January CoroCoro Leaking, 2015 Movie Poster Revealed

Our first ‘look’ at next year’s Pokémon film is finally here! It features the Primal Reversions of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza and an ominous eclipse in the background. There also appears to be a new Pokémon TCG design as well which will be clearer when more pages leaked. We’ll keep you updated! <3 PJ FEATURED … Read more

First Look at 2015 Pokémon Movie Coming Soon

On December 15 the first preview of next year’s Pokémon movie will be shown on the Japanese television program Pokémon GET TV. Sounds exciting! Do you still get pumped up for the movies or do they no longer excite you? I honestly haven’t seen one in its entirety since Spell of the Unown. <3 PJ … Read more

Japanese Diancie Giveaway Details Announced

The latest CoroCoro issue has revealed details about the upcoming Diancie giveaway at theaters across Japan. Moviegoers seeing Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction will be able to download the legendary Pokémon to their Pokémon X or Y games. It will have the moves Diamond Storm, Reflect, Return, and Moonblast, be at level 50, and … Read more

17th Pokémon Movie Gets Official English Trailer & Title

The upcoming Pokémon movie will be known as Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction in English. The film, which has yet to debut in Japan, will focus on Ash’s attempts to calm Yveltal along with Diancie. It will come to theaters in Japan this summer, with English release details still unknown. The Pokémon YouTube Channel … Read more