Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie; Official Types Revealed!


Surprising?  They may get a secondary typing in a later evolution, but in their basic forms they’re the very traditional Grass/Fire/Water mix!

Still curiously absent are Xerneas and Yveltal’s types! Feel free to comment on those as well!

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  1. Well, it is something.
    When you think about it Bulbasaur was a real anomaly, being the only starter Pokémon in it’s first form to have a secondary type.

    1. If you look at most previous generations, all except the second one have had at least one starter with a secondary type. Though this secondary type is usually only gained after evolution (witch exception of Bulbasaur). Chances are there will still be secondary types, it’s just we’ll have to wait to see the evolutions :3

  2. I’m having some issues logging in.. so there’s that…

    Anyway, what’s everyone’s opinion on the theory of Xerneas and Yveltal being Light and Sound types? There types have not been revealed yet, which seems very strange since typically typing is revealed at the same time as a Pokemon.

    Personally, I don’t want their to be anymore new types… But the evidence for this theory does seem incredibly convincing. Whatever their types turn out to be though, I’m glad that it seems like (most likely) neither of them will be Dragon type.

    1. While I doubt there will be new types, I would definitely be cool with a light type (not so keen on sound.)

      IN that case, I would speculate the legendaries to be Y=Dark/Flying and X=Steel/Light

      1. My theory was that Yveltal is Dark/Flying and Xerneas is Light/Grass. Light would be stronger than Dark, but Flying is stronger than Grass.

    2. I really, REALLY don’t think this will be the case. Light and Sound already exist in tons of moves. If they were gonna do that, they would have created the types long ago. I’m not saying there can’t be new types, but it won’t be those.

      I feel Xerneas would likely be Steel because of how its legs resemble swords. Could certainly not be the case, it’s just what I’m most thinking right now.

    3. Not always with the mascots. There was a two week gap between Reshiram and Zekrom’s reveal and the official announcement of their typing.

    4. I don’t think that Yveltal will necessarily have a new type, but I think Xerneas might be have a chance of being a new type

      Although it’s true that theres usually a gap between pokemon reveal and their type’s revelation; Xerneas’ corocoro page specifically said “what type?!” in big bold letters. Yveltal’s did not.

      just some speculation; i havent seen any sites post about that tidbit of info from corocoro. Just thought that if the magazine is specifically pointing it out; it must be of some importance.

      1. The bit that says “what type” is meant to represent the whole double page spread. Don’t be mislead by the fact that they have been uploaded and shown online one by one. The text has the colours of both Pokémon in the order they appear.

    5. Honestly, I don’t think any new types are being introduced. If you can show me more irrefutable evidence than simply “Xerneas and Yveltal haven’t had their types revealed” (which, by the way, was the case for Reshiram and Zekrom some time back, and I recall there being an enormous following of theorists saying Reshiram was inarguable proof of the upcoming Light-type) or some crazy speculation on how their appearances are related to light and sound somehow, I’ll give the theory more credence. But as it stands, the games simply don’t have a need for a new elemental type, let alone two or more, without a complete revamping of the entire strengths-and-weaknesses system, which would be confusing and completely unnecessary.

      1. Well, like I said in my original post, I really don’t want their to be any more types either… I’m fine with what we have, and sound and light types just seem kind of clichéd to me.

        I am not the person that came up with the theory; I just wanted to spark the discussion here, but this is what the theory is based off of: Xerneas, by appearance, seems based off of light or the visible-light spectrum. It’s antlers looks like rays of light, and they have various glowing colors on them–its antlers basically seem to represent light shown through a prism. The theory then goes off of that because light and sound are often said to go hand-in-hand: sight and sound, etc. So it seems fitting that Yveltal would be sound if Xerneas were to be light. The theory also points out that Yveltal is the only Pokemon (besides Pikachu) to make noise in the trailer for X and Y. It seems fitting that with all the innovations 6th generation would bring, now would be the time to add new types.

        Also @Garceus it’s exactly the reason that light and sound already exist in various moves that people are arguing the types should be added. Since a lot of moves that are based off of light and sound already exist, it would not be hard to all of the sudden make said moves light and sound typed. Just pointing that out.

        It’s just a theory, but I do think it will be interesting how this plays out. If they were to add new types, it makes sense that the legendaries for these new games would get the new types… I think it’s interesting to think about for now–however unnecessary new types may be.

        1. But the simple fact that there are so many moves of these “types” makes it more troublesome. Granted there were a few moves that changed type from Gen 1 to Gen 2 (and Curse from Gen 4 to Gen 5, but that’s for different reasons entirely) but if they were to do it for Light and Sound, there would simply be too many. And it’s not even as though they’re in just one type to start with, though some not as strictly as others. Examples of moves that either explicitly or intuitively employ Light and Sound:

          Aurora Beam
          Confuse Ray
          Light Screen
          Sky Attack
          Morning Sun
          Sunny Day
          Mirror Coat
          Luster Purge
          Tail Glow
          Doom Desire
          Mirror Shot
          Flash Cannon

          [Everything affected by Soundproof]
          Roar of Time
          Heal Bell (no longer affected by Soundproof)
          Lucky Chant

          Some are able to be disputed, I’m sure, but the point is that it’s not just 4 moves being changed, it would be dozens. Unless they really wanna throw things for a loop, this isn’t a good idea.

  3. I just realized…What if they make these starters like the generation 2 starters and they’re pure starters too….?

  4. Hmm i wonder if the Pokemon People would be toying around with the unknown type idea for the legendaries ? Maybe they removed it from the games because they were going to make it something else and give it to Xerneas and Yveltal ? I hope so !! 😀

  5. …Chespin caught up quickly and is now tied with Froakie on the polls…

  6. I really hope Chespin will evolve into a Fire/Dark type. Fennekin is my least favorite, but I would like to see him be a Fire/Psychic type. Froakie has got to be Water/Ground or Water/Fighting type, I just don’t see Game Freak doing a different typing. Xerneas is probably Steel/Grass being an elk and what not. Is it possible Xerneas’s antlers are made of bismuth? I know a lot of people believe the yggdrasil theory, but could it be that its antlers are made of bismuth? Yvetal will be Dark/Dragon and I am 100% sure about that. I have been waiting for that typing, and I was so excited when I saw it. Dark/Dragon type was the first thought in my mind.

    1. Sorry but I’m almost positive that Froakie will not be water/ground or water/fighting because we already have two frog pokemon with those typings. That would be boring and unlikely of them to make another frog pokemon with reused typing.

      1. Hmm. But there is currently only one water/ground frog and two water/fighting frogs. There are so many Bug/poison wormy things, so Gamefreak don’t mind repeating things. Also think fire starters, though the Pokémon are all different animals, fire/fighting for 3 generations in a row! This shows that GF really don’t mind repeating things. It’s not necessarily a bad thing IMO.

  7. This is reason why I have trust issues…

    I thought this was about their final evolution types

      1. Yes lol, I “believed” this was about the final evolutions… I got kinda excited to be honest 😛

        1. Lol i tried to tell u! But noooo u had to misunderstand lol btw this “saint” type doesnt make sense….how….wat?….

  8. I was hoping they’d do some crazy shit like make all the secondary types for the starters /normal

    I that would have been hilarious… for me at least. :’)

  9. Whatevs…Im still convinced since froakies base form is already a frog then it can only make sense since this type of pokemons already been done to death that it will be like a reverse frog and its final form will be a monstorous serpentlike/dragonlike tadpole….Also that it has clouds on its back so it will be a rain/vapor related pokemon possibly water/flying or water/dragon. If the ladder then the new type would have to counter dragon and be related to the other 2 pokemon.

  10. Xerneas and Yveltal are proving to be quite hard for predicting their typings but here are my thoughts.

    Xerneas – Grass/Electric
    Yveltal – Dark/Flying

  11. Well… I’ve read a lot of speculation about Yveltal and Xerenas’ types. However no one thinks Yveltal will be a poison type but me.
    I’m among the ones that think Xerneas represents life and Yveltal, death. So the obvious types for these concepts would be Grass and Poison. Also, no main legendary has those types so it would be something new.

    The best way to balance them would be Poison/Flying for Yveltal and Grass/Steel for Xerneas. (C’mon it has a tree on its head and swords as feet). And despite poison and flying being super effective against grass, Steel would make Xerneas resistant against its counterpart. what do you think?

    1. I like your idea about them representing Life and Death, i think they might represent Peace and Chaos. Xerneas being Peace and Yveltal Chaos, i think there could be conflict between the two, in the trailer we got maybe Yveltal is coming from the skies to cause trouble to the world and Xerneas is appearing to confront it ?

  12. Im gonna Guess on

    Xerneas – Psychic/Steel : I think it might be Psychic because of the multicolored “gems” on its antlers. And Steel because of its colouring and how its legs look swordish XD (I sometimes forget Lucario is part steel)

    Yveltal – Dark/Flying : Im not really getting a Dragon feel from it, i dont know why i just think its more like a Demon Vulture in my eyes XD. Heck it might even be Poison, i dont think we’ve had a Poison legendary Pokemon yet, have we ? Well that might be a type for the third Legendary that goes with these two if there’s one XD

  13. Xerneas I really hope is a psychic type. Not just because Psychic is so badass, but those gems on the antlers just NEED to be related to something psychic or have some sort of powers, to satisfy me lol. 🙂

    Also everyone will probably laugh hysterically at this ,but the fact Yveltal physically looks like the shape of a Y, and the little resemblance to the letter X (barring the eyes and the tips of the antlers being identical to those of the tips of the letter X in the title of pokemon X ).
    I would like to see Xerneas’s antlers seperating down the center in half almost to make the letter X. It could be used as a ram of the center of the X then could be used to fire up some sort of beam like attack. ( use imagination its hard to describe sorry )

    Yveltal I hope is not dragon. A dark/flying type seems logical for such a vicious looking pokemon based on an eagle.

    Heres hoping that the 3rd legendary ( Z ) is based off the Serpent / Dragon to complete the norse mythology , and we get a squirrel ( mew, celebi etc ) legendary aswell 😀

  14. I think Xerneas has to be a grass type being a forest dweller and all and also if fennekin has a secondary type at all I hope it is not part fighting type if their is a new light type I think it fennekin will evolve into a part light type but they really don’t need anymore types in the pokeworld

  15. sorry about last comment about Xerneas being a forest dweller I just assumed because he was in a forest in a preview I saw

  16. These pokemon are very cool.They realy show what pokemon is all about.

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