Giveaway Winners!


The agonising* wait to find out who the winners of our Christmas Giveaway are is finally over!

*wait may or may not have been agonising.

We were originally though planning to reveal the winners alongside something new yet old we have planned for PokéJungle, but that hasn’t quite knitted together yet, keep your eyes, and ears open! We enjoyed reading through all of your giveaway entries and getting to know what you’re all most looking forward to in 2013, but without further ado here are the winners:

Winner of the PokéJungle T-shirt is: Paradiddle.
Winner of the PokéDoll (Flareon) is: Flyffel.
Winner of the Pokémon Plush (Piplup) is: blubbel.
Winner of the Pokémon Plush Charm (Mew) is: Phil
Winner of the Amazon voucher is: CaHeinecke.

Because we’re totally awesome we also added a few more prizes, in the form of Event Pokémon, six in fact! All courtesy of Dan. The winners of those are as follows… Emii and Stephen Surber have each won a Victini, hanshotfirst has nabbed a Dakrai, an Arceus will be given to Michael Flores, keanno will be receiving a Genesect, and finally and Shaymin was won by Polymer.

All winners should be notified by email/Facebook/Twitter within 24 hours. IF you do not receive an email by 16:30pm GMT, 11th of January 2013 please comment on this post and we will contact you ASAP. After we send the email you have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to it. Failure to do so will result in the prize being given to someone else.

Finally, because we’re EXTRA awesome, we may have a couple more prizes to give away. Maybe. We want to know what some of your predictions for Pokémon X & Y and the Sixth Generation are. Release your wordy goodness!


  1. Congratulations to the winners 🙂 Now if just one or two of you would not respond so I can get a prize instead… 😉 Kidding, of course.

    Gen VI predictions, for the sake of just saying them:
    More fusions, like Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom. Presumably just legendaries and maybe some gimmicky Pokémon
    Gen V (and possibly other generations) evos and pre-evos.
    Character customizations. Just in small things, like the sunglasses or hats
    Carrying over the difficulty settings and possibly game-specific locations from Gen V

    Thought of some others before but forgot :p I might comment later if I remember

  2. Well I never did the first giveaway so I’ll see if I could win this possible second time around. Fingers crossed!

    As for my six Gen prediction, I think the third legend (if there is one) opposite of x/y could be from space. Reason why is because is if x represents life and horizon on the grid and if y represents death and vertical on the grid. Z could be the origin point that adds a new “dimension” that life or Pokemon aren’t original from the world as we thought. Also, exploring the idea in a cartoonish way that we humans aren’t from earth originally. Never know but a space snake or dragon almost like deoxys would be pretty cool.

    1. Of course Arceus made the Pokemon world so maybe we dnt belong.(Maybe)Also, that Pokemon do not only come from here but other worlds. Finally, admiting and showing that some Pokemon are cosmic types!

    2. That “new dimension” seemed suspicious. I think you might be onto something, although if it isn’t space it could be depth for something.

  3. Gen 6 predictions huh???, well I ‘m hoping Fennekin will evolve into Fire/Psychic, my favorite pairing and we need a better representative (non-legendary) that Zen Mode Darmanitan. Froakie as Water/Fighting & idk about Chespin. Also my predictions for protag names are Xander & Yvonne (although I like briant’s suggestion of Xavier & Yvette also). I’m thinking we already have Grass, Bug & Psychic gyms (maybe Fire although that looked for E4-ish than gym) I’m hoping we see a Dark gym finally!!!

    1. Actually it wasnt my idea. The one who came up with the names Xavier and Yvette was cbandgeek. (I dont want to take credit for his names)

      1. I agree that the name Xavier is great, and I think that was Elite Four considering it was too big to be a Gym, and the floor had 6 Pokeballs, which usually only Elite Four carry that many. Although 6 Pokeballs on an Elite Four floor seems a bit odd. I still say that was Elite Four.

  4. Congratulations, I didn’t enter because I’m lucky so I didn’t want to stand in your way.

    1. -An easier way to transfer my pokemon from Black 2 to X/Y (It took a looooong time to transfer from P/P/D/HG/SS to B/W)

      oh please let belmads suggestion be true-it took forever to send all my pokemon over from soulsilver. Also they should have a way to migrate from white/black to white 2/black 2.

  5. Gen VI predictions:

    -More Eeveelutions.
    -More evolutions for pokemon from previous generations.
    -A dolphin pokemon!
    -I want the secret bases back! (Was I the only one who liked them?)
    -Also the contests (maybe)
    -A dark-type gym leader!
    -The ability to see the exact pokemon you used to fly/surf (e.g. Kyogre shows up when Im surfing)
    -An easier way to transfer my pokemon from Black 2 to X/Y (It took a looooong time to transfer from P/P/D/HG/SS to B/W)

    Also congrats to the winner!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! 😀
    My predictions for Gen VI are
    – There will be some pre-evolutions and evolutions to already existing Pokemon.
    – There will be a Dark type Gym (I hope so!)
    – A Bug type Gym
    – The Poke Marts will be in the Pokemon Centers, again.
    – The Rival will be pretty cool (Unlike Barry)
    – There will be a Major (like a ruler) character named Francois or Francis, due to France’s President, Francois Hollande
    – The antagonists name will start with an ‘M’

    These are some of my predictions, and I am really looking forward to the new Gen VI. I am picking Chespin, because it is really unique, cute, and awesome. I really hope they will keep the Dream World feature, that is one of the many things I loved about Gen V.

    1. Yea chespin is pretty cool. He has a sort of knight or assassin due to the hood..could go either way but cnt wait to see the evos.

  7. OOOH I just though of something. IF they are doing them on the 3DS and they are putting the system to its potential, we may have people appear in our game through the Street Pass feature. It seems like this could be something great, but it can also be bad. I would love something like this to happen, though.

  8. Oh, thank you, guys!!!! moving contacted me today, I’m still happy! I guess I won a friend, too? He’s such a nice guy 😀

    Thanks again, I’ll make good use of it! 🙂

  9. Wow! I won. Never thought I’d win :3 Huh, I love this year already and it just began! I’m so lucky and happy x) Chr chr.

    I fear that my predictions of gen VI are far away from my wishes… But I predict:
    – about 100 new Pokémon, inclusive new pre-evos / evos of old ones. That’s what the pattern say.
    – No really big changes in the overall system. I mean: 8 gyms, E4, the fights are tactically the same… Just minor improvements, I quess.
    – Which leads me to: I predict that you can transfer your old Pokémon. Some people I spoke to fear that this won’t be possible, but I highly doubt it.
    – No new types. Maybe sometime they will give them, but not yet after all.
    – The graphics will be improved over what we’ve seen in the trailer. There is always this sentence that the game is still in developement and when I think of the first BW Trailer… Poké-NYC looks really different now ;D
    – The fire starter won’t be psychic. Too many think that, so I believe it isn’t true XD’

    You see… I don’t predict this gen to be this ground breaking except for the graphics… But maybe GF will surprise me =) I’d love to see that…
    But I’m sooo~ glad that Gen VI is coming! Just love new monsters x3

  10. Oh wow, Victini!! Yay, my favorite GenV legendary, thank you so much!! 😀
    I haven’t gotten an email yet, so I suppose this counts as my comment.

    Also I’m really pumped for X and Y!! October really can’t get here soon enough. I was really hoping for RSE remakes, buuuut after seeing all GenVI seems to have to offer, I’m really glad they waited. Especially if the remakes will look like that! I’m hoping for those in GenVI for sure.

    1. Hi keanno, just letting you know I’ve sent you an email about your prize. Let me know if you get it! 🙂

        1. Hey, I received your email/s. I will contact you again when Dan is able to trade. It’ll be over WiFi. At the moment I’m just waiting for replies from everyone. 🙂

  11. And for my predictions,
    (Pokemon X Y)
    -there is most certainly, a third legendary, probably based on Norse mythology
    -there are new pokemon, but not as much as the fifth generation.
    -trainer customization
    -huge and good storyline , probably involving genetics or some other sort.
    -new additions to battle mechanics
    (Generation Six)
    -they said evolving the whole Pokemon world, so probably making additions to the anime and TCG !!!!! That’s all I have to say! 🙂

    1. Hey, I sent message to your Facebook profile earlier today. If you haven’t got that I can send it to your email address if you wish 🙂

      1. Yeah I didn’t get it :\ Yeah you can send it to me in a email, that work too. Do you have it?

        Also congrats to all the winners thanks to pokejungle for having the givaway! We very much appreciate it!

  12. Thank you so much for selecting me as part of the list of winners! I already submitted my address in the winners email. Can’t wait to receive it in the mail! 🙂

    1. Hey, sorry for the slow reply. I’m guessing you’re a winner of a prize? If so, which prize is it you got? I’m beginning to filter through the Event Pokémon now, but a confirmation from you is still welcome 🙂

      1. Ah! I forgot you support Twitter now. I’m Polymer, winner of the Shaymin. Don’t rush on my account; I just wanted to make sure you didn’t give them out when I wasn’t looking. Thanks!

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