‘Extremespeed Genesect’ Movie Merchandise Suggests New Pokémon

There are watches being released to promote the 16th Pokémon movie, Extremespeed Genesect, and one watch is completely greyed out. This could suggest that there’s simply an existing Pokémon which will be revealed later or could mean that Genesect has an alternate form. Or even that the very first Generation 6 Pokémon is coming. It’s all speculation right now. … Read more

Pokémon Movie 16 Information Leaks!

Corocoro leaks have release information pertaining to the next Pokemon movie due out in Japan on the 13th of July, 2013. [list style=”orb” color=”green”] *Genesect will be available as a present alongside the movie from the 11th of January through till the 10th of February at the Pokémon Centres around Japan for Black/White and Black/White … Read more