PJ Rewind – Pilot Edition!

It’s impossible for us to cover all Pokémon News that appears in the wild because there’s so much of it. PJ Rewind will provide a snapshot of news that we wouldn’t have otherwise covered from the week before. Look out for staff opinions and reviews, news from the archives and much, much more!

Welcome to the pilot edition of PJ Rewind! This first article will be used a test-run to see how well received the idea is and hopefully start a new feature. Remember, these are just quick brief snapshots, feel free to ask for me details (Also reviews/opinions won’t feature in this post, check back next week for staff opinions/reviews on BW2)! This week: BW2 sales, Pokémon Reorchestrated, Pokémon Papercraft.

[spoiler show=”BW2 Sales”]

BW2 Sales
Black & White Version 2 have been out globally for a little over two weeks now and already the sales figures from the two games are looking incredibly impressive.

The global sales total since release in Japan to October 13th was 4,215,171. Minus the Japanese totals that’s 1,420,360 copies sold worldwide. Pretty impressive! As of the same date Black & White have sold 14,370,042 copies worldwide, making it the fifth best selling Pokémon game of all time. The Pokémon franchise itself has sold 214.48 million games since it was released in Japan. See below for a fancy-pants mini info-graphic.


[spoiler show=”Pokémon Reorchestrated”] Pokémon Reorchestrated

As Pokémon fans at least some of you must be fans of the musical scores in the games. Recently Skotein has released Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony. The album which can be purchased online via iTunes features 35 tracks from the original First Generation games fully revamped, (re)arranged and orchestrated. Each track sounds absolutely awesome and brings back countless fond memories of playing through Red Version. Links to the official YouTube (with track previews) and social media sites, as well as the album on iTunes can be found below. I fully recommend this to any Pokémon fan.

YouTube // iTunes (US) (UK) // tumblr // Facebook


[spoiler show=”Pokémon Papercraft”]Pokémon PapercraftRecently Pokémon art/design has been showing up a lot online (something I will be covering in future posts), one of the simplest and possibly most effective are these origami Pokémon by Calico. I’ve added my personal favourites into the gallery below, but please check out the full gallery at Calico’s Origami Aquarium.


[spoiler show=”Snapshots”]Snapshots• 2012 Junior Division Challenge download for PWT available now.
• Pokémon.com releases a digital magazine for the BW2 launch click to read.[/spoiler]

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed this brief Rewind. In future they will hopefully have a bit more body to them and a bigger variety of contents. I’d be grateful if you could post opinions/ideas for the feature and I’ll be sure to add in any that are suitable! Comment!

Rewind Question of the week: Pokémon art. Do any of you do art or have a favourite Pokémon artist? We’d love to hear from you! See you all next week!

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