Took the weekend off :(

Was planning to do the Fanart Gallery I, but that’ll have to wait until Tuesday :3  I expect there will be a traffic spike because of the English names being revealed tomorrow (guesstimate: between 7am and noon CST) so your art should get a bit more attention.  That means if you HAVEN’T sent me any go quick to the ‘Contact’ page and send a link to your art (dA, imgur, etc).

Pictured is N’s garden in the Dream World that he wanted to show off :3  His ludicolo is dutifully tending to his berry plants <3  Anyone else have any Dream World stuff going on?  Feel free to discuss that in the comments; if you haven’t experienced DW, what are you looking forward to?

<3 pokejungle

ps- Or just continue to speculate about the English names for the starters 😉