Pokémon X and Pokémon Y ANNOUNCED! UPD: Legendary Names


Update:  The legendary Pokémon’s names have been confirmed as Xerneas and Yveltal according to the official Pokémon site . Any ideas about the name origin guys? The whole Yggdrasil theory is looking more and more likely by the moment.
These games will be launched simultaneously worldwide in October 2013! Here’s the information we have so far: [list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Overworld and battles are now full 3D
  • Grass starter is Chespin (Japanese name, Harimaron, based on ‘chesnut’ and ‘[pine] needle’)
  • Fire starter is Fennekin (Japanese name, Fokko, based on ‘fox’ and ‘child’)
  • Water starter is Froakie (Japanese name, Keromatsu, based on sound a frog makes and ‘bubbles/foam’)

[/list] WOW! Generation VI is a huge step forward.  What do you think?!

<3 PJ

ps- sorry for site errors! So many people!

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  1. Looks a bit like a DS game -_- also Fennekin seems to be my hands down choice. Always liked choosing the fire starter anyway. Hope it doesn’t end up fighting type.

  2. I wonder if there is going to be pokemon events for this game like there were for black and white

  3. lol already anticipatin Pokemon Z. I wonder if this means all main series games will start coming out worldwide as opposed to delayed. and I’m also wondering what’s going to happen with the anime. also airing simultaneously? I doubt it. but nonetheless this is absolutely shocking and exciting.

  4. I love how itll be coming out worldwide. Really shows how far weve come over the years. Im pretty excited to see how this will work!

    Fennekin is just ah I love it ; v;

    1. Ah also now that I keep watching the trailer and picking up on things…the way the boy trainer is standing infront of the mirror gets me thinking we may be able to do a little customization at the beginning. Might not be a lot to chose from but maye just to start you off.

      And im also thinking maybe Fennekin could be fire/ground if they stick with the typing with the whole fennec foxes living in the desert and what not.

      1. The double helix (DNA) is just there because X and Y stand for X and Y chromosomes. These games must have something to do with genetics

        1. Or… X and Y refer to the 3D planes of X, Y, and Z. I base this theory off of the fact this is the first full 3D pokémon. Genetics? X and Y are male and female chromosomes. That… is lame.

          1. I think sybolizes the evolution of the pokemon. If you look at some of the x and y pokemon they resemble pokemon from previous generations.

  5. Regarding the deer at the end.. The japanese logo for x and y has what looks like a double helix above it.. Suggesting it may indeed by a fusion of the legendary deer from black and white..

  6. I was hoping for sprites since they tend to look better with the 3D effect on the 3DS. I feel like the 3D worlds are lacking something, they look empty :/

    Also, it’s so weird not having Pokemon Smash or Corocoro leaks.

  7. I like the starters of this generation more than gen 5 already. But I do feel like I’m choosing between Vulpix Nuzleaf and Palpitoad a bit lol. Maybe we’ll get more pokemon revealed by the anime?

  8. I am so happy! I have to say the Legendaries look amazing, and the starters look great. I have to say my favorite is Chespin, he looks cute and awesome at the same time. I know I will be choosing him the first time. The fire fox is cool, and it could be a psychic type too when it evolves. Froakie the frog is unique, I always loved the water starters and this one just leaves me asking questions. I wonder what their evolutions will look like.

  9. Rollerskating main character? look at o.27 seconds on the video.No more running shoes, hello roller skates xD!!!!

    1. IDK what video you been watching but they look 10x better then Gen 5 copy past of passed starters pokemon im extremely excited about Chespin and Froakin I’m not a big fan of the fox but as long as it wont be a fire/fighting type its cool with me though still need to see the evolutions

  10. The grass and water starters are probably the most terrible we’ve had. I like the graphical style, but you can tell there’s still a lot of pixelation and the same battle screen is there, albeit with actual Pokemon movement there. I saw at least 3 different trainers, so I’m guessing those are customizable, finally. Bet we’ll see a Pokemon edition 3DS XL in America around October too, so I’ll wait to get one then. Overall, I’m pretty excited. I feel like an idiot for not guessing X and Y as names though.

    1. Idk mudkip was pretty bad. The equivalent of Chespin in terms of quality. Froakie doesn’t look bad for a mon but not starter material.

    2. Eeee! I am really excited for this. I was hoping for Gen 3 remakes, and thought a Gen 6 would be unlikely because of being early, but I love to see what kind of Pokemon come out

      My favorite starter is Fennekin <3 It is really adorable. Plus, I love fire types.

  11. I’m hoping this ties unova and the other 4 regions together! it looks like there’s Pokemon from all 5 regions so I hope that’s the case c:

  12. You know I watched it and japanese and at first thought it was actually pokèmon rainbow lmao… Then I was like -_- then I kept watching then I was like O.O

  13. Few things no one here has said yet:

    *Bug Gym from what it looks like. The character falls down onto a net with dewdrops. Spinarak should be here, then… Or perhaps a new spider?

    *Fire E4? Walking into a room and big pillars of fire.

    *What’s going on in that desert? Kinda looks spacey…

    *Those sprites look customizable to me. The female look quite ranger-y, and seemingly more decorated than the male… Who has glasses on his head, which doesn’t seem like something that would be a stable design, to me.

    *I have no idea about the grass or fire, but the water type kinda looks water / flying to me with all that white fluff. Will certainly be interesting to see what they turn into!

    *Is the fire starter using… a psychic attack? Or is that confuse ray? What’s going on there?

    *The pitfall… More interaction with the environment by the character? Maybe an end to HMs~

    1. Since the region looks like it is based on France, the male protagonist looks Frenchy with glasses on the top of his hat and with styled straight fön hair. I don’t like him though.

      1. If it’s based in France, that gives me even more reason to hope we get character customization. After all, France is known for art and fashion.

    2. If you look closely, the glasses are gone when he’s vine swinging, so yeah some little customizations will be possible 😉

      1. Wow! You really caught that! Lol
        Hopefully, you’re right and hopefully, it’s not a glitch.

        I’m hopeful, though.

        1. It’s not that he took his shades off but rather that indeed it glitched and they were not rendered seamlessly. What this means is that at least this piece of clothing is a separate model, which means that customization is quite likely since all items of clothing would have to be distinctive pieces.

      2. The glasses get left at the beginning of the jump, lol. I’m guessing that the fact that they aren’t the same model as the trainer, that they’re removable. That leads me to believe that you’ll have at please some degree of customization. ^-^

        1. Honestly though, considering how the trailer starts in front of a mirror I think that’s where you finish up once you design your character. Possibly.

      3. The screen says, Not to be taken as Gameplay footage.

        None of what we were shown is actual game footage. Just stuff Gamefreak whipped up for the presentation.

        1. To be fair, all trailers since 4th gen have had that disclaimer. And they all ended up exactly the same.

        2. It is real footage except for the start with pikachu and the footage of the new legendary. Other than that it was real.

  14. No offense but this is amazing. I actually like the Fire Starter. This is a hard trio to choose from.

    1. Who would be offended by that? o.o?
      It really is an amazing trio to choose from.

      Grass = Cute
      Fire = Beautiful & Elegant
      Water = Cool

  15. I cannot wait for the leaks to start coming out. And the rumors! I want to see more so badly…

  16. Idk what to say tbh. I like the starters, but it will take me a while to adjust to the new art style of the game. It is just too early for me to draw a conclusion right now. That one legendary looks like dialga and stantler had a child……

  17. OMG so excited !! the only thing im narked about is its on 3DS looks like ive gotta save up !!

    I love the look of the legendaries. They’re pretty badass, i wonder what they represent ?

    And a little surprised there is no Lizard/Reptile Starter :O And Fennekin and Forakie are so cute !

    1. One of them we’ve figured out. The other we’re still working on its origin. Keep checking back 🙂

  18. Hmm.. dont get me wrong i’m excited for this ..however I feel its all sort of been thrust upon us too quickly.. I like the anticipation and corocoro leaks etc..

    But anyway Fennekin was by far the best starter so i’m ready for this 😉

  19. I think that I am the only person to speculate that Chespin could possibly be ground type? and that Froakie could be Flying or Psychic and Fenniken could be Dark type?

    1. in the video, Chespin used Solarbeam on Magikarp and nightslash on golurk soI assume its grass/dark

      Fokko (best japanese name ever) used flamethrower and what looks like psywave, so fire/psychic

      Frog used what looked like water gun and then some fighting move, so it could be water/fighting

      this would be the long sought dark – psychic – fighting trio we hoped for since gen 4. It also gives the weaker pokemon a super effective hit on the type they should be weak to.

      1. The Frog could have also used a Normal type move. Fury Swipes could have been used or as some sites had it, Tackle.

  20. Oh man this is so cool!!! I’m so excited to start a new journey in a new region and in 3D no less!! haha I’m still not sure which starter I should pick. I’ll prolly know when they reveal the evolutions of them tho.

    1. the eagle one is called Bijofnil
      there’s one problem with that though, there are 4 stags that guards the Ygg tree.

      BTW, the dragon’s name is Nidhoggr.

  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yggdrasil Read the first paragraph at the end, three creatures that live in yggdrasil are an eagle, a dragon and an stag. Two of which are the legendaries, so third could be the dragon. This is norse mythology, would fit in with europe theme. Also, norse mythology would be awesome, thor god like pokemon oh and don’t forget the big thing in norse mythology. Ragnorok. Basically armageddon! Wasn’t there an interview or something that said, the pokemon world would face a global crisis. Don’t get more global than the end of the world!!

    1. Nice work! We figured out about the stag and it being Norse related (Like Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit), fertility and life. Then we found out about the eagle, though we didn’t pick up on the dragon. Great work!

    2. There are 4 stags that live in the tree, the Eagle that has a Hawk that sits between its eyes, a Squirrel that runs between the top and bottom, and Nidhoggr who is trapped beneath the roots.

      More than 3 creatures live in Yggdrasil

  22. I can’t think straight. The only thing running through my head is more Pokemon. I need help

  23. Ahh this looks so amazing! For once I love all the starters (Although Fennekin looks out of this world). It looks like we finally get some customisation. Only thing I don’t like is that it’s still grid like movement but that’s easy to look past XD

  24. Absolutely stunned… I never thought we’d get so much at once. I thought at most we’d get the protagonist and the two mascots. I like all of it really. I get this feeling though that the types will be along the lines of this:
    Grass Starter – Grass/Fighting
    Water Starter – Water/Flying or Water
    Fire Starter – Fire/Psychic or Fire or maybe Fire/Normal
    Bird Legandary – Flying/Psychic or Flying/Steel
    Deer Legendary – Steel/Psychic, Steel/Fighting or Fighting/Psychic

    1. Another thought on the water starter typing… it kinda looks like the shape of a poison dart frog so maybe it’ll be water/poison. Only the general shape resemble each other though, not the patterns. Just a thought though.

      1. Sorry for the triple oost but after watching the trailer for the 100th time, to me it looks like the grass starter used x-scissor which is bug type but many non-bug types learn it. It also looks like the Fire starter used smog or confuse ray, which again, many non poison and psychic types learn. Then there is the water starter who looks like he may have used either mach punch or quick attack. So I don’t think those attacks have any baring on the starters eventual typing, any or some of them recieve dual typing. Also, sorry for not using their names, still trying to memorize them.

  25. This was a surprise. I didn’t expect Gen 6 yet. I thought they’d milk Black and White 2 for at least another year.

    I really like the fire starter this time around, and the others are growing on me. I’m glad they are updating the game.

  26. There are no words that can be used to explain this…..unless they are AMAZING, EXCITING, SUPER, etc…. I am sooooo excited!!!!!!

    1. I acctually don’t understand about what you pple wondering, the X created male pkmns the Y female pkmns or viceversa probably thats why legendaries didn’t have gender, because they’re god like creatures, but I don’t know why magnemite or others didn’t have gender maybe because they were created by humans

  27. ASDFGHJKL!!! Okay first of all, Chespin using what looks like Solarbeam on a Magikarp? Not fair!
    I’m so excited for this but it does feel like Spectrobes (well the overworld sprites do anyway)
    Definitely getting all 3 starters on one game (whatever it takes).
    I suspect Fennekin will be Fire/Psychic or Dark, Froakie Water/Flying or Ice and Chespin Grass/Ground or Fighting.
    The names X & Y make me think of Chromosomes and DNA and that stuff (So the sequels will be Pokemon A, C, G & T…physics joke) and when I read about the DNA helix thingy, it makes sense for Poke fusion or creation (or something to that nature) but I have no idea how the Legendaries will relate to that.
    I would think that the new games will be set in Europe (because of the Eiffel tower looking thing, the random desert and the forests)
    That will be all…except BRING ON THE RUMOURS N STUFF!

  28. I am speculating Grass / Dark, Fire / Psychic and Water / Fighting

    If I am not mistaken, Chespin used Night Slash, Fennekin used Psybeam and Froakie used some Fighting-type move.

  29. I got this 1st than anybody

    Chespin is gonna be a hedgehog. Grass/Dark and is gonna have spines like pine needles on its back.

    Fennekin will be Fire/Ghost, based on Fox spirits. Final evo will have lil floating flames around.

    And Froakie will be Water/fighting. and will look like an old style gentleman/butler with white beard glasses and the white gloves

    1. Ohhhhh yeeeeeah!
      I told him all that. 😛

      •Chespin is based on a hedgehog. A hedge is a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs. As for it’s possible secondary typing… I have no idea so far. Chespin fought a Golurk, a Ground/Ghost-type. The move it used looked like either Aerial Ace or Night Slash. I’m leaning towards Aerial Ace, but Night Slash IS a Dark-type move, which Golurk is weak against. Some people are saying Dark, but… well, many people also thought Tepig was gonna be a Fire/Dark-type solely because it had some black on it’s face. People weren’t please when it evolved onto it’s hind legs and gained a liking to punching things. So, we’ll see.
      •Unlike Vulpix and Ninetales, which are based on the Kyuubi (Nine-tailed Fox), Fennekin will most likely be based on the yokai Kitsune, the fox spirit. Therefore, I believe it won’t be Fire/Psychic as most are presuming. It’ll likely be a Fire/Ghost-type combination. Also, I don’t recall Psychic-type moves begin shot out of mouths. Plus, Kirlia, a Psychic-type, was most likely shown because of it’s weakness to Ghost-types moves.
      •Froakie… is just awesome~<3 I usually choose Grass-type starters… but, it's soooo hard to resist (hypno-toad) it. It looks sorta elegant with it's tiny glasses like foam placed in front of it's eyes like that and it's cute little white gloves~<3 Might evolve into a tall frog gent with a monocle. Who knows? As for it's typing… No idea other than a possible Water/Fighting combo, seeing as they choose Patrat, a Normal-type, for the second move demonstration. No idea what move THAT was, but it looked speedy. Foam is light, after all.

  30. All of the Pokemon designs look awesome except for the bird legendary (looks meh…) and I swear that have seen the those starters in a fake corocoro leak… not sure which one I want though They all look awesome!!! I never wanted all 3 starters before!!
    Gym leader guesses:statue= ground type leader,
    web building=bug,
    and… ummm… cant guess that other one…
    I also love the 3d!
    It also seems that the male character all have the same sense of fashion for the past 3 gens… (brown hair blue jacket…)
    Heres to hoping for customization of the pc

  31. Oh man I’m soooo excited for this. Gen VI here we come! The fire starter looks amazing and the gyms so far look great. I believe the area with the fire shooting up is a gym because they never show anything with the elite before the games come out. Which is good because we needed another fire type gym. Just give us a dark gym and I’ll be happy.

  32. I’ve been following this story for a while and thought I might as well join in. Personal opinions, well …

    Chespin -> Awesome! Definately going to be my starter when I get Pokemon X.
    Fennekin -> Didn’t like it at first and now it looks rather cute! Might get this as my starter for Pokemon Y.
    Froakie -> Interesting design and hope it has an awesome evolutionary line.

    So far Generation VI is looking to be the best one so far!!!!

  33. Everyone is talking about dual types but maybe none of them will have a secondary type. Maybe we will have pure Grass/Fire/Water.

  34. Honestly couldnt be happier.

    This is such a massive amount of news, and im glad that the starters seem a little different than the contemperary starters from the past. They seem different somehow, but in a really good way 🙂 Chespin and Froakie look amazing but i always go with a water type, so Froakie welcome to the team buddy 😀 Fennekin will hopefully stays as a quadruped 🙂

    The legendaries look great, its really hard to choose one over the other. Epic looking is the ony word.

    All in all unless there are seriously awsome Version differences/Pokemon in Pokemon Y. Ill be getting Pokemon X. 😀

  35. THIS IS ALL SO AMAZING. Black 2 was so boring actually, so I’m really excited to see what’s next in the series! Although I’m really upset there’s no new Eeveelution announcement I actually got out of bed because I couldn’t stop imagining it… But I don’t see why they wouldn’t try to make one to make it compatible with the past, more multi-generational bonds would be nice to see, maybe Luvdisc evolves into something from this generation then to Alomamola, (finally) I predict we’ll see less Pokemon than generation 2 this generation, in fact the game would surely benefit from it, due to the audience never seeing some of the generation 1 pokemon in 3D before. I hope more leaks and maybe these legendary names will come into play soon. I mean, ten months is a long time to wait. But perhaps I’ll finally keep this generation off my mind and experience the game first-hand when it comes out. But I’m too hardcore to keep Pokemon off my mind.

  36. Ohgod this is so exciting, I could throw up everywhere. The whole feel of the game has changed, it doesn’t even feel like Pokemon anymore, but I’m not complaining. It looks incredible!
    As for the starters, they seem more like fan-made Pokemon, but finally a fire one I love! I hope it stays quadruped though because, y’know, it’s about time for one of those. I’m not a huge fan of Chespin yet but I’m very excited to see its final form. And the deer legendary.. JKSHFDJ I love it so. I have been waiting for a deer legendary for like 34 years & it’s perfect. Seriously can’t wait for these games.

  37. So this marks the first time that they’ve venture outside of the reptilian/dino for for the grass type, so happy about that. It really increases a lot of opportunities for future grass type koala, panda/redpanda, fruit bat, some type of bird, maybe even one day they’ll make sole plant based grass starter.

    As for Fennekin I’m guessing it’s supposed to take the place of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac, It seems very likely to be Fire/Ghost if not oh well.

    Froakie is too cute, water/fighting to me seems more likely than water/flying by the way.

    Love the whole revelation it was about time they updated the games this much, I’m guessing they were just waiting for the right technology to come out though (3ds). The Legendaries are Awesome! Wonder if they’ll release a Pokemon Z it would be awesome with a Dragon!

  38. If you pause the video at about 0:12, you can see that Pikachu is standing on top of the Eiffel Tower! Pretty much confirms it’s based on France! 😀

    1. Pikachu’s electric storm thinger also originates in Europe when it zooms out. I’m pretty sure they will base this region on all of Europe, not just France.

      1. That’s very true, actually, I hadn’t thought of that! I’d love to see a variety of European landmarks represented in some way, I really love European stuff 😀

  39. The Trainers look pretty plain this generation.
    Might be an indication that we’ll be able to customize them to our liking?

    1. Hats, shirts, gloves, pants, shoes, bags, and other accessories.
      Hair dyes. Tanning salons for different skin tones? Lol
      I reeeeally hope we can customize our trainers, especially since Pokemon nowadays really likes to emphasize the whole play-with-anyone-and-everyone-worldwide thing. We might be able to play Pokemon with others in more ways than battling. Its a whole new world to explore… and maybe with others. Who knows how big it is?

  40. in the pokemon X and Y logos, the X i in blue and the Y is in red, could this mean that ruby and sapphire remakes will come after the release if these games?

  41. My guesses on the secondary types for the final evolution’s of the Starter trio:

    – Chespin – Grass/Fighting
    – Fennekin – Fire/Ghost
    – Froakie – Water/Poison

    I’m also looking forward to the inevitable plethora of new Pokemon which should come next month with Corocoro. Hopefully!

  42. Now I know as staff I should show a sense of maturity but… OMG I’M SO DAMN EXCITED :O THIS IS SO AMAZING, I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW AWESOME IT IS 😀 What’s not to like?? I’ll miss sprites for sure, but everything they’ve show looks fantastic and it seems like it’s heading in the right direction. I can’t get over the shock, I’m shaking with excitement…

  43. Hopefully seasons stick around. If so, can we finally get a pumpkin Pokemon for Autumn’s Halloween?! A Grass/Ghost-type that learns Will o’ Wisp would be awesome.
    They could ‘ p r o b a b l y ‘ throw a turkey Pokemon in there, but it’ll be weird since we all know it’s suppose to get eaten…
    Anyway, I’d also love a cheetah Pokemon, Electric-type.
    Oh! And a roach Pokemon, Bug/Dark-type for those evil little bast…! *ahem*

    1. I wonder what type those legendary Pokemon are gonna be.
      Eagle Y looks sorta Psychic/Flying to me, but then again a lot of us weren’t really spot on when it came to Zekrom and Reshiram, if I remember correctly.
      X… That… Pokemon… It’s hard to put into words what I think of it. Weird? Crazy? Extraterrestrial? Yeah. Those would be the words. The legendary Stag X’s horns contain four different colors, blue (kinda aqua), purple (kinda lavender), red and yellow from top to bottom. Hmm.
      This is the time to pay close attention to details because no one really understood Black & White’s mascot’s tails til later on, when they began to glow with thermal energy. Then everyone’s like, “Oh, I knew that!”

      So, I wonder if we really will get a new Pokemon type. Will it be… *dun dun duuun* the Cosmic-type?! The Eevee short’s title for the next movie DOES have TWO stars in that last katakana character. Maybe they’ll reveal another new Pokemon that’s a Cosmic-type? Also, at 1:01 in the trailer, that Gym DID look like a possible Cosmic-type gym, no? There’s also the possibly irrelevant Wish used by Audino at 1:04. But, why show a Gen 3 move that involves a star falling outta the cosmos now for a Gen 6 trailer?? Hmm….

      Maybe both Eagle Y and Stag X are legendary Cosmic-type Pokemon!! *gasp*

  44. I can’t wait to learn more about the X-Legendary and Y-Legendary Pokemon. I’m hoping the news is going to slow down any time soon!

  45. #My thoughts (Speculation)#
    Chespin- Name etymology Chestnut and Pine. Possibly a Pine Marten? The only one that I dont know the base aninal for.
    Type: Grass -> Grass/Dark -> Grass/Dark

    Fennekin- Name etymology Fennec (fox) and Kindle. Fennec Fox base.
    Type: Fire -> Fire/Psychic -> Fire/Psychic

    Froakie- Name etymology Froth and Croak. Based on a Frog
    Type: Water -> Water/Fighting -> Water/Fighting

    The reason for those typings is that in the video, the starters are shown using Grass, Fire and Water type moves respectively, but also other moves that look suspiciously like Dark, Psychic and Fighting moves!

    #My Opinions#
    I went mental after seeing the video today! It was such an awesome amalgamation of nostalgia and excitement over new things.

    I really like the look of the game. It clearly is still an overworld Pokemon game, which is a relief. I still need more battle screenshots before I’m happy with the look of that, but overall, I like it a lot.

    I also really like the starters! Design-wise, they look great. I like Fennekin the least (I’ve never been a fan of “elegant” pokemon, unfortunately), but nevertheless I still like it and I could see myself using all three! The legendaries also look cool, not as big and bulky as others, which is good.

    So, overall, I’m really looking forward to gen 6 in October (oh yeah, and the worldwide release is ridiculously awesome.

  46. After having a few hours to process all this information, i thought i would share my thoughts.
    Grass Type: Looks really good, i like how it is not reptilian based anymore.
    Fire Type: Probably the most simple but best design wise. I think it is about time a starter is introduced that is sort of feminine but awesome.
    Water Type: My least favorite water starter of all time. Looks like a grandmother frog. I think another pokemon should have the honors to be the water type starter infront of him.
    Absolutely love how the game will be in 3D. That being said, it is hard to rate the game right now seeing it in 2D. I am one of those people that will find it hard to adjust to the scenery and stuff like that.I am used to pokemon being pixelated and sprite based, so the new cartoon look to it will eat me up at the beginning, hopefuly i can warm up on that and stop trying to get in the way of progress. With the limited gameplay we have seen, the characters look kinda awkward when they walk or run, but again, we have only seen soo little of the game so far, so we shall see how that ends up.
    Battles: The battles are beautiful, enough said. The emotional expressions on the pokemon’s faces are wonderful in battle. The fact that the physical moves actually make contact also brings me joy. I must say that i thought that they would have used the 3D sprites from the pokedex app on the 3DS, but at this point, i can live with them.
    Right now, i am still at a point where i can’t believe that a new pokemon game is coming out, it brings me back memories from the reveal of BW. I think that most pokemon fans wish that their favorite animal will be picked as a starting type pokemon, and for me that happened with the release of Oshawott, so i must say i am not as excited with the reveal of the starters this time around, even though 2/3 are simply amazing. I hope to not sound too harsh on the game, but as a pokemon fan since the “almost” begining ( i was born the same year pokemon red/blue came out, so my first pkmn game was crystal) it is both a great joy to see this franchise still dominating the market and also an emotional though about how far this franchise has gone and how much things have changed. Anyone else get misty eyed when the pokemon game timeline was playing in the livestream?? Anways, feel free to completely dissagree with me, maybe i am being to harsh, idk. One thing is for sure, i will forever be a pokemon fan. 😀

    1. “Fire Type: Probably the most simple but best design wise. I think it is about time a starter is introduced that is sort of feminine but awesome.”

      Chikorita says, “Hi. What are you trying to say? Am I not awesome enough for you, Chicolombia?”

      *Chikorita used Vine Whip!*

      1. Lol its true that chikorita was feminine and awesome! And to this day its my favorite grass starter.

        1. What i meant by most simple design wise was in Generation 6, not all time, lol. It is just an orange fox, lol. See, no offense to Chikorita fans (my sister is one of them), i saw Chikorita as a green blob with a leaf on top. I guess i see how that can be pretty simple…. lol. It is feminine though, i did not think about that starer line because it is not as talked about as much as the kanto trio or infernape and such. Oh, btw, Chicolombia avoided the attack!

          1. Chikorita says, “A-a blob?!…with a leaf on top?!”
            … *ahem*
            “I-it’s OK, Chicolombia. I..forgive you. Hey, let’s hug it out.”

            *Chikorita used Sweet Scent!•Chicolombia’s Evasion fell!*
            (☼\w/☼) ~ “Death…!”

            “A green blob, huh?! I’ve got your green blob right HERE!”
            *Chikorita used Energy Ball!•Critical hit! Chicolombia’s Sp. Def fell!*

            “You wanna talk about leaves?!
            “I’_L_L . s_H_o_W . y_O_u . L_e_A_v_E_s!! Aaaaghh!!”
            *Chikorita used Leaf Storm!•Chicolombia fainted!*

            “Call me a blob again and see what happens!
            Chiko, I mean, Chikorita. With an exclamation mark.”

  47. Froakie •might• just end up being a Water/Ice-type!
    This pic from Bulbapedia shows the Water-type attack it used and it looks like there might be snowflakes in it? Possible opposite to Scald where instead of causing a burn, it freezes?


    All just speculation, of course. Could just be added effects to make it look more watery. But, then again, that’s definitely not Water Gun it’s using, since the other starters are using pretty powerful moves. Chespin’s using what looks like Solarbeam and Fennekin is using what looks like Flamethrower.

      1. I dunno. Looks a lil’ too weak to be Hydro Pump, but maybe.
        I mean, Solorbeam didn’t •look• all that powerful either, but audio sure does add a lot to how powerful something seems.

        I was thinking that move was closer to Flamethrower in terms of power than Solorbeam.

  48. I love this speculation stuff 🙂
    How about professor names?
    Good ones are Hawthorn, Linden, Maple, Pine, and Spruce

    1. Professor Pine has been a favourite of mine to appear in a game. Hopefully this will be that game!

  49. Since old pokemons are available…… And there are other new pokemons that are not yet revealed…. Then an Eevee evolution would be possible

    1. I hope for more eevee evolutions and I would love to see some older 1 stages get an evolution. Or a bridge between luvdisc and Alomomola.

  50. Its Lucky my Girlfriends 3 months pregnant gives me something to do before these bad boys come out =D.

  51. First off my first comment as a pokejungler and pretty cool to see Gen 6. Crazy cool and different step in the right direction. Love froakie and will start off with him keeping my tradition.

    Someone did comment about DNA theme a couple articles ago, maybe a Iwata being a sneak spoiler.

    As for the legendaries, could be themes of DNA and represent war & peace. Just excited for this Gen coming earlier than expected.

    This is going far, but maybe character customization IS possible, as well as CCo-op! Rosa seems to not be following right behind the player, and instead seems to be doing her own thing.

    1. At first, I thought that your idea could be possible. After I watched the video again it looked like one of the trainers that runs around in a square.

  53. After looking at the screenshots Serebii added, one screen shot makes it look like there is a grass gym, the part where the protagonist swings from the rope looks like it is a gym puzzle more so than an area you explore, because if you analyze the picture, you can see that the structures are man made, presumably made of metal, with a green tarp/flooring/cover on them. (Sorry for that insanely long run-on sentence) I think this could be a grass type gym, or maybe a new zoo feature, possibly a safari zone? Also, after looking at the screen shots, the attack used by Chespin looks more and more like shadow claw or cross poison(without the usual bubbling/oozing poison effect afterwards). Shadow claw seems much more likely considering it is used on a Golurk. Finally, there is also a screenshot with the male protagonist looking in a mirror, I think this might be where you can customize your character if that feature is in this game, which I think it will be, because it’d be kinda pointless to show that because they already showed the protagonist face, why show that if it is not to elude at something? Maybe I’m over-analyzing but its just fun to speculate with all this new information.

    1. Sorry to double post, but after re-watching the video again, disregard the part I mentioned about the mirror as the screenshots were out of order, and the mirror scene does introduce us to the protagonist.

  54. I like how, in battle, the Pokemon aren’t really sprites, but not really 3D models either…it’s like a happy median between the two! 😀

    1. Yeah and also you know how when the pokemon gets attack or is attacking like the one where patrat get’s beat up by froakie or how when froakie was using watergun it made that angry face 😀 they make cool faces (basically when their attacking in battle)…

  55. i am so ready for gen 6. the starters all look amazing and i love that the legendary pokemon arent dragons

  56. I don’t remember if someone already asked this, but do you guys think we will get new information on the CoroCoro that is coming up?

    I mean like, the legendary Pokemon names or maybe the regional bird-rodent-bug or something?

  57. Ok first and foremost: Chespin, an incredibly cute pokemon that will probably be my starter, next, OMG like really a new region i am so excited this has brought my brother into life with pokemon and full 3d i have been waiting for that so i already have a 3ds customizable characters I am hoping and i am going for pokemon y unless some really big differences are in the games.

  58. In an earlier post someone said that they thought they saw the starters before. IDK if it’s hindsight but they look familiar as well…anyone else?

  59. Hopefully when we surf/fly we’ll get to see our PC actually riding said Pokemon. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Also, October release….hmm seems like a great Birthday present to me! Only bad thing that I see is that if there’s a bad glitch they won’t be able to fix it. (Then again I’m not really sure how all the glitching/patching works). Anyways great reveal for Generation 6! Sad we won’t get our RSE remakes…but hey now they’ll look even better! Getting Froakie on X and Fennekin on Y! Can’t wait!

  60. I would like to point out that there’s an Eevee on the Golurk statue in the pond. Notice how both Golurk and Palpitoad are part ground-types. Maybe we’ll have a ground-type eeveelution this generation?

      1. Yes, the person who designed them did a great job in such a short time. I mean Fennekin’s evo looks “uh(!)mazing”, so does the Froakie’s. Chespin’s evolution might be better though. I hope the real ones are better.

        Oh god, look at Fennekin’s tail and ear-beard! Look at gentleman Froakie!

  61. Xerneas and Yveltal. I agree with everyone saying that there will be a link to Norse mythology within these games.

    1. I saw the similarity there too, but it doesn’t fit too well with the Norse mythology theme we think is going on though, seeing as Quetzalcoatl is Aztec.

      Something could still be in it though!

      1. Maybe there will be differences in the Story depending on the Legendary ? (has Pokemon done that yet)

        1. There could be, guess we will have to wait to find out! It has happened before, but only in very minor ways: time/space in DP, truths/ideals in BW, land/sea in RS. Very minor.

  62. I like the names of the Legendaries, is hoping we see their official artwork soon aswell as other Pokemon 😀

    Also is CoroCoro out this month ?

    1. CoroCoro is out this month. We’re not sure how much information it’ll have and whether anything will be new, or just a repeat of what we’ve seen. Be certain we will cover it if anything is contained!

  63. Im going to guess on the 2013 look back at the end of the year, this will story with the HUGE amount of comments, will be highlighted 🙂

    That or when the finalalised starter forms / full pokedex are leaked that will create a Massive buzz in the pokejungle community 😀

  64. I can guess Yveltal is a Flying legendary, but Xerneas puzzles me..I’m hoping its a New Type :3

    1. I’m thinking it’ll have water in it. Since the thing it most likely based on drips water from its antlers and creates springs.

  65. I just show my best friend the trailer for X and Y (by the way he is an ex-Pokemon fan and now an Xbox lover). He thinks it looks so good that he is gonna save up for a Nintendo 3DS. True story and it shows the power of Pokemon!!!

  66. I think I saw at least 3 gyms in the video. Swinging trees, grass, web, bug, and reforming house, psychic. 😀 So excited about these games and want MORE information everyday!

  67. I’m in 2 minds about the legendary names. I mean obviously they had to start with X & Y respectively but they sound weird. With Xerneas, I keep thinking of CERN (as in the supercollider) and Xemnas (KH). With Yevltal I keep thinking of Eevee and Elton (don’t ask me why), hopefully they’ll grow on me

  68. since this game is like based on france ( i think) wonder if GF put the famous underground catacombs 😛 (i’d love to explore it ehehe..:)

    1. Mr. Mime will feel at home, as he eats a baguette while sipping on the finest café.
      C’est la vie~♥

  69. Love the new names! They’re very interesting! I’m not sure whether I want to wait for more news…or wait until October and be completely surprised! It’s so hard to keep away from this site! Can’t wait to see the new villain team!

  70. love the starters and legends!!
    the part of the video in the desert with the massive white tower reminds me of orres realgm tower

    1. If you get a full frontal picture of it with its two forelegs spread apart even angled with its antlers, it makes an X.

  71. Am I the only one that thinks that Chespin is flipping adorable? I mean I like Fennekin (which almost everybody does), but Froakie came off as a little weird for a starter to me at first. However, I have definitely grown to it.

  72. Pokémon X (I LOVE Xerneas, he’s a blue buck, what’s not to like) will definitely be my main game (I always end up getting both) with Fennekin as my X starter, foxes are my fave animal and fire is my fave type so it’s automatically my fave of the three. When I eventually get Pokémon Y I’ll be using Froakie, I’ve really taken a liking to the little frog. Also Chespin has grown on me, he’s pretty adorable. On a side note, can’t wait for CoroCoro in the next few days and Pokémon Smash on Sunday!!! Please give us new info and not just reiterations of what we saw in the trailer.

  73. I personally want to buy both….but will probably get Pokemon X….as for the starters i chose by how they look so i will have to see the remaining evolutions in order to figure out which one i will choose…so far i will either choose Fennekin or Chespin. Froakie doesnt really look that interesting because to me it looked similar to palpitoad and No Offense but i didnt like palpitoad and its evolutions that much… But it all comes down to its evolved forms.

  74. Might as well take a guess at this, so I’m calling it now! The protagonist’s names will be Xavier and Yvette!

    1. Wow. Nice one with the names. I hadn’t even considered the trainer’s names. Excellent work though! lol i’ll be surprised if they don’t use those names. 🙂

    2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to flip the letters, especially if there’s a DNA/chromosome theme going on? i.e. “Xena and Yale” or something.

  75. Tbh. I didn’t really expect a 6th gen. First off the anime is starting a new season in unova , they hadn’t even released the genesect movie, not to mention most of the 5th gen Pokemon dream world abilities haven’t been released. I’m really curious to see how this all plays out with the game being released in October and usually the anime is released before the games.

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