Breaking- Nimbassa City revealed! (UPD)

Previously known as Raimon City.  We’re still waiting for Kamitsure’s English name and her badge’s name as well.  Hopefully it’s something with a spark ;D

The English version of the Zoroark movie has revealed this because the name of Kodai’s team in the Japanese version is the ‘Raimon Legends’ and in English it’s the ‘Nimbassa Warriors’.  So this ended up being true :]

UPD: Serebii has finally ‘fessed up and confirmed what we’ve known for a long time- the list I first posted on the 12th is correct.  He has also confirmed the 3 pokemon’s English names that we were missing: Keldeo, Meloetta (Aria and Pirouette Formes), and Genesect.  Darmanitan’s alt form is called “Zen Mode”, which is also the ability name.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks for the tip Belmad

    1. In this case it was originally a rumor that has been floating around for awhile, but as Belmad and I were discussing, the English movie for Zoroark revealed it.

  1. Actually this rumor is old, so it’s not a made-up name after cloud theme english names revealed.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen this thing floating around on SPPf the last couple of days, but Joe wouldn’t confirm anything except that the gym leaders aren’t all named after plants as far as he can tell.
    Good to know you can confirm it Pj (:

      1. Yeah because I told him to :p The reason he released the list tonight was because I had let Nimbassa City out of the bag. hehe

        1. Seriously?
          Did he say that? Whoa. I assumed that he’d been told it was alright because the names were already out long enough, or that the game was close enough to release xD

  3. I’m kinda sad they went for Genesect instead of Genosect…

    Oh well, at least we have all the names now!

    1. You kidding? With the way some of these Pokemon are named we’re lucky he’s not Buggman. 😛

    2. The ‘gene’ comes from ‘genetic’ (and not ‘genocide’ as I heard some people suggest… o_o), so Genesect is really the proper romanization.

      1. I was saying it like “Gene”, not ” ‘Gene’tics”

        Thanks for giving me a new way to pronounce it. 😀

      1. Well, yah, I knew that, but I mean…well I don’t know what I mean, I just think Electivire looks good for her. XD

      1. I think it will be a pun. It is always a pun on the type, right? (well, except for Iris)
        I’m guessing Regina or Nora

  4. I had a thought about Kamitsure, a lot of people seem to think she’ll be called “Electra”

    but what if they call her “Carmen”? As in Carmen Electra? They’ve based names on real life people before…

    Honestly Carmen Electra was the first and one of the only real examples I have of someone having the name Electra….even as a surname. It seems a bit rare.

      1. I’m having a buzz of cool names for Kamitsure…..I think these suit here but probably don’t have a joke or gimic in them. 🙁

        Regina (maybe something to do with regenerating?)

        So many possible names…..:/

  5. “The list I first posted on the 12th on January.”

    Sounds kinda smug, ain’t it, PKJN? Treating this as if you were the first one to have the list in your hands yet refusing to post it because at first you believed it was unconfirmed. If anything else, the Italian website who first leaked the information commercially on the website should get first “dibs.”

    Serebii Joe and a lot of the other fansites simply refused to post any BW-related information that “could” get them into more legal trouble with Nintendo later (remember the fiasco with Nintendo’s lawyers contacting Serebii Joe and asking him “nicely” to take everything on his website down before BW’s release in Japan).

    That and the fact of the matter being that most fansites usually treat lists like that as unconfirmed, ESPECIALLY lists that reveal an entire generation of pokemon’s english names. Serebii eventually posted the list because the official sources (that is, IGN, the Pokemon Black and White official website, and Official Nintendo Magazine) have proven themselves 5 out of 5 times that the list was consistent with the real thing.

    It doesn’t matter if one fansite posts a list 20 something days earlier than any of the other fansites, because even something like a list of names could be proven fake. All of these webmasters knew of the leaked list for a long time, but for one reason or another, decided against to post it. In all honesty, I would have done the same thing if I were in their position.

    1. Serebii has known all the official names for a looooooooong time.

      I posted that list as a rumor, because it was unconfirmed and highly suspect because I did NOT know the names. That being said… the list was quickly found out to be true.

  6. Scrap what I said earlier:

    Felicity would be perfect for Kamitsure, it sounds a bit like Electricity. Sharing the last five letters in fact.

    Also…I found things called “FEL bulbs” on google. Although they might just be brand names (although they don’t sound like brand names…

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