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The year is coming to a close and 2012 has been a huge year for Pokémon: Black 2 & White 2, Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the last officially known Pokémon of this generation, Genesect were revealed in addition to other exciting things. 2012 has also been a big year for PokéJungle and 2013 will be even bigger. We’re planning some major stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! So, what better way is there to end a great year than with a giveaway? More importantly, with a Pokémon giveaway?

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First, the rules:

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  • You cannot use multiple accounts, we will remove anyone suspected of creating duplicate accounts and all your entries will be void.
  • If you are under the age of 18 please get permission from your parents/guardians before entering. We don’t want anyone getting in trouble for you giving us your address or receiving the prizes!
  • The closing date for entries is the 1st of January, winners will be revealed shortly after. Winners will be notified within 24 hours by us. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of the winners being revealed on the site you must contact us immediately. If you do not have an email attached to your account on PokéJungle we will either reply to your original comment or ask you to provide us with an email address
  • Raffle winners have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to the email to claim their prize. A bonus draw will be held for any unclaimed prizes.
  • One prize per person.
  • Decisions made by us are final.
  • Prizes may change without warning and there are no cash alternatives.[/list]

The individual prizes for the raffles are as follows: 1 Pokédoll, 1 Pokémon plush, 1 PokéJungle t-shirt (designed by myself, printed by Redbubble and delivered direct to you), 1 Pokémon plush dangler, 1 Amazon giftcard (if gift cards are not available for your country we will substitute
the prize), numerous Event Pokémon and possibly more as the competition runs!


How to enter for all prizes.
We’re going to allow ONE entry on PokéJungle for all prizes. To enter you simply have to comment on this article with your favourite Pokémon moment of 2012 or what you’re most looking forward to in 2013.

Bonus entries for PokéJungle t-shirt.
There are also two further ways to win the PokéJungle t-shirt. To do this you must like or follow PokéJungle on Facebook or Twitter (or do both, they count as one entry each!) and do the following:

Twitter: [list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Tweet a message with your favourite Pokémon moment of 2012 or what you’re most looking forward to in 2013
  • Direct the tweet @pokejungle with the tag #PJ2012 (you must: follow the PJ Twitter, and include: the #PJ2012 hashtag.
  • You can also retweet the giveaway tweet:



Facebook: [list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Like the giveaway post and comment with your favourite moment/most anticipated moment.(I will update this post when the giveaway tweets and Facebook posts are up!) The Post can be found HERE


BONUS-bonus MMC Entry: [list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Get discussing and posting in this thread! All valid discussion posts will be entered.


Also, like and share this article, the more entries we get the more likely we are to add additional prizes!

All entries will be assigned a random number then drawn at random until a winner for each prize has been drawn (currently undecided if I’ll host a livestream somewhere of the draw, but check back for details). All the prizes will be shipped out to winners in the new year and should be with whoever wins them within a couple of weeks, please remember we’re taking time out of our lives to run this giveaway but will work as quick as we can to get prizes to winners. You will also need WiFi access to receive the Event Pokémon.[/spoiler]


So, get entering! From everyone on the PokéJungle Team: we all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2013!

  1. Favorite Pokémon moment of 2012… had to be the annoucement of Black and White 2, my friend posted it on my facebook and I read it during class and then stopped paying attention.

    As for 2013, I’m hoping for the announce of new games! Maybe RSE remakes or a new generation, but that may be wishful thinking.

    Merry Christmas Pokéjungle!

  2. What I look forward in 2013 IS new Pokémon games, maybe 6th generation, all new pokemon, adventures and friends C:

    Happy Christmas to all of PokéJungle <3

  3. My favorite pokemon moments of 2012 include the release of BW2 and the release of Kyurem Vs. The Sword of Justice. I’m looking forward to further announcements for the pokemon world in 2013! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to everybody in Pokejungle!

  4. My favorite moment of 2012 is of course the release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. What I am looking forward in the year 2013 are further details to the next new games, maybe a glimpse of the next generation :3

      1. Haha, it’s fine. Having an account makes it easier to contact you, but it’s not compulsory 😛

        Happy Christmas!

  5. My favorite moment of 2012 was the release of kyurem vs the swords of justice. Im looking forward to potentialy having a whole new generation for 2013 to add to the greatness of pokemon

  6. The best Pokemon moment of 2012 would have to be the announcement/release of Pokemon Black2/White2. What i hope for in 2013 is hopefully the release of another generation of pokemon or the remakes of pokemon RSE.

    Cool giveaways btw! Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

  7. This is my account BTW the one that says briant Lol. I didn’t know if my comment would say if I was logged in or not. Hopefully now it does.

  8. My favorite pokemon moment in 2012 is for me to be able to complete my National Dex for the first time ever in my life in my Pokemon Black 2 game.. It took a lot of hard work and time to complete it by connecting for so many people..

    As for what I’m hoping for in 2013 that would be a lot of new Pokemon games developed by Game Freak and a remake does sounds good to me too.. Also I wish that there will be a lot more Pokemon event in my country which is in Malaysia..

  9. My favorite Pokémon moments in 2012 were the discussions I had with friends speculating about how B2/W2 were going to look like, what their story would be, etc.

    As far as 2013 goes, I’d like to see Pokémon TCG organized play finally coming over here but that’s pretty unlikely. I can always hope.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 is this- I’m in my sixth year at college in another state and was at home visiting for Thanksgiving. I could only stay for two days, and thanks to having to clock in on actual Thanksgiving day because I work retail, I wasn’t even there for the big event; I was going to miss dinner at my grandpa’s. Now my grandma, who I mark as the person in my family I was closest to passed away of cancer when I was a college freshman. When I was younger she’d spent every birthday and Christmas buying me what I wanted despite religion based protests of my parents, including my first ever Pokemon game; sadly over the years many of the things she gave me have been broken or lost. I miss her very badly, and still not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Now as it happened, my parents had decided to surprise me and on Wednesday my various family members showed up at my house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then finally in came my grandpa. After dinner, he told me he found something he thought belong to me. He handed me the Eevee plush keychain my grandmother had bought me for my first birthday after she bought me Pokemon Blue for Christmas. He said he’d been going through some of her things in storage and found it. I nearly cried, feeling like she’d come to surprise me too.

  11. My favourite moment… uh… Probably when I started playing White 2. I loved the music of Virbank City. :3
    Also there was a not-really-but-kinda-Pokémon related moment where my biggest childhood dream came true but that’s a secret for now!

    I’m totally looking forward to the sixth generation, especially the Pokémon designs and I really hope we get the next generation in 2013, or at least much info and many pre-release Pokémon revelations.

  12. My favorite moment of this year would of course be the release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. I just got Black 2 for Christmas, and it’s living up to the hype!

    Next year, I’m still crossing my fingers for a Ruby and Sapphire remake. I hope that comes out soon!

  13. I’d say my favorite moment of 2012, albeit a bit off the beaten path, was when trying to catch Heatran in Black 2. While many failed attempts were frustrating at first, I threw a Net Ball in a sort of desperate act of trying to catch it, and it worked. That kind of “Wait, what?” moment is what I love about Pokémon.

    As for 2013, I’m hoping to see the announce (and possibly release) of a RSE remake and/or Gen VI games.

    Gen VI better bring us a natural Poison-type legendary.

  14. The best Pokémoment of 2012 is really hard to choose. It was all over a pretty good Pokéyear. I would say the release of BW2 might be it. Also, the release of Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu edition in Europe was a nice surprise! [Got it as Xmas gift] The Anime OP/ED theme compilation got also its release, and I’m looking forward to getting it as I love all Pokémon music!
    I’m looking forward to incoming Pokéyear. N is coming to anime [HUGE YES!] Genesect movie sees interesting, new Mystery Dungeon is being released in the West..and we might see some new Pokémon?!

  15. My favorite moment of 2012 was the release of BW2, and I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) Meloetta and Dexoys events in the US in 2013!!

  16. My favorite moment of the year was getting Black and White 2 on release morning and diving right into the games.

    I can’t wait to see what’s coming for us next year. I’m hoping we (at least) get a sneak peek at Generation 6 and I’m hoping for more cross-generation evolutionary chains.

  17. Everything about Black 2 was greatness, but specifically… getting to battle old gym leaders in the tournament. Misty and Brock didn’t know what was coming. ^-^

  18. my favorite pokemon moment was when i first put in black 2 into my system and saw the nintendo gamefreak logo pop up =^_^=
    the moment i have fingers crossed for is a remake of gen 3, and maybe some hype about the next games to come
    happy christmas, you guys are awesome =^_^=

  19. My favorite moment of the year had to be when the Kyurem formes were announced. I couldn’t decide if I liked Kyurem better, or Reshiram. When White Kyurem was released, all my problems were solved. Thank you all and a Merry Christmas to you PokéJungle and your family.

  20. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 is the announcement of the new Mystery Dungeon game. I felt the same anticipation I had when Black and White were revealed, so you can guess what might be looking forward to most.

  21. I looked forward to seeing the Pokemon Power Bracket winner. And I am still looking forward to seeing HotTopic’s exclusive Mew shirt. I keep checking on their site but haven’t seen anything available yet.

  22. Favorite moment of 2012 -> when i completed my B/W 2 pokedex.. that is a lot of hardwork.. i played my old versions of pokemon to get the pokemons, traded through wifi, played pokemon radar,… i got my shiny charm and oval charm =)

    Looking forward to 2013 ->the evolution of pokemon… they announced it.. looking for new game, new pokemon and new evolution… =)

  23. Favorite moment this year was returning to play my Pokemon White after my college semester was over (finally!) and I am most looking forward to having a new year full of surprises and reveals of new Pokemon!!

  24. Favourite Pokemon moment would probably be going into EB Games at midday after a boring 3 hour class and getting a copy of White 2 that was still in its original SHRINK-WRAP! AT EB GAMES! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW RARE THAT IS? I also got Pokerus in White 2, which was pretty gosh darn amazing.

    1. Whaaaaaaa? Why would they not have them in shrink wrap? Is that some sort of idiotic company standard or something? If I ever get handed a new game that isn’t in shrink wrap I refuse to accept it!

      Some of these “Best of” and “Worst of” things are getting quite funny to read.

  25. I can’t wait for some new pokemon, and I have a feeling we’ll be getting some next year! Come on PKC and GF, give me dat Absol evolution that I’ve been waiting for!

    1. Hi Joshua, all you have to do it comment on this post with what your favourite thing to do with Pokémon was in 2012. You also enter through Twitter and Facebook, but you’ll have to read the post for more details.

  26. Favorite Pokémon moment of 2012: When Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS was announced. I am a big sucker for the Mystery Dungeon franchise, so I was really excited to hear about the new game.

  27. best moment of 2012- Black 2/White 2 release

    most looking forward to in 2013- some more great games


  28. Woah this is very kind of you PJ to hold a give away! Thank you for this oppertunity c:

    Id say favorite moment of 2012 was def BW2.
    Also, personally, getting to breed a shiny vulpix with dream world ability..took over 600 eggs and she was worth it x3

    In 2013 im looking forward for the new Mystery Dungeon to make its way to the states. And the N episodes for the anime. As well as the Gensect movie!

  29. The best for me was the anime-type promo or BW2. Nothing beats the style of really good anime with something that desperately needed it! lol

    As a side-note, the red genesect is pretty thrilling for me too. Go, bug-type!

  30. Haven’t been on this site in ages, it’s nice to catch up with everything as I’ve been sooo busy with revision/exams.

    So nice of you PJ for doing this =)

    Favourite 2012 Poke moment… hmmm I have several although my fondest on of the year is finally completing my Pokemon White with EVERY DARN POKEMON. Then having a celebratory lap of Unova on my bike for no complete reason, good times!
    (Non Poke related moment was seeing Ellie Goulding, but’s irrelevant)

    In 2013, I’m looking forward to watching the anime with N, playing the new 3DS dungeon game and for all the surprises that the Poke fandom won’t be expecting

  31. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 is definitely the shock I received when Black2 White2 was first revealed! Only thing more was the release of Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. I was expecting the normal pattern of Grey Version with Kyurem on the cover, so it was an absolutely great and very smart twist in the Pokemon series =D Another great thing to happen, is my new roommate in college also plays Pokemon so we battle all the time n_n

    What I’m most looking forward to in 2013 specifically for Pokemon would have to be between two things. It seems to be the most typical subjects, but a RSE remake would make me go crazy, because that was my favorite Region! And the possibility of a 6th Generation is a great thought as well. Always checking PokeJungle and other sites in hope to see new Pokemon’s faces is the best feeling =]

  32. I’d have to say the announcement of BW2 but also that I finally bought my first pkm games after gold yeeeears ago ( have a flashcard, so..). I really want them to make the rse remakes for the 3ds (possibly in full 3d) because I have never actually played these games right ( only on the computer and it was not fun).

  33. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 was the release of B2&W2.
    I’m hoping 2013 brings up Ruby and Sapphire remakes.

  34. My favorite moment is probably black 2 and white 2 which i haven’t played yet!! 🙁

    In 2013 i want there to be a new Pokemon Game!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEARS!! 😀

  35. What I’m looking forward to most is the 6th generation. I love generations with evolutions and prevolutions of previous Pokemon, so that’s what I’m really hoping for. Keep up the great work with the site, love you guys!

  36. Personally, I loved the Kyurem fusions in BW2. Although I had gotten Zekrom in BW , I wasn’t too fond of him, but Black Kyurem is Freakin’ AWESOME.

  37. I have two favorite moments of 2012. So I’ll list them both. 🙂
    Favorite moment 1: Going to New York Comic Con and hanging out with Veronica Taylor (the original voice of Ash). She is amazing!! ^_^
    Favorite moment 2: Attending the Pokemon Black 2/White 2 launch party, which was held during the weekend of NYCC. I had a lot of fun there, and I got some free Pokemon stuff! It was so awesome! 😀

  38. My favorite moment was catching the DW Dragonite on route 18
    My favorite moment of 2013 will be seeing how the anime portrays N & Team Plasma

  39. My favorite moment of 2012 was obtaining my first Pokémon doll, a Leafeon. :3 And now I’m looking forward to watching the Genesect movie; it’ll be awesome. owo

  40. My favorite moment was hard to narrow down, but my favorite moment was when we found out that there was a sequel to Pokemon Black and White. It came as a surprise to quite a few people. A lot of people were thinking there was going to be a Pokemon Gray, they had even made their own box art for it. Then came the announcement and so many people were freaking out. I was quite excited myself, I had ran down to my friends house, because I thought it would be better to show him than tell him about it. We were so excited, and the news following the announcement was great too. I had ordered a Japanese copy and I played that everyday. When it came to America me and my friend went to Toys R Us and picked up our copies of both games and we each received a Black Kyurem and White Kyurem coin. My friend opened his, but I had kept mine in the container for my collection. Then I got to battle and trade Pokemon with people all around the globe while I was at Nintendo World in NY. Over all it was a great year for Pokemon. Even the arguments were pretty great online, because it brought a lot of people together. Sure, some of them did not share the same ideas, but there were many who did, and at the end of the day they were still talking about Pokemon whether it was a casual conversation or in a heated debate. I would say it was one of the best years of Pokemon.

  41. My favorite moment in 2012. A hard question but my favorite moment would have to be the announcement of B2W2. I like the news in the Pokemon world more than the actual release i guess.

  42. My favorite 2012 pokemon moment was the release of black and white 2. Looking forward in 2013 is all the great news pokejungle will release to all of us. Happy holidays to all.

  43. My favorite moment was the new games of course! Black and White 2 are simply amazing.

    Looking forward to the next generation. More excited if that’s to bring new eeveelutions :3 Also excited for my first trip to Japan in October, and to visit a Pokemon Center.

  44. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 was the day that Smogon banned Genesect. I am a very competitive battler, and Genesect was a massive problem. I’m glad that it’s gone, and thus, we can all continue. The one thing I look forward to in 2013 is the release of the Plasma Storm set for the Pokemon TCG. I really like a lot of the artwork in it, and a lot of the cards are very playable (I personally will be running Reshiboar with Moltres and Rayeels with Zapdos).

  45. My favorite moment of 2012 was when the first set of info on BW2 came out in CoroCoro.

    What I look forward to in 2013 is the announcing and release of Generation 6 and all of it’s glory!! XD

  46. My favorite moment in 2012 was when Black and White Kyurem were revealed. I was really surprised about Black and White 2, because everyone expected the Grey Edition. I love new Pokémon and the new formes excited me x)
    I’m looking forward to the next game anouncement. I’m hoping for a new generation, because I never get enough of new monster, but we’ll see. Maybe we’ll see the original dragon? That would be pretty awesome…

  47. My fav Pokemon moment for 2012 was when I heard a sequel to a main pokemon game was to be announced.

  48. My favorite memory of 2012 was finally collection all 648 pokemon released in America! 😀

  49. My favorite moment was the surprise that we were getting Genesect when Pokemon Black and White 2 premiered. It was cool to have an event pokemon I reallly like on Level 15 to use as I went through the storyline.

  50. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012 would have to be the day I bought Pokemon Black 2 with the special Black Kyurem Commemorative Coin!

  51. My favorite Pokemon moment of 2012, hmmm.. Well, I suppose that’d be the announcement of Black 2 and White 2! I was out eating lunch with my family when my friend texted me, telling me the news. At first I was like “What?? No, Black 2 and White 2? That’s silly, everyone is expecting Gray!” But then I came to Pokejungle and saw the announcement, as well as Black and White Kyurem. Even though I was 21, I was acting like such a kid. And since none of my friends were with me, my family had to suffer through my excited ramblings even though they had no idea what I was talking about.

    As for what I’m looking forward to in 2013, that would be the release of new games of course! I *really* want RSE remakes, since Hoenn was my favorite region, and I get sad when people pick out all the reasons why it won’t happen. Still, I keep hoping! Generation 6 Pokemon would also be something to look forward to this year!

  52. My favourite Pokemon moment of 2012 was opening up Black 2, and having the fun of playing a new Pokemon game. 🙂

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