Giveaway Winners!


The agonising* wait to find out who the winners of our Christmas Giveaway are is finally over!

*wait may or may not have been agonising.

We were originally though planning to reveal the winners alongside something new yet old we have planned for PokéJungle, but that hasn’t quite knitted together yet, keep your eyes, and ears open! We enjoyed reading through all of your giveaway entries and getting to know what you’re all most looking forward to in 2013, but without further ado here are the winners:

Winner of the PokéJungle T-shirt is: Paradiddle.
Winner of the PokéDoll (Flareon) is: Flyffel.
Winner of the Pokémon Plush (Piplup) is: blubbel.
Winner of the Pokémon Plush Charm (Mew) is: Phil
Winner of the Amazon voucher is: CaHeinecke.

Because we’re totally awesome we also added a few more prizes, in the form of Event Pokémon, six in fact! All courtesy of Dan. The winners of those are as follows… Emii and Stephen Surber have each won a Victini, hanshotfirst has nabbed a Dakrai, an Arceus will be given to Michael Flores, keanno will be receiving a Genesect, and finally and Shaymin was won by Polymer.

All winners should be notified by email/Facebook/Twitter within 24 hours. IF you do not receive an email by 16:30pm GMT, 11th of January 2013 please comment on this post and we will contact you ASAP. After we send the email you have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to it. Failure to do so will result in the prize being given to someone else.

Finally, because we’re EXTRA awesome, we may have a couple more prizes to give away. Maybe. We want to know what some of your predictions for Pokémon X & Y and the Sixth Generation are. Release your wordy goodness!