‘Extremespeed Genesect’ Movie Merchandise Suggests New Pokémon


There are watches being released to promote the 16th Pokémon movie, Extremespeed Genesect, and one watch is completely greyed out. This could suggest that there’s simply an existing Pokémon which will be revealed later or could mean that Genesect has an alternate form. Or even that the very first Generation 6 Pokémon is coming. It’s all speculation right now.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that it can’t be a new form for Genesect… After all, what game would it be in? There’s no code in BW2 or it would have been EVERYWHERE already. My bet is that they’re either trolling and it’s something stupid like “SHINY PIKACHU LOLOLOL” or it’s a new pokemon.

    1. While I think you probably have a point, the new forme could be exclusive to the Generation VI games. Girantina, Shaymin, and Keldeo all were restricted from using their new formes in the first game in which they appeared.

      1. True, I didn’t really consider them using a new form in a new generation, but it is something I can see them doing. Still hoping for a new pokemon, though. I miss the flow of exciting news! (I don’t comment much, but I check this site like… twice a day, lol)

  2. They made Genesect double hacked already.
    Remember last time when they did the exact same thing: The shiny beasts.
    They were pre-order events, shiny, and had hacked moves.

    And what followed January/February? Zorua/Zoroark.

  3. The magazine page, as translated by a someone on Serebii or atleast according to serebii, says there are 2 not shown watches. Not just the one.

    “Like usual, these bits of merchandise do hide various Pokémon, specifying there will be merchandise for two more Pokémon.”

    Majority of the people are going with new Eevees to go with the new Mini-Movie.

    As for Formes, they haven’t released a cross generation forme before so I don’t hold a lot of hope with that. All of the “new formes” have been in the same generation.

  4. The watches usually show Pokemon who will be “stars” as in, appearing a lot in the movie right?

    I’m gonna take a guess and say it’s a small, pre-evo 6th Gen Pokemon that will follow Ash and the gang around throughout the movie.

    Why? Because every Pokemon movie has that Pokemon that either travels with the gang, appears a lot in the movie, or has some impact on the main Pokemon. M1 – Mew, M2 – Slowking, M3 – Charizard, M4 – Celebi, M5 – Latias, M6 – Jirachi, M7 – Rayquaza, M8 – Lucario & Mew, M9 – Manaphy, M10 – Darkrai, M11 – Shaymin, M12 – Pichu, M13 – Zorua, M14 – Victini, M15 – Keldeo, M16 – 6th Gen Pokemon

  5. I have think about a new deoxys that have two kabutop’s scythe that are steel when conduct with kabutop’s scythe and and and…

  6. …and new deoxys is come along from other planet …and wanted to find back his own dna …… it learned so many things that r in earth…
    and learnt some new moves from legendary pokemon… ok thats all xD

  7. I’d love to say I know what it is… but I’m going to have to hope that it’s a new 6th gen (or a Jirachi. Pls Jirachi pls.) It will probably NOT be a new Genesect forme, seeing as that would be a cross-generational forme change, which hasn’t happened… unless this new forme appeared in a game before next generation… RSE REMAKE?

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