Pokémon Movie 16 Information Leaks!


Corocoro leaks have release information pertaining to the next Pokemon movie due out in Japan on the 13th of July, 2013.

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  • *Genesect will be available as a present alongside the movie from the 11th of January through till the 10th of February at the Pokémon Centres around Japan for Black/White and Black/White 2. There seems to be limited stock, so those who get in first have a higher chance of recieving it.
  • *Furthermore, you can download Groudon for Pokemon Black 2 and Kyogre for Pokémon White 2 from the Official Japanese Pokémon site from the 10th of January. More information is to come regarding this, so be sure to check on the website.
  • *The movie features a Red Genesect called; ‘Extremespeed Genesect’. Possibly alluding to the downloaded Genesect having the move: Extremespeed . ‘Extremespeed Genesect’ is also the current title of the movie. This is most likely to change in the future. The leaks also show a form that allows Genesect to fly.
  • *Attached to the Corocoro Magazine is a small short featuring Pikachu labelled ‘Pikachu & Eevee Friends’.


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