Starters Untamed: Kalos

Wow. . .it’s been quite a while, folks! I’ve been keeping up with the site, but I haven’t posted anything in some time. I’ve been posting more on Retry Level, so you can always look for me there. It’s been a tough balance between the two sites! I’ve been wanting to do a new Starters Untamed … Read more

Pokéology: X/Y reveal edition

Hey guys! It’s been a while; all this news about X/Y has made it very difficult for the regular articles to be scheduled. Thankfully for this article, the news slowed down for now, and we’re able to get into actually posting some articles. I have to say though, we haven’t learned much about these three … Read more

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y (Gen 6) Analysis – UPD1

Over the last few days, we here at Pokéjungle, as well as fans from all corners of the internet, have been gathering data, translating and theorising. As our loyal readers know very well, what really made Pokéjungle the place that it  is now is that we have always told you everything we know and everything … Read more

Generation 6 Speculation: The Starters

  We don’t know what the January 8th announcement will be, but it’s a pretty sure bet that no matter what Generation 6 will be launching this year or the next. All of us here at PokeJungle are pumped for the newest set of Pokemon games and we’re sure you are too! Before we get … Read more

Introducing: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Happy with their English names?!  I won’t be using spoilers for any information OFFICIALLY given out by Nintendo of America. Snivy (tsutaaja) – Grass Snake Pokemon [Overgrow] Tepig (pokabu) – Fire Pig Pokemon [Blaze] Oshawott (mijumaru) – Sea Otter Pokemon [Torrent] Reshiram – Vast White Pokemon [Turboblaze] Zekrom – Deep Black Pokemon [Teravolt] Region name: … Read more

Starters Untamed: Kanto

Good day fellow PJ-ers! Mr. Bojingles here reporting for duty. This is a new article that PJ and I contrived regarding the analysis of the pokemon during competitive Pokémon play. What I’ll be doing is basically going over how different pokemon fare in the competitive world. While I’ve been playing Pokémon since its inception in the late 90s, I only recently got sucked into playing other players. If anybody who has ever played in tournaments/online can definitely relate when I say this game is WAY deeper than it comes off to the uninitiated. I think that these articles will help those of you out who are interested in playing competitively, and if not, then I hope you enjoy the read.  To start off this series I’ll be going over the starters of each generation (starting with Gen I of course). It’s only logical to go begin with the ones who started it all!  Read it all after the break!

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