Pokéology: X/Y reveal edition


Hey guys! It’s been a while; all this news about X/Y has made it very difficult for the regular articles to be scheduled. Thankfully for this article, the news slowed down for now, and we’re able to get into actually posting some articles.

I have to say though, we haven’t learned much about these three starters, but I think I can still do some quick summaries on the three of them. This probably won’t be the best Pokéology, since I can only work off what I see now, but I think you guys will enjoy it.




So let’s start out of order and get straight to Froakie.

There may be some people who would debate whether it’s a frog or a toad, but Froakie is definitely a frog. Frogs have smooth, moist skin, as well as long, often bent hind legs. They do not have ridges for their eyes, and so their eyes simply come upwards from their head. Judging by those factors, I think we can all agree it’s a frog.

But where do we start from there? There’s so many species of frog. However, tree frogs are the first thing that comes to mind when I see Froakie, and this quickly led me to an interesting creature. You can see it up there; you may argue with the color, but we can get to that. This is the Yellow-eyed tree frog, also known as the blue-sided tree frog.

This fella is one of the only species of frog with vivid yellow eyes, and it’s a distinctive feature. However, something else catches my eye, although it’s not very visible in the photo above. This frog has white pads on its feet; they’re not visible in that picture, but it’s a very vivid white much like Froakie, and only on the palms and underbelly.

Also, there’s a darkish blue that lines their sides in bands. Personally, if I were to look at Froakie, one might think the design cue for the band between its eyes came from a frog known for its blue bands?  Still, on the topic of color, it’s green. However, think about this; could you really imagine a water type starter not being blue? They all have to be colors matching their types, so naturally this green frog would be changed to blue.


Honestly, it’s gonna be hard writing with this picture in my article. My golly. It’s already distracting me.

Fennekin really has no debate as to the basis, but I have to cover all the bases for this basis. Yeah; that joke was a miserable attempt to keep this section interesting.

So here’s the fennec fox.  I’d say that it is one of the most popular mammals, they’re known mainly for their massive ears. However, they’re a much more interesting species– for instance, their ears are so adapted that they can hear insects crawling under the sand. This is pretty important in a desert devoid of food, however, they have some interesting methods as well.

Fennec foxes are community based, and make massive dens for individual families. This means that they can divide their food and work, while protecting themselves  from predatory eagles. In some cases, dens of individual families may merge and form huge colonies of fennecs.

By the way, their ears? They dissipate heat. So I have to throw some speculation in here and say that Fennekin may very well have fire coming out of its ears in a later evolution; this would mean that it dissipates the internal fire through its large ears.


Honestly, I had to save the hardest for last. This is all up in the air, and we truly have to see from the evolutions, but I think we have some idea on it.

Chespin’s Japanese name, Harimaron, appears to be a combination of hedgehog and chestnut. Now, I would have guessed hedgehog before I saw that name, but it’s the only main factor pointing us to a species.

Frankly, judging by the spines on Chespin already, it should very well be a hedgehog. However, on the other hand, we see that Chespin has some massive rear claws, and this could mean that it is very well a different species. However, we can only really get a good idea of it from its evolutions, and I’d prefer to stay a bit reserved about it until then. Heck, maybe it’s a dinosaur? We really can’t say much for a fact at this point, but a hedgehog is my best guess.





So here we have a rather happy looking creature with some interesting creature.

The first identifying feature would be the green hood-like form that covers its back and head. Second, the eye would spot the large pair of claws, and then finally the tail. Other than that, some key features include the small buck teeth, and the very small, paddle-like arms.

It seems that the arms are very underdeveloped, and lack much in the form of fingers or claws. The feet, however, are already rather developed, and have a fine set of claws. These claws clearly protect it from just about any predator that would go after it, and seem to be the key factor in its survival.

However, it also has a very strange covering over the back of it, which appears to be some kind of chestnut-like plant. This is most likely a symbiotic plant that uses Chespin to gather sunlight, while Chespin gets a rigid coat to use in its defense.

Chespin also has a small set of buck teeth, which would be good at gnawing at wood. However, we have to see where these teeth end up.


Arguable one of the cutest starters ever, here’s Fennekin.

Fennekin is a very small Pokémon, but it has plenty of space to stand its own.

It has four small legs, a bushy puff tail, two massive ears, tufts on fur across the body, a small nose, and two large eyes.

The legs, although small and undeveloped, appear to be very swift. These legs look very much like they could outrun a predator of almost any size, and appear to be flexible enough to maneuver through bushes or into the tree tops.

However, Fennekin clearly does not live in a canopy, as it has many features to protect it from the scalding heat of a desert. For a start, the large ears would easily dissipate heat. Next, the tufts of fur would help insulate the body and keep the head out, whilst the light color of its fur would reflect the heat and light away from its body.

We can see there are some parts to Fennekin which are dark reds; it’s likely that these are heat sinks which draw in heat to specific points. This may very well be related to its powers as a fire-type, and we’ll have to see how things pan out.

The eyes on Fennekin are very large and would easily spot prey from a great distance. This means, alongside its large ears, it can spot prey in a desert with very little effort.


This should be pretty simple.

The key features on Froakie would be its two flexible legs, the two long arms, the bubble coated back, the white spheres on its nose, and the massive eyes.

First of all, we can see Froakie is a very active creature in the visual world. The massive eyes would allow Froakie to see at both night and day, and to see a very large area at one time. This would really help Froakie in escape from predators, as well as tracking down prey.

Froakie’s large, spindly legs appear to have much muscle around the joint, allowing it to easily jump through the air without much effort. Combined with the large eyes, Froakie could immediately react and leap away from predators, or towards prey.

It has two large, white masses on its nasal area, which may very well be nostrils; implying a great sense of smell as well. However, the eyes outshine these nostrils, and Froakie remains a visual hunter.

The long arms, however, beg many questions. Does it grab its prey with these hands? Does it use them for swimming? Is it using them intellectually? Sadly, I can’t answer this without any knowledge of the Pokémon, as we haven’t learned anything about where and how it lives yet.

The same thing goes for the bubbles, but in my guess, the bubbles form some sort of protective barrier for Froakie, whether that be visual camouflage, or simply a bubble-like shield.

Still, many questions; which we will find hopefully find the answers to in the future.



So I know I had my own questions, but I think we got a lot of that out of the way. I’m excited to learn more about these three, as we clearly have a lot we could find out in the future. I mean, not even game-wise; think of all the biological concepts we could learn from the new generation!

Yeah, I’m the only person who would say that. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the article; it was quite different writing it about Pokémon which I have no real knowledge about.

My question for you though is what starter is your favorite? I haven’t truly decided yet; though I’m leaning towards Fennekin or Froakie. As always, I’m excited to get to talk to you guys in the comments, so don’t feel afraid to ask questions or point things out!



  1. Perhaps I’m biased from owning an incredibly angry hedgehog, but chespin definitely looks like I’m getting. I hope it’s evolution turns into something less bidoof-y, though

      1. my best guess as to what chespin is: a mole of some species. its traits lead me to believe that. wide arms, protective ‘hardhat’ chesnut, large back claws, probably meant for digging.

  2. I’ve been toying with the idea that maybe Froakie is water and flying. The white thing around it’s neck sort of resembles a cape and frogs can jump really high so maybe it is one? I’ve heard of such things as flying frog that can sort of glide too so maybe.. I don’t really think it will be a flying type but you know. Anyway, I’m probably going with Fennekin but maybe Froakie. It all depends on if the water types are good in this region. It’s always hard to find a good one..

  3. That fox. My goodness, the cuteness factor.

    Anyway, based on first evolution alone, I’m going with Fennekin. I usually like waiting to see what the final evolutions will look like first though, as I did with Snivy. I can’t wait to see them!!

  4. I dont know which starter i am going to choose but its between chespin and fennekin….i might even choose froakie but i have to see the evolutions first.

  5. “Could you really imagine a water type starter not being blue? ”
    Yes I can, since there is a fire starter that is not red.

      1. Cyndaquil is not red. Actually it has blue on.


        1. It still has a light brown body and a red flame.

          And you’re right that the current sprite feature a bright blue, but the original Sugimori art looks more like a dark grayish blue.

          1. So the thing is, that frog could be green, and we would say that it still has a shade of blue and while attacking it has water bubbles. Same with Cyndaquil.

  6. This generation was not too surprising to me, but the starters really shocked me. Chespin has been my favorite so far, which is shocking, because I tend to like Water types the most. I love Froakie, it really seems to make me laugh, but I also wonder what will set it apart from all the other frogs and toads. Fennekin is my least favorite for several reasons. First, I don’t find much to it more than being a fox and possibly having Psychic abilities. Second, while it may be cute, I find the others cuter. Lastly, I really don’t want to get into the Pokemon too much, because if it becomes another Fire/Fighting type I would be a bit disappointed. I am not saying I don’t like it, but I just like the others more. Also it very well could have been a Psychic type move, but I strongly believe it was Growl.

  7. One thing that I noticed that was left out of the Basis/Biology part of this article was that during the Chespin/Golurk battle in the announcement video, just before chespin attacked, the green extensions on it hood/back turned into spiky points which gives it a better chance of being a “Hedge”Hog.

    Also I think Froakie could be a tree frog maybe even based off this particular one (except for the coloring)

    I feel like you bulls eyed the basis of Fennekin!!

  8. I like all three starters, but Froakie was my first pick. It seemed cool and interesting the first time I saw it.

    Anyway, I’ve been wondering for a while if Fennekin will become a Fire/Ground type since it’s based on a desert dweller.

  9. Fennekin, just based off the starters. Revelation of the starter evos don’t usually change my opinion, but if Fennekin changes into a Fire/fighter. I may have too!!

  10. Im definitely choosing Froakie, i normally go for the Grass Starter but theres something about Froakie i love it looks very smart to me XD I am nicknaming mine Dexter haha

  11. My opnions have changed. But I still team fennekin. I mean who WOULDN’T pick it. It’s cute and cool. It will deftinaly my pick along as it’s ears don’t get to big or it’s ear hair doesn’t grow out if control.

    Chespin: it’s kinda meh. I’m not a big fan of it’s desgin, I don’t like it’s grass beanie and it dosent seem like a grass starter material. It reminds me more of a regional rodent

    Froakie: I think it has the most original/creative desgin. But I’m tired of frog/toad Pokemon we have WAY to many of them. So I’m not really feeling a frog Pokemon as a starter :/. But I’m might trade it over if I don’t like any of the water Pokemon

    1. I’m feeling like Fennekin is gonna be my pick as well, since it’s the only one that feels ‘right’ to me at this point.

      I mean, I should absolutely love the frog; reptiles and amphibians are my favorite type of animal, but Froakie doesn’t feel right for some reason.

      Chespin is pretty cool, but man, it’s not the kind of fella I’d pick for a starter. He’s not my style.

    2. How can you seriously say that? We have WAY too many frog/toad Pokemon? Politoed is one (And Poliwrath barely counts since it’s still a tadpole and you didn’t say tadpole). Croagunk and Toxicroak, okay. Seismitoad line I suppose, even if still more tadpolish. And then what else?

      And yet you want Fennekin so bad and you don’t say anything about how many foxes we already have. We’ve got Vulpix and Ninetales. Zorua and Zoroark. And the Eevee line are more foxlike than they are dog or catlike. So there are arguably 11 fox Pokemon compared to the 9 toad/frogs I named. You can’t single them out like that and not say anything about your dear foxes.

      I don’t mean to come off nasty, I’m sorry. When I see things like that they just irk me. /:

      (I posted this twice but accidentally replied to the wrong person.)

    1. Note hari means simply “Fine Needle”… Maybe it could be based on both a chipmunk/gopher and a hedgehog?

      1. “Hari” by itself does, but in this case “harinezumi” (Hedgehog lit:spiky rodent) is where it’ll be coming from. Of course the “hari” in “harinezumi” is also from “hari”. From a Japanese language point of view, it’d be really weird and unnatural to have a name like that and it not be a hedgehog.
        Think of it like this. Imagine there was a Ghost Hammerhead shark Pokémon called “Hammerdead” (weird but yeah), then someone tried to argue that the hammer comes from simply the word hammer as opposed to “hammer head”, claiming its a different fish that just happens to have a hammer on it. It’s just longwinded and unnecessarily confusing right? I’m not sure if my explanation is clear, but if you don’t get it I’ll try again lol.

    2. Nice! When I get into detail with their evolutions once they get revealed, I’ll keep this in mind! Thank you. 😀

  12. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning; but Chespin (in my opinion) has a lot more in common with a gopher biologically than a hedgehog. I think that the spikes on its head are based on the fact that its also partially based on the horse chestnut (which is…well spiky. pretty neat nut imo)

    plus gophers have some gnarly hind leg claws, much like chespin.

  13. Chespin <3 I always go for the Grass Starters, even Chikorita (stat-wise, not design-wise). Although my favorites will always be Serperior and Sceptile, I would love it if it did infact turn out to become Grass/Dark. It, alongside Grass/Steel, is my favorite typing (Cacturne <3).

    1. Yeah. The snivy line was my favirote Pokemon ever. However I was disappointed by it’s stats and attacks. I just hope chespin isn’t pure grass because pure grass Pokemon usually have bad stas and their move pool is mostly grass and normal type moves.

  14. I really think Froakie’s evolutionary line is going to based on a gentleman from the restoration period (1700s). Here’s why:
    1. Foam on back- Powdered wig
    2. Foam on chest- Cravat
    3. White nostrils- glasses or moustache
    4. Hands- Gloves

    1. Great analysis! You should have an account, that way I can know which commentor is the one with a good eye.

    2. If that ends up true, it Would be kinda like the piplup evolution line (penguin wearing tux)

  15. I’m stoked to see a Chespin evolution. I usually refrain from pre-picking starters, but man…

  16. Fennekin is the one ill pick..just look at the little guy x3 though ive been growing really fond of chespin thanks to all the fanart xD
    Froakie..its cool but im not to fond of frogs but I have a feeling itll get an amazing final evolution

    I always have fun reading these articles!

    1. I know the feeling! I’m totes leaning towards Fennekin right now, since it just feels right to me.

      Thank you! Glad to hear.

    1. Actually, you bring a good point! I think you may very well be right; possibly even a Gopher as well.

      However, it’s incredibly abstract and hard to tell. So I figured the best explanation would be the one that was pointed towards by its Japanese name, but we’ll have to see. 😀

  17. I really love froakie. I think he will end up part fighting, which won’t be as bad as if he was water/flying like I hope… (that 4x weakness to electric kills me, bad swanna memories.) So I hope for fighting, like everyone speculates.

    1. I think he’ll end up a dojo master or a gentlemanly fighting frog.

      Either could be really cool, I agree. We’ve only had water, water/ground, and water/steel; and water/fighting would change the water type to be more of a heavy hitter of the three in a way.

  18. The x and y takes place in an alternate universe.
    Where you and goku have to find the seven magic pokeballs
    To wish for other letters of the alpahbet to come back to town and play music
    On the jukebox of haunted raviolis

      1. You’re completely forgetting about X2/Y2 and X3/Y3 where Colress teams up with Vegeta and Ash sacrifices himself to create a bond between N and Yveltal.

  19. Doing in order of favorite to least favorite (but I still love all three).

    Tbh, I really only have two requests for Fennekin, keep it quadrupedal and please not Fire/Fighting type, lol. Idc if it’s Fire/Psychic (my preferred choice), Fire/Ghost, Fire/Ground or just Fire as long as my two requests are met, lol. I also love the idea of the ear fur (a feature that scares me when it comes to it’s evolutions) will turn into fire, playing off of Fennec foxes dispersing heat from their ears. Hopefully kitsunes (not kyuubi) will play a role in it’s evolutions inspiration.

    For Froakie, this one’s a hard one, I could see just Water, Water/Fighting, Water/Electric, Water/Ice or Water/Flying from him. I also could see his evolutions going the Frog Prince route, Superhero route, Ben Franklin route, Gentlemanly route, Toad Sage route, Sumo route or the Monk Journey to the West route and those things on his face could be a nose, “spectacles” or a budding mustache, I honestly have no clue where he’s going.

    As for Chespin, I see his inspiration coming from (on the fauna side) Hedgehogs, Chipmunks, Moles, Gophers, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, etc… and his flora side from the horse chesnut. As for typing I could see Grass/Dark, Grass/Fighting, just Grass, Grass/Steel or Grass/Ground. I see spikes being emphasized in his design and maybe even having Pangolin or Armadillos contribute into his evolutions, maybe a kind of armor with that chestnut shell.

    1. It’s interesting you should say Toad Sage. I’m wiling to bet it’ll go frog Sage route too. Historically, Sennin are often seen as related to either turtles or toads. The beard is a hint.

  20. I really don’t know who I’m going to choose but I’m actually leaning towards Chespin. We’ll just have to see how to future evolutions end up.
    Also thanks for calling me cool. (I read the tags)

  21. I like to get all three but it would definitely depend on final evolution typing. I might go with Froakie because he kind of reminds me of that Warner Brothers frog that dances with the cane and top hot.

  22. http://pastebin.com/Z2tMiaJR

    “Coming soon”
    Pokemon X · Y

    Aienki region

    Kasumaron / Chespike
    Yarimaron / Chespear
    Is lightly lye-type:

    Honoko / Flannec
    Ferunoko / Fernox
    Esper-flame type:

    Kerobabu / Ribbub
    Juumatsu / Froabanet
    Water and Fighting type:

    Atorubi / Finchett
    Atoruee / Finches form X
    Atoruno / Fincho form Y

    Legendary Pokemon
    · Grass Zeruneasu? ? ?
    Iberutaru flame? ? ?
    Zanaruoru rock / Zanarol ·? ? ?
    Private railway steel / Dereyn
    Runaseki rock / Lunyrite
    Sikasso flame / Stapyre

    > M>

    Apparently it’s a leak. Not sure if it’s real or not.

  23. For me the second types are:

    Chespin: Grass/Steel (empoleon)
    Fennekin: Fire/Ground (torterra)
    Froakie: Water/Fighting (fire types)

    nothing will cause strangeness
    for me it’s impossible they will take out the fighting type after 3 generations

    For the legendaries:

    Xerneas: Psyquic/Water
    Yveltal: Fire/Grass

    If you look to the Y symbol in the logo you can see it’s a tree, with two branchs on the top and root under. If you look inside the Yveltal body it’s all a black branch, maybe he can change to green between seasons.
    In the japanese logo you can see a Leaf (nature, grass type?) with four colors, green, red, pink and blue, representing their types.

    Just my opinion, two strong combinations.

    1. the pin is simply from “pin” as in a “needle” or “pin”. “Hari” (from its Japanese name) means Pin/needle. Also “Harinezumi”means hedgehog :3

  24. I think I’ll be getting Chespin but that is very likely to change because I’m waiting for the secondary types(should they get any).

    Also, first thing that came to mind when I first saw Chespin was a ferret. Not sure how likely this is, but they do have similar tails, faces(noses), bodies, (in some cases)color(the brown not the green “v”), and the back legs of a ferret are more claw like than the front legs. Only huge knock that I can see is that Ferrets are quadrupedal while Chespin is Bipedal, however Boars aren’t Bipedal either(yeah I’m looking at you Emboar >.>).

    Oh… before I forget, great job as usual on the article, especially given the very limited information we have on these three. Don’t know if PJ has a sort of Poster of the Year or Author of the Year or anything like that, but if they do, I say your off to a great start.

    Finally, and most importantly, WHAT VERSION SHOULD I PREORDER!?!?!?!? X OR Y !?!?!?!? I’m going to Gamestop to preorder one of the two this weekend and don’t know which one to get. I prefer Yvetal but we have no information on either of them. -_-

      1. Depending on which country your in as some Gamestops charge to simply preorder, I know i work there lol minimum deposits 5euro in my store…….. you should preorder both 😉 then cross your fingers that there a free gift later on because u preordered and get double the fun lol 😉 😀

        1. My Gamestop has you put a minimum of $5(I live in the USA) down towards it, but it doesn’t cost anymore. I preorder just about every game I know I’m going to get just for bonuses. I’m leaning towards Y right now.

    1. Nice analysis! 😀 It’s all up in the air right now, so we’ll have to see.

      Thank you so much though!

      1. Just came across this (http://goo.gl/TwSco), despite being fake due to the incorrect Japanese(from what IGN comments have said, I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know), can we look forward to something like that? Main problem I’d have with it would be that it was obviously Fire/Fight.

        1. Yeah, it’s composed of too many characters to be a Pokémon name (Japanese uses up to 5 characters).
          I personally don’t like the look of it. I really hope Fenekin doesn’t become bipedal.

        2. Personally,the detailing on Fennekin suggests it will say a quadruped. See the tuffs of hair on its back legs? They seem to be one of the few extra details added to Fennekin, and when they add any detail to a starter, it’s going to be important.

          Now, imagine trying to design a bipedal fox with tuffs of hair off its back legs? I can’t really see it happening. If they truly make it bipedal though, I’d moreso expect a sorta werewolf-gait at the end, with the front arms being on the ground even if they’re highly developed.

          Either way I think the key details suggest a quadruped.

          1. From what I see with the starters, is that they each usually have one main feature that continues to develop as a sorta (for lack of a better word) key feature.
            -Bulbasaur – It’s bulb
            -Charmander – My brother says it’s tail, but I like to say it’s the spikes/horn like thing on the lines head, going from 0 to 2 by Charizard.
            -Squirtle – The cannons are obviously the key feature of Blastoise but the feature that develops mostly throughout the line that they all share is the Tail, particularly, the tail resembling the head shape/ears.
            -Chikorita – This one could be argued that it’s the leaf/antenna(Meganium), but the leaf isn’t constant, the antennas, while to represent a part of a flower, I think it is the bulbs/pods around the neck that eventually develop into full grown flowers.
            -Cyndaquil – The flame on it’s back that seems to develop from a blanket of sorts, into a hat-like appearance, all the way into a collar of sorts. Which given Cyndaquil’s baby-like nature, would represent it’s growth.
            -Totadile – The spine-like scales on it’s back and head.
            -Treeko – Similar to Squirtle, the tail grows to resemble the head/ears.
            -Torchic – Torchic really has two that are hard to argue with, the head-feathers and the legs. As you go through the lines, Torchic has nothing covering it’s talons/feet, which I believe shows that it is an infant(diaper). Then, Combusken appears to have shorts on, which in the pokemon world, have usually been worn by kids. Finally, Combusken has full-blown pant-like feathers covering his talons.
            -Mudkip – This one is similar to Treeko and Squirtle in that the tail(fin) resembles and almost mirrors the growth and change in the fins that are on it’s head throughout the line.
            -Turtwig – This one is the most obvious(other than maybe Bulbasaur), the growth of a sapling into a bush, then into a tree on it’s head and shell.
            -Chimchar – This one is probably the most difficult to actually use as a pattern, but I believe that is the growth of the tail, it continues to get longer and closer to the head before, eventually, transferring the fire from the tail to the head.
            -Piplup – It’s torso continues to grow into more of a formal attire/suit-like pattern.
            -Snivy – It’s tassel(?)-like yellow features on it’s shoulders eventually develop into a full-blown collar
            -Tepig – It’s tail starts out looking like a little bomb, then it festers up a bit as Pignite, before finally blowing up as an Emboar.
            -Oshawott – Obviously, it’s shell. No further explanation needed.

            (Sorry about the length of some of those, just wanted to make sure my reasoning is clear)

            On to the point I’m trying to make, I think each starter-line has a distinct feature that it develops mostly while evolving, whilst dropping other features. The features for these three, I think will be as follows:

            -Chespin – It’s hood-like pins/needles.
            -Fennekin – The tuffs of fur in it’s ears, their way too flamboyant(or flameboyant [yay for bad puns =) ]) to not be.
            -Froakie, it’s cloak-like bubbles on it’s back.

            Sorry for the length of that post but, I feel it contributes to the topic and you made me think of it by pointing out the tuffs of fur on Fennekin’s hind legs.

          2. No, don’t apologize! Thank you for that! it’s a nice read.

            I think you’re pretty spot on!

  25. My favorite is froakie 😀 => I really like froakies quirky design. It makes me think it looks like a happy frog who enjoys lazing about by the waterside haha. I do however see it becoming water/fighting.

    Chespin is my second favorite, a happy little face with a simplistic design but one that works amazingly well. Especially when his little spikes become slightly sharper when he attacks in the video. I picture it bulking up and becoming a bad-ass poké. With a Grass/Dark typing.

    Fennekin , despite being the fan favorite according to numerous polls, is my least favorite. 🙁 It’s just a little too cute for me, that being said its evolution could be sheer crazyness and look like an epic Fox-beast 😀

  26. So much hate on Chespin. To me Chespin looks the coolest the fox looks too girly and the frog is eh(looks too much like a digimon). I’m definitely picking Chespin if its Evos look awesome

  27. 650 – Chespin – Grass
    651 – Chesprik – Grass
    652 – Chespike – Grass/Fighting
    653 – Fennekin – Fire
    654 – Fennixen – Fire
    655 – Kindlfaux – Fire/Psychic
    656 – Froakie – Water
    657 – Froaklin – Water/Electric
    658 – Froakertz – Water/Electric
    659 – Tomcait – Normal
    660 – Ellicait – Normal
    661 – Folfether – Dark/Flying
    662 – Punkflock – Dark/Flying
    663 – Monogoon – Bug
    664 – Monocoon – Bug
    665 – Monolark – Bug/Flying
    666 – Spectie – Ghost
    667 – Spectrous – Ghost
    668 – Quarel – Rock
    669 – Quareltine – Rock/Poison
    670 – Renesea – Water/Poison
    671 – Siguard – Psychic
    672 – Hitontao – Fighting
    673 – Bombatt – Fire/Flying
    674 – Battalione – Fire/Flying
    675 – Burrden – Ground
    676 – Burroweld – Ground/Steel
    677 – Tiberone – Ice
    678 – Tiberette – Ice/Fighting
    679 – Cotontale – Normal/Grass
    680 – Cotonwell – Normal/Grass
    681 – F-00 – Steel
    682 – F-00-R2 – Steel
    683 – Serportal – Rock/Bug
    684 – Shacklsnak Rock/Bug
    685 – Rufemup – Fighting
    686 – Beatemup – Fighting
    687 – Grendank – Dark
    688 – Grendoul – Dark
    689 – Draekling – Dragon
    690 – Draeken – Dragon
    691 – Draekolde – Dragon
    692 – Clowdrip – Water/Flying
    693 – Clowdrench – Water/Flying
    694 – Fishmael – Water
    695 – Mobyael – Water
    696 – Gabbigon – Dragon
    697 – Shelshine – Ground
    698 – Shelshock – Ground/Electric
    699 – Sibearia – Ice
    700 – Xerneas – Normal
    701 – Yveltal – Dark/Flying
    702 – Zagriela – Psychic/Dragon
    703 – Oblinke – Psychic/Ice
    704 – ???
    705 – ???

    1. I can certainly tell you that a generation with only 50 new Pokemon is not going to happen.

      The thing that was said about 700 was that there were “much more than 700 pokemon in the national dex including the new ones”, not “there are only 700 national dex pokemon” when Masuda was talking about it.

  28. MAaa said there would be over 700 pokemon. If your leak Is true, there is a post 6 gen dex probably they might pull of another g/s and d/p exept hide ALOT more pokemon a.k.a houndpur, murkrow, togekis, etc. Anyway, Gabbigon sound related to Druddiogon.

  29. GAME FREAK, Plleeeease read this: I really want Mewthree, or X-Mew, or whatever it’s called, please use it and Pikaleaf. Ya’ll bought the rights from Pikaleaf’s creator, and I am aware Ash might be replaced, So Pikaleaf could make up for it.

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