Pokémon X & Pokémon Y (Gen 6) Analysis – UPD1

Over the last few days, we here at Pokéjungle, as well as fans from all corners of the internet, have been gathering data, translating and theorising. As our loyal readers know very well, what really made Pokéjungle the place that it  is now is that we have always told you everything we know and everything that crosses our paths. If we know something, then you will know something. We hide nothing, because we respect you. If there is a rumour or speculation that comes our way, we do not keep it under our hats in fear of damaging our reputation. No sir! We would rather share it with you guys and come to better, wiser conclusions. Aren’t many heads better than one?  We value what you think and what you have to say. Without any further adieu, please enjoy!
There’s a lot of stuff to cover, so click the spoiler tag to read on!


Starters: Evolved Secondary Types hinted at


[spoiler]Back in the fourth generation, Mr. Masuda who directs the Pokémon games once expressed interest in giving the secondary types of ‘Dark’, ‘Psychic’, and ‘Fighting’ to the starter Pokémon  in their later evolutions in order to balance out the traditional weaknesses. The recent trailer for the Sixth generation strongly suggests that they will finally implement this idea.
In the trailer we see a pattern in the attacks of the starter Pokémon. Each one first uses an attack of the type they represent, followed by a secondary type.


As you can see, the first attack is almost certainly Solarbeam, an attack that is representational of grass types. Followed by a Purple slashing/scratching attack, which looks quite likely to be a dark type attack like Nightslash. This alone is not enough to prove it is a dark attack, but let’s take a look at the other Pokémon attacks.


Here Fennekin is shown using what looks like flamethrower, again, an attack that is representational of fire types. It’s next move however, shows it attack a Kirlia with what is almost certainly a psychic type attack.


Now we must turn our attention to Froakie. After an attack that is possible Water Gun, it goes on to use what appears to be a fighting move. It’s hard to tell from a still image, but the moving scene in the trailer suggests this. Whats more, its pose when it is first brought out looks very aggressive and combative, traits of a Pokémon that will have fighting moves, and eventually evolve to gain a secondary fighting type.

Though it is important to bear in mind that this is all just speculation. Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourselves.[/spoiler]


Masuda hints a relation between “Bonds” and an “innovative new battle mechanic”


[spoiler]Something I found quite interesting was the lack of people picking up on a statement that game director Mr.Masuda had made shortly after the announcement.

“A new battle mechanism in which Pokémon become stronger by having their bonds deepened with the player”.

A generic statement about trainers and their bonds with Pokémon? Perhaps. But somehow I doubt it. Mr.Masuda specifically refers to it as “A new battle mechanism”. Exactly what it is, and what effect it will have on raising and training of Pokémon from here on is yet to be known, but it seems to be a big enough of a deal to be mentioned in both the English and Japanese trailers.
English trailer: “The more you battle together, the stronger your bond will become”.
Japanese trailer: “As [your Pokémon] fight, [your] bonds [with them] become stronger.” [/spoiler]


Location: Paris

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 00.12.47

[spoiler]As well as the flash of a structure that is unmistakably based on the Eiffel Tower at the beginning of the trailer, there are multiple factors that suggest that the sixth generation region is based on Paris.
A few months ago Mr.Masuda regularly updated about his trip to Paris. And from a couple of weeks ago his twitter avatar features a picture he took of himself with the Eiffel tower behind him.

Since we are still at a very early stage it is difficult to entirely rule out that the region will not be based on Paris alone. Perhaps France in general, or even all of Europe. Though there is not yet enough evidence to support this.[/spoiler]


Legendaries: Origin


[spoiler]There is increasing evidence to suggest that the legendary Pokémon are based on Norse Mythology.
Yggdrasil, also known as “the World Tree” is a giant mythical Ash Tree in which various gods are said to gather.
Three creatures that inhabit the tree are an Eagle, a Stag, and a Dragon.


Yveltal seems to be based on either Vedfolnir or Hraesvelgr. Especially the latter which has “vel” it its name. It is said to be a giant that takes the form of an Eagle. It is a “corpse swaller” and waits at the end of the world. It represents death which is in juxtaposition to what I believe Xerneas is based on.


Xerneas seems to be based on Eikbyrnir. The Japanese Wikipedia says that it creates springs by dripping water from its antlers, and that it represents life. Anybody who has seen Princess Mononoke will be familiar with this concept.

If the creatures that live in Yggdrasil are anything to go by, the third legendary may well be a dragon.[/spoiler]


Significance of X and Y


[spoiler]X and Y possibly represent two things. XY and XX are male and female chromosomes respectively. The Japanese logo shows the helix symbol which suggests chromosomes and DNA will play a role in the theme for this generation. In addition to this, X,Y and Z are co-ordinates in making 3D images. Coinciding with the fact that this will be Pokémon’s very first main game that is in 3D.



Above is another theory courtesy of Flore-ange. [/spoiler]

Tidbits and Fun Predictions (post below and we may add it!)



-Roller-skates. We can see the main character using roller-skates in distinctly Parisian areas. What is the significance of this? Is it to replace running shoes? Or even the Bicycle?

-If the Legendaries are based on creatures from Yggdrasil, said to be a giant Ash tree, could it be that the professor’s name will reflect this? What are the chances of トネリコ博士?  (professor Toneriko, Japanese word for Ash Tree). Though in the unlikely event that this prediction comes true, Professor Ash does not look likely to stay in an English language localization for obvious reasons. Other sources indicate that Yggdrasil is a yew tree (as opposed to an ash), could the professor be called Professor Yew? The yew is also a quite common tree in Europe. But that’s just my take on it. ~dae

-What is the significance of the mirror? Is it merely to show the character at the beginning of the game or will there be some customisation?

– New Eevee evolution? The anime, cardgame, movie, recent products and even official Japanese website have been pushing the whole ‘Eevee factor’ recently. Could this be interpreted as a possible a new Eevee evolution? Even the English Language Pokémon Official Twitter page mentioned the Eevee family recently!


So, what do you think guys? Anything you want to add?

/Kriffix on behalf of everyone at Pokéjungle. Special thanks to Kryzz too!