Breaking- Nimbassa City revealed! (UPD)

Previously known as Raimon City.  We’re still waiting for Kamitsure’s English name and her badge’s name as well.  Hopefully it’s something with a spark ;D

The English version of the Zoroark movie has revealed this because the name of Kodai’s team in the Japanese version is the ‘Raimon Legends’ and in English it’s the ‘Nimbassa Warriors’.  So this ended up being true :]

UPD: Serebii has finally ‘fessed up and confirmed what we’ve known for a long time- the list I first posted on the 12th is correct.  He has also confirmed the 3 pokemon’s English names that we were missing: Keldeo, Meloetta (Aria and Pirouette Formes), and Genesect.  Darmanitan’s alt form is called “Zen Mode”, which is also the ability name.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks for the tip Belmad