Feb. CoroCoro Leaking, Pokémon X & Y Shown

February’s edition of CoroCoro has begun to leak in Japan. Although we’re not sure if there will be more images to come what we have so far reveals some details on the Legendary Pokémon of X & Y.


-Xerneas/ゼルネアス is 3.0m tall and weighs 215kg. Type and ability unknown.
-Yveltal/イベルタル is 5.8m tall and weighs 203.0kg. Type and ability unknown.
-The structure connected to the bridge is referred to as a “palace”. Any places in France it may be based on? Versailles?
-The facility in the desert is referred to as “seeming like a power plant”, and asks “where is the legendary Pokémon?”
-Dae’s note: While the screenshot on the Xerneas page looks like it’s a darker version of the one we saw in the trailer doesn’t mean that day/night cycles return. I believe this to be the very same screenshots as released in the official press release, but as these are printed on a magazine where a dark picture was taken off, it looks like it’s night. Tke sky is still blue however, and the light of the houses are just the bright blue windows in the screenshot. That doesn’t mean that night won’t return however, and I think they have no reason to not include it, but don’t take this shot as a confirmation like some other sites are saying.


Also revealed is that the upcoming Pokémon movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect will continue on from the next season of the BW anime, Episode N. In the movie the Red Genesect is leader of a group of four other Genesect, with more information coming “in the coming months”.