Pokéology: Giratina


Hey guys! Sure hasn’t been a busy week. News has been pretty slow, but it happens.

A week from now is Halloween, so consider it a theme!

So, to start us off on the right foot, I decided to go with a legendary– in fact, the only ghost type legendary so far. Sure, it’s from the same region as the last post, and it’s the second legendary in a row, but I’m sure you can excuse that for this special occasion.



This is… Not the most appealing picture to show off my take on Giratina, but this is the most commonly accepted image of a Basilisk.

The Basilisk is a wonderful creature brought to you by the Roman Empire. Yep– you probably thought it’s from the dark ages, but the Romans were the ones who came up with the concept.

I’m sure many of you have seen the Harry Potter series with its Basilisk, which is shown off as a massive serpent. Well, in reality, the Basilisk was described as a king of serpents with many, many legs. Typically, it has a crest or a ‘helmet’ on its head, which gives it the ‘king’ definition. It can kill in only one look, and simply leaks venom as it moves across the earth.

In the picture I show, you notice how scaly and serpentine it is, but with many pairs of legs. This portrayal gives you a good idea of why I picked the Basilisk, and you can see that with a longer neck, it’s pretty much Giratina’s altered forme.

The ‘crown’ seems to describe Giratina’s headplates, and the fact that the Basilisk inflicted death so easily would explain the ghost typing. However, this doesn’t explain the Origin forme pretty well.


Now if you keep up with my articles, this is a very familar picture. I’ll just reuse it as I’ve explained this creature before.

This is an Amphiptere– a  type of European dragon with no legs or arms, but rather it has wings. It’s a beautiful creature, and it’s seen mostly in Heralding.

The Amphiptere makes up for discrepancies between the Origin and Altered formes, as the Origin forme is clearly a combination of both a Basilisk, and an Amphiptere.

Interestingly, some Amphiptere had golden beaks, which would explain why Giratina has such an odd looking ‘helmet’ as well.





So here we have a magnificent creature.

Three pairs of legs, a long, sturdy tail, an extremely tall and rigid neck, dark wings, and a golden trim that appears as a helmet on the upper half. This describes Giratina’s altered form.

Interestingly, to talk about the legs, it appears Giratinia can hover quite well without touching the floor with its feet. One would suppose it can bend the laws of nature using the ‘Torn World’ that it comes from.

Next, it has a very long neck. This is interesting– and it seems to be left over from the altered form. There’s no need for such a long neck for a very aggressive looking creature. Only an animal that needs to reach the tops of trees could require this. However, it may simply due to the mass of Giratinia’s Origin forme needing to be constant with the Altered form, in which it would spread out forward evenly to form this neck– something not visible on the altered form.

These two wings seem utterly pointless at first, but if you think more about its powers of using the shadows around it, you realize that it may use two wings as a basic cloak, or a portal to another dimension. Or they might simply be wings. Since Giratinia can learn Fly, it’s pretty simple to assume this guy is airborne.

This golden trim is interesting– it seems to plate various parts of the body. It could be seen as a shield, though it may simply be decoration that Giratinia has across its body. It doesn’t cover enough to be a proper shield, right?

This guy is a hefty creature, weighing in at nearly 1,700 pounds. So in no way is it light– even the origin form is extremely heavy in comparison to other creatures. This doesn’t make much sense for a creature that can hover; but think about how much force it might have to grab to be able to hover.

It has fierce claws, and it could probably disintegrate anything that got near its feet. Although they seem, again, for mainly decoration, it’s an interesting thought.


If that last one was magnificent..

This thing is a beast. It has three pairs of wings, the same golden trim, many legs, an elongated streamlined body, and a hield over its mouth.

As for the wings, they clearly do not effect the hovering ability of this creature. Giratina can hover anywhere at any speed, and it does not need to use its wings for this. However, we can see from many battles that these ‘wings’ can be used as claws in battle, for moves such as shadow claw.

Giratina’s body has clearly elongated due to exposure to the Torn World, a world where the laws of physics have changed completely,  and there is much less gravity. That would make it much easier for Giratina to bt the weightless monstrosity that it is now.

The red on it is banded, and seems to just signify its world– it’s home. The torn world is filled mainly with orange/red/black, and Giratina seems to match this up closely. This does not need any sort of camouflage, since it’s one of the biggest predators, if not the only predator in the torn world and its near inhabitants.

Again, we see the same golden trim, but this time the trim appears to cover the fact like a helmet. This means that it can move faster and more stream lined in any way, as there is much less air resistance with a head shaped like that.

This time, it has legs, but no more claws. This would mean that it cannot attack using its claws, and it must rely on its wings. This is much unlike the Alternate form, which has three pairs of tough claws.


Well guys!  Hope you liked this week’s. It’s pretty basic, I know– but I’ll be sure to do much more next week.

Comments? Concerns? Criticisms? Suggestions?

Do you think Giratina is peaceful? Did Cyrus invade its home, and it simply retaliated, or do you think that it would destroy the world if given the chance? Seems like a little complicated of a question, but hey!

  1. >So here we have a magnificent creature.

    *honking goose noises*

    Good article 😀 I imagine as creatures more tied to myth, the legendary pokemon don’t actually need realistic justification in terms of your biology section (ie the gold armour – I know you already mention it’s largely aesthetic, but musing on its defensive purposes feels hit and miss)

    1. Haha. xD

      Thanks! 😀

      Yeah, I just felt like the armor was worth mentioning for the fact it’d be useful in combat. xD But yeah– legendary Pokemon are pretty mythical and aren’t always sensible.

    1. btw, it seems you didn’t watch M11. The movie shows that Giratina can fly in its altered forme. I also think Giratina-O’s helmet looks more like a crown than in its altered forme.

      1. Giratinia can levitate in both of its formes– neither uses its wings for flight!

        I haven’t been one for movies though. xD

        Thanks however 🙂

  2. Great article as always.
    My interpretation of Giratina was that it was a Basilisk and the basilisk is often interpreted as evil. Which that led me to believe that Giratina was evil too. Also, its pokedex entry from Platinum and Diamond/Pearl classify it as the Renegade Pokemon, and Renegade, by definition, means: A person(or in this case, a pokemon) that deserts a party or cause for another, a traitor, deserter, BETRAYER, dissenter. I capitalized betrayer because I think that Giratina betrayed Arceus when he was creating all of the pokemon with an attempt to overthrow or kill Arceus, and was thus sealed away in the Torn World, where he has since saw the errors of his ways and felt a need to reconcile for what he tried to do. Which would further explain why he helped stop Cyrus in Platinum. Just my thoughts. And again, great read and since next Tuesday is OCT.30, why not do another Halloween-ish pokemon like Gengar or Cofagrigus or even Houndoom(who I think would personally be the most interesting), just to name a few ideas.

    1. Thanks!

      Nice thoughts! That’s pretty fascinating– I can agree with ya on a couple things there. Sadly, I don’t really try to get into the mythology much for these articles, but I think you’re pretty much spot on with that!

      You just listed one of the ones I’m doing. 😀

  3. There is a lizard called the Basilisk. It’s also called the Jesus Christ lizard as it runs across water to escape predators. 😀 I like random facts about stuff

  4. Hmm, I wonder if anyone else read how there are quite a bit of 6’s in Giratina’s design.

    That being said, looking at the most visible parts on the creature you mainly see the Legs, The neck rings, and the Red thorns on its wings.

    If you count them, they all add to 6. Put them together… 666
    Giratina becomes an Antichrist Pokemon. Coincidence It’s in the same Regional Dex as a “god” pokemon. Unless you just left out that part for decency. :’)

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