Pokéology: Caterpie, Metapod & Butterfree

Hey guys! It’s been a long week for me, since I’ve been down with the flu. It’s been since Tuesday, so maybe one of you guys gave me it? Haha. Enough about my flu bug, how about some real bugs? Y’know, hexapoda? Insecta? Well, here’s some of the most popular– in fact, the first insects … Read more

Pokéology: Tropius

Today really creeped up on me! I had been so overwhelmed by projects and the weekend that I didn’t realize it was suddenly Tuesday. Hopefully, it’s Tuesday. Right? I’m not posting this on the wrong day, hopefully. Either way, here’s a Pokémon most of you probably forgot about.. Or, maybe you absolutely love it, it seems … Read more

Pokéology: Yamask and Cofagrigus

 So I’m writing this in the middle of a category 1 hurricane. Yep, pretty fun. I’ve been walking outside a little too- it’s fantastic when the wind blows you down the street. Still, I’m kinda getting cabin fever from sitting inside all this time– can’t leave the house much at all for the past few … Read more

Pokéology: Giratina

  Hey guys! Sure hasn’t been a busy week. News has been pretty slow, but it happens. A week from now is Halloween, so consider it a theme! So, to start us off on the right foot, I decided to go with a legendary– in fact, the only ghost type legendary so far. Sure, it’s … Read more

Pokéology: Manaphy

Hey guys! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Always seems like I have to write another article for you crazy people! Haha. I love being able to write for Pokéjungle though, so it’s completely voluntary– trust me! First legendary isn’t nearly what most people would expect, but someone suggested it! This guy never caught me … Read more

Pokéology: Sableye

Hey guys! Long weekend– got sick and had plenty of projects to work on. On the plus side, I did have off for three days, which led into a two-hour delay. So I had plenty of time with that. Hopefully you all have had a great weekend though! Anyhow, here’s Sableye. I think it’s one … Read more