Took the weekend off :(

Was planning to do the Fanart Gallery I, but that’ll have to wait until Tuesday :3  I expect there will be a traffic spike because of the English names being revealed tomorrow (guesstimate: between 7am and noon CST) so your art should get a bit more attention.  That means if you HAVEN’T sent me any go quick to the ‘Contact’ page and send a link to your art (dA, imgur, etc).

Pictured is N’s garden in the Dream World that he wanted to show off :3  His ludicolo is dutifully tending to his berry plants <3  Anyone else have any Dream World stuff going on?  Feel free to discuss that in the comments; if you haven’t experienced DW, what are you looking forward to?

<3 pokejungle

ps- Or just continue to speculate about the English names for the starters 😉

  1. MY GOD, it’s already the 22nd here in Aus, it’s so annoying that I have to wait longer…. OMG

      1. It’s already 23d in about an hour here in Holland.. Still don’t see any english names yet ._.

  2. WTTTTFFF!!!!! im ganna rage! I wanted them at midnight! GARRGGGHGH
    then I again I guess im acting a bit immature…there just names!

  3. i am wondering if any pokemon who have weather abilities, can activate them in dream world or if darkrai’s ability also activates?
    ps. looks like kyurem is a man eater, because there is a legend in the closest town near the great hall, that states after kyurem crashed down near the town, it froze the area and began picking off both pokemon and mankind, people then, at night began staying at home, so not to get eaten by this pokemon, even now, they still do it, man, this legend can mean if grey has the great hall, things can go very wrong, if this disturbs you, freak out, if you think i am making this up, look at the bulbapedia page for kyurem

  4. Bleah, apparently for me they’ll be up around about 1am.
    Oh the joys of being Australian 😛 Well, AEST xD

  5. its 16:58 in Europe, i want the names before i go to bed -,-‘
    cant wait! the first english names and maybe next week the relaese date of the USA games ? I hope so 😛 I want those English games so bad 😛

  6. I think this is some sort of evil plot by Pokemon of America. First, they mess up the anime! The next they attack pokemon fansites after b/w’s release and now they wont give us the english names!
    Think about it!

  7. Oh God…I live in Ireland and it’s 5:42 p.m. here. How long do we have to wait?! *hopes for Smugleaf*
    It’s my first comment here but I’ve been visiting this site for a while now. I just want to thank you all for taking your time and writing the news! You guys are just epic and so friendly to everyone! Long live Pokejungle! Love you! – Lil

  8. its almost 1 pm here in florida,im kinda mad about the wait! i want my english name,will change my nickname according to tsutarja’s english name

  9. Oh, hi there PJ! You answered my comment. I am so honored!
    I thought about what could have happened to, but don’t take it seriously guys:
    Well, maybe they got the date wrong? Maybe it’s December 22nd?….I know it’s a stupid speculation but you never know. Or maybe they forgot? Or the guys who are in charge of posting the news couldn’t make it to work today? How unfortunate…. Or they ate something nasty… Or they realised that the names they came up with are bad and decided to make a quick change..or, or…..Yeah, that’s my opinion on that. Since they’re ”the official Pokemon website” they should stick to their words properly.

  10. i also found out something:snapping into a slim jime(may have spelled it wrong) does not mean the same thing in a gay bar!

    also,my zoroark(the lv 10 zorua u get with celebi,evolved it)reached level100 last night!it knows night burst,flamethrower,grass knot,and focus blast.and its a modest nature

  11. Hey you guys are taken this all wrong. Now we have more time to speculate about names.
    Uskter(extremely bad, just couldnt find any better guesses

  12. its almost 2pm in florida,in getting very annoyed!maybe wont do it today 🙁 hope the names are released soon

    1. mmmm not true. I live on the west coast and your post says 1:02pm.

      Although now it’s 2pm and still no names. :/

  13. Just have to say that its probably going to be after 3 PM EST, and hold your horses, I mean, its only 2:35, they WILL release them today, it doesn’t make sense to release them while most people are in school still.

    1. Infact, it might actually be 6 PM, as then all of the US would be out of school; but, it will be today so.

  14. A lot of people seem to think Tsutaja is going to be called Snivy. o_o;
    I’m not sure if I like that name yet haha. XD;

    Boarbeque might be a little touchy with the plant eaters so I doubt that.. Pignite is pretty good though to me.
    Wotter is a little lacking and royalties cause an issue.. same with Smugleaf.

  15. Okay, its four PM in the loser place called atlantic canada, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA SHOE THE NAMES!!!

  16. Grass starter = Snivy ( snake + ivy )
    fire starter = pigsuor ( pig+ sumo + orb ) ( the fire orb from his tail )
    Water = sheotter ( shell + otter )

    I really dont know

    1. hmm your suggestion got me thinking….since they were going for a japanese theme with mijumaru, he might be just simply “Shotta”

      1. That’s just a little too close to “Shota,” which could have unfortunate implications… 😐

  17. Dear Pokemon,

    Will you plz reveal the english names already before i get mad and through my laptop out my window?

  18. I just thought of the perfect name for shikijika !!! it should be FLAWNA, flora and fauna= plant and animal, and a fawn is a baby deer. FL-ora + FAWN + faun-A ;D

    1. me to! garrggh forget it! Im going outside and do something productive for the world. The names will get here when they get here >.<

  19. It’s now 3:20 when I typed this, I hope will hurry up and reveal the names. Oh well, be patient people, it’s a virtue…
    PJ, I’m done with the grass type fan art, but i can’t turn it in until i scan it, and i can’t scan it until my aunt done with her laptop..*sign*

  20. It’s Monday EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN STILL NO POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EATS BAGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Sorry for the double posting but really pokemon! Everytime i check back its like “New Pokemon Revealed on November 22!” They are probably (no not really) trying to wait until 11:59:59:99 until they release the starters, just so its legal.


    sorry, bored =/

  22. I’m going to seek their heart with a feeling of a bloodlust, it will be the best prize i’ve ever gotten. The time is near, behold those who sacrifice.

    1. I keep posting a lot but im just bored… i know right! All they have to do is post a picture and a paragrah! Simple! GET OFF YOUR BUTS AND SHOW THE BEEPIN NAMES!

  23. Pokemon Company: Sits in chair. Yaaaaaawn. I think im forgetting something… Hears riot outside. GIVE US THE NAMES! GIVE US THE NAMES! Hmm, I think I’m not forgetting anything

  24. As I said before, they aren’t forgetting or deciding to not post today, it is a illogical marketing technique to release something to the whole country when half of it cannot see it. Best thing to do is to keep busy and be patient, as they will come, most likely within the hour.

      1. Not really, if you think about it, people on the west coast aren’t even out of school, and its only 5 o’clock anyway, not way too late.

        1. Yeah dude it kind of IS! Seriously when people expect november 22nd they expect MIDNIGHT!o most people on the west coast are checking there computers and becoming sad. This sucks. WHY WONT THEY COME OUT! (dont bother replying)

          1. Must realize that the east coast is not the center of the whole country, a lot of people have a sense of awe if they get to see them the minute they came out, if they came out at 3 EST, then the west coast fans would have no chance to feel the sense of awe; and will simply feel unimportant. I remember how I felt watching Pokemon Sunday reveal the starters, I wouldn’t have felt that awe of the moment they were first shown ever if I got to see it three hours after it aired.

            But I digress, it is your opinion and I understand, I simply wanted to establish my point and position.

            Anyway, I very much look forward to knowing Tsutaaja’s name, and hopefully that this is the start of a chain of news about B/W in america.

          2. Dude just be quiet this conversation is over ok. I DO NOT CARE I WANT THEM TO BE RELEASED! YET I AGAIN I DO NOT CARE!

          3. It’s perfectly alright, I understand completely.

            I’m really looking forward to Pendra’s english name, which would be very interesting.

          4. Cool! Yeah am just so excited for Black and White to come to America! About Three and a half months to go.

  25. worker: Hey pokemon of America, werent you supposed to put those names up today?
    them: yeaaaa…but the more they check back for the names the more page views we get, and the more page views we get the more we can charge for advertising. we’ll wait until 11:59 tonight.
    worker: oh OK cool

    JK xD


  27. I feel like im getting as crazy as twilight fans :3 I need to calm it down. BUT THE NAMESS. I wonder if anyone missed school today JUST to wait for them xD

    1. I DID!– *shot*
      …jk, I had a half-day ‘cuz of finals. XP

      Also: Perhaps “rabid fangirl” would be a better term? Because not all Twilight fans are crazy. 😛

    2. Actually, I did XD but it wasn’t because of them. I just didn’t feel like going to school… I wasn’t sick or anything, I just didn’t want to see those ugly teacher faces which I highly dislike >.<

  28. Meh… I have to go and sleep now. I bet they’ll put up the names the minute I turn my computer off. That’s just how it goes. Oh well, it’s 10:36 p.m. here and I did not have my coffee today. Goodnight, and enjoy the new names.

  29. OMFG!!! I’M SOOO FREAKING PO,ed,I CAN FREAKIN SUE SOMEBODY!!! pokemon of america,u better reveal those mother freakin names,or i will kill u

  30. Tick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tocTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockk tick toTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockckTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tockTick tock tick tock tick tock SCREAMZ!

  31. Music Spoof by ZekromThunder: If you wanna see the starters put your hands up, if you wanna see the starters put your hands up. Release the starters PLEASE…

  32. Do you think they forgot? :s I hope not, but it does happen…

    Is there any way for anyone to contact them and say, “Hey, what time today did you mean to reveal those names? Or is it November 22, 2011?”

  33. Do you people know the starter and region names were revealed already?

    Tsutaja: Snivy (Snake + Ivy)
    Pokabu: Tepig (Tepid + Pig)
    Mijumaru: Oshawott (unknown)
    Isshu Region: Unova Region

    I can honestly say this is CONFIRMED.

  34. I sat on the computer for 7 hours for TEPIG? Snivy I’m fine with, Oshawott is atleast mediocre, but TEPIG? UNOVA?


  35. The Black & White starts are named Snivey, Tepig, and Oshawott. The new region is called Unova.

  36. Ha ha! Your losing your channel views cause of suspence. I aint viewing your site any time soon beast-ards.

  37. Apparently the starters names have been revealed for a long time now LOL. I got tired of waiting in this website so i checked out Pokebeach and the named were revealed like 6 hours ago so it was probably a noon release but if you go to the pokemon website, the names arent revealed but im pretty sure they are real.
    tsutarja-snivy (Snake +Ivy= Snivy)
    pokabu-tepig (Tepid – d +g= Tepig)
    mijumaru-oshawott (Ocean + Shell+ Otter= Oshawott)?????
    Isshu region- Unova region
    There you go guys, hope it helped!

    1. Erm… it’s the first post on my page xD Plus ‘Beach put it up right after it was announced about 45 minutes ago and so did I :p

  38. Not that i have a problem with this website Pokejungle!!!!! I love this site so much that i waited here all day because i have break from school and tried to go to the other websites to see if they had them and they did. Im sure you are just working too hard for us and overlooked it. Either that or you fell asleep on your computer………. LOL but seriously pokejungle, THANK YOU for everything.

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