Pokéology: Delibird


So it’s the big day! Although we all celebrate many holidays, this day kind of became the time of the holidays no matter your beliefs. It’s now sort of just a human thing, not for the origins of it, but just for the concept of giving gifts and being with family.

I’ve been really sick the past few days, so this may not be up to par with the others, but I’ll try.

Here’s the most festive Pokémon we’ve had, being a great example of the holidays. He’s a pretty cool Pokémon though, and I actually have grown to love the design. Originally, I thought he was pretty odd looking, but with the advent of HG/SS, we’ve seen a much neater style; so now it’s pretty neat overall.





So here’s the main basis of this fella. The Northern Rockhopper penguin.

You can probably see how this is Delibird. The main feature are the fluffs on the ears– see the yellow? That defines both the heads of the Rockhopper and Delibird, so it’s pretty safe to assume that it was the basis. Although Delibird is a little chubby for a penguin, it’s safe to see that he truly is a penguin in general. The feet, arms, and posture all match up pretty well.

Ironically, penguins are from the south pole, and you know who is from the opposite end?



Yep, Delibird’s festive basis comes from the North Pole.

The colors bring only one thing to mind, and then right away know where Delibird got his basis from. The big sack of presents? The red and white? The chubby belly? Big ol’ beard? That’s Santa Claus to a tee.

Especially that chubby belly. Remember what I was saying about penguins being skinny? Well they had to make sure that everyone knew it was Santa. Plus that beard– ever notice that Delibird has what looks to be a pretty nice beard? It took me a while to get that part.

Technically, you could argue that he was based on a Rockhopper penguin so that he could have ‘antlers’ much like a rain deer. I mean, am I the only one who thinks the frilly things look like antlers?









An adorable, short, and plump bird with a tail shaped like a big satchel, what’s not to love?

Delibird overall has rather average features for a bird, with two flipper-like wings, feet with two toes on each, an average beak with a slight overbite, a white down of feathers covering from its upper chest up to the frills above its head, two large eyes, and finally, it has a fascinating bag-like tail.

The white down appears to help it remain warm, as it seems to be very thick and woolly, but still very light and aerodynamic. That would be perfect for the cold environments that Delibird calls home, as well as the flying that Delibird is capable of.

The wings may be small, but they still appear to very much assist it in its flight; they may be small, but still rather strong.

However, the majority of the flight probably comes from its spirit and general powers, since those small wings would never lift the big stomach it has! It may very well be the magic in its tail that assists it in its flight.

So how about that great tail? It seems to be magic– maybe even a TARDIS, since it always seems to be filled with more presents or food than a Toys’R’Us store. It’s likely that most of Delibirds abilities come from its tail, and Delibird easily gets many gifts for it to give to those it thinks deserves them. It’s a very strange tail with or without magic– since it is completely hallow. But it’s useful, since it keeps food in there for as long as it needs.





A shorter article today, but hey, it’s the holidays, why read this article when you can be with family? Plus there’s a Doctor Who special on later, you could always spend time watching that too.

Hope you all have a great holiday! I’ll be seeing you all on the first day of the year next– so another holiday in a row for these articles!

Is Delibird a creep or a cutie? Personally, I used to think it was a trickster, but now it just seems like a cute penguin that judges people. Which is still kinda creepy, but it gets away with it.