Pokéology: X/Y Edition II

Hey guys! You’d be surprised how busy I am over the summer, it always seems like something’s going on! Thankfully, I got some time today to write this up, and I think you all will enjoy it. There was a huge surge of information with E3 and the whole Nintendo direct thing; which makes it … Read more

Pokéology: X/Y Edition

Hey guys. Long time no see– it’s been four months! Crazy how time flies when you’re busy– I’ve moved house, had an entire sports season, worked as the tech director for my school’s musical.. I can’t believe my last article was a few days after we found out about X and Y, that sure feels … Read more

Pokéology: X/Y reveal edition

Hey guys! It’s been a while; all this news about X/Y has made it very difficult for the regular articles to be scheduled. Thankfully for this article, the news slowed down for now, and we’re able to get into actually posting some articles. I have to say though, we haven’t learned much about these three … Read more

Pokéology: Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile

  Happy new year! The article was a bit later than normal, since I’ve been busy with plenty of celebratory stuff. Hopefully, the year’s already been a good one for you all; it’s been pretty great for me at least. So there was a lot I could’ve gone with for today, but this one really … Read more

Pokéology: Delibird

So it’s the big day! Although we all celebrate many holidays, this day kind of became the time of the holidays no matter your beliefs. It’s now sort of just a human thing, not for the origins of it, but just for the concept of giving gifts and being with family. I’ve been really sick … Read more

Pokéology: Totodile, Croconaw, & Feraligatr

    Don’t you hate Mondays? I really don’t remember anything on Mondays. Can’t we just make it law that every test is on Wednesday? Wednesday is one of those days where you’ve gotten use to the weekdays. Anyway, by now it’s Tuesday and you guys have gotten used to the week a bit better. … Read more