leaked names a while back is now real. Some of the names will be enough to piss some people off.

  2. CHILI!!! I love it! Tasty name for a tasty guy, gehehe..

    a-anyways, I’m loving Cheren’s attitude in the game preview. He’s just what I imagined him to be. XD
    Also, that opening with N makes me squeal every time I see it. Every time I start up my game I’m going to watch it XD

  3. Chili… wait… hmm… O…M…G…
    I just got the best idea EVER for a Grass/Fire pokemon!!… 😀

  4. A couple more names confirmed, as well. Tympole and Timburr (take that non-believers!). Also,Shippou City is Nacrene City.

  5. I dont like the employees at my gamestop when my dad was going to go get his other pokemon game they were making fun of him and i sooo wanted to punch them in the face anyone else have bad luck with gamestop employees

  6. I think I like my names better.

    -Ivan (Dent) (Ivy)
    -Cole (Poddo) (Coal)
    -Wade (Koon) (obvious)

    Oh well, I actually like Cress a lot, not so sure about Chili right now… just kind of… interesting.

    1. Cress’ name is part of “watercress”. Get it? Because he’s a Water-type trainer! =P

      And I can’t believe I actually predicted that name right. =)

      1. Ohhhh…makes sense now. Thanks a bunch.
        I googled cress but all i got was herbs, so I was like what does that have to do water, but now it all makes sense lol

  7. On the video of the pokemon starters in the last post, listen closely to tepig. At the end of the cry, it has a little oink sound.

      1. Also, i follow you on your blog every day! it makes me jealous that you are in japan even if you have to learn. I would rather learn there than here. Atleast for one year! I am going to learn japanese over the summer. Peanut cream> peanut butter 😀

          1. Thats what i have been thinking of. First i have to bring my grades up though. i have some c’s. Then i learn japanese over the summer and off and on during next year, and then apply. There were actually some japanese exchange students in our high school and i was like, what if PJN was there? lol jk. yes i know there would be no chance of you being there because you are not in highschool……. you are in elementary….. jk. 😀

  8. On the previous post, watch the video. When you hear tepigs cry, at the very end is a little oink. I said it first.

  9. AH! Are all the Pokemon’s names not spelled in all caps anymore?! FUCK YEAH i friggin hated that before. <3

  10. oh man,what should i do……

    im making a pokemon team based off of pokemon obtained by ash off the show,and i cant think of what i should do for pikachu?its timid nature,cool,and i like it,but im thinking,with 90 base speed..alot of things outspeed it,even a basculin(base 92 speed),and pikachu is frail,so what should i do to fix this,it knows substitute,but im afraid it will get KO’ed before it can set up…so im looking for ideas,i want this to work(will not evolve it)

    also,heres the rest of ash’s team i made:

    pikachu(already know)
    septile(with unburden ability)
    totodile(adament,with sheer force,will probably evolve it)
    and donphan

    tell me what you think 🙂

  11. I just fell asleep on my couch and had a dream that I was sitting on top of a waterfall with ozy and pjn discussing pokemon because I had exclusive footage of a pokemon game that they wanted to film…

    1. I’ll take that as a compliment(?)

      You know they say people only dream of attractive people. 😀
      So uhhhh I dreamed of your mum last night. 😉

      1. Definitely a compliment 😉

        Yeahhh that’s exactly why I dreamed of you…
        So if I dreamed of my mom too is that kind of weird? O.o

          1. Yeah it traces back to an SPPf member. Might have to back peddle on this story. I’ll go talk to Serebii :p

          2. Pokémon Baccer World Cup is organized by Kodai and he’s from Raimon city, his team name is Raimon Legends in Japanese movie. and according to them it’s Nimbassa Warriors in English movie.

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