Generation 6 Speculation: The Starters

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We don’t know what the January 8th announcement will be, but it’s a pretty sure bet that no matter what Generation 6 will be launching this year or the next. All of us here at PokeJungle are pumped for the newest set of Pokemon games and we’re sure you are too! Before we get any hard facts, let’s take a look at what we think might happen, both in this article and through your comments!

Today, let’s look at the starters that we’ll have to choose from in Gen VI!

Grass Starter

[spoiler]As the grass starter always seems to be number one in the trio, it seems pertinent to tackle it first. The first five generations it’s had two sub-types; Poison in Generation 1 and Ground in Generation 4. Poison was an advantage for the most part as it eliminated some of Grass-type’s weaknesses, but the Ground pairing ended up giving Torterra a 4x weakness to Ice-type attacks. Ouch.

For the next generation, there are two type combinations that I’d love to see for the Grass-type starter that I’ll inevitably use: Grass/Rock or Grass/Electric. Both of these combinations reduce Grass-type’s weaknesses and also grant it some offensive OOMPH.  Unfortunately, Rock is strong against Fire and designers may feel that it would give the starter too much of an edge. The electric sub-typing is good against Water, but so is Grass, so there’s not that much difference there.  I think it could be a very interesting type combination that’s currently only held by Mow Rotom.

As far as the design goes… Grass-type starters have all shared a dinosaur-derived/reptilian look. Following my very hopeful Grass/Electric typing, I think an Apatosaurus may be a good design cue. It’s name was even originally derived from ‘Thunder Lizard’, it goes perfectly! Meganium does share a somewhat similar look, but there’s a lot of room to incorporate different plant species which could totally change the design from Generation II’s Grass-type starter.[/spoiler]

Fire Starter

[spoiler]The Fire-type starters have had a 3 generation run of Fire/Fighting typing.  That needs to change. Although it really isn’t all that bad, it’s gotten really really stale. Charizard also had the interesting Fire/Flying typing, but it did get a painful 4x Rock-type weakness.

What would be best going forward?  I think if it has a sub-type (plain ‘ol Fire would be fine with me) the best options would be Fire/Steel or Fire/Dark. The first does have a disadvantage, a 4x Ground-type weakness, but does get a lot of resistances.  A nice trade-off in my opinion.  The second typing would give the starter no double weaknesses and a pretty decent spread for coverage.

So what may the design be based off of…? Fire-type starters actually have a running theme of the Chinese Zodiac.  We’ve seen a Dragon (Charizard), Rat (Typhlosion), Rooster (Blaziken), Monkey (Infernape), and Pig (Emboar), but what we don’t have are an ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, horse, ram, or dog. I would have to assume that one of these animals will be featured in Generation 6. A steel sub-type could be added in to fit almost any animal, as could dark.  I see a tiger as being the most logical choice as it fits the aggressive look of most of the fiery starters.[/spoiler]

Water Starter

[spoiler]Water has had two very interesting sub-types; Ground and Steel. Otherwise it, out of the three types, has remained without a sub-type the most (3 out of 5 Generations). Ground was beneficial as it left it with only one weakness, but it was a rather painful 4x weakness to Grass-types. Steel was even better, leaving it with only 3 weaknesses and a host of resisted types.

In Generation 6 I think that there definitely needs to be an interesting sub-type combination to keep things fresh. Water has a host of types it works well with and I think the three best would be Water/BugWater/Dark, and Water/Poison. None have more than 4 weaknesses and all could help the type in certain situations. Out of these I think the Poison sub-type would be most interesting.

Why do I think that? Because it’s a perfect opportunity! It’d be a great excuse to use the only venomous mammal, the platypus, as design inspiration for the line. Water starters have been a varied bag in their designs and I couldn’t come up with any solid line that connects them all (feel free to show me otherwise though!) so something like a platypus could fit in with relative ease. Their beaks also offer an interesting design element that goes very well with an aquatic theme.[/spoiler]

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the subject… so please leave a comment!

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  1. love the ideas pj 😀 some i would love
    grass vilociraptor
    fire tiger/wolf/ox (dont care which one as long as it isnt fire/fighting>.<)
    and like i said on MMC a water squid would be awesome

  2. i would love the water starter to be water fighting or water physic ! :3, i love the grass to be grass/electric or maybe a t-rex or hamster :3, fire/poison then it would be a snake. my idea is reptiles maybe water can be turtle

    1. i really like your idea for a t-rex grass starter. much cooler than my raptor idea actually XD and i can definitely see the fire being a snake because not only is it on the chinese zodiac but because its the year of the snake this year apparently

  3. more than likely if it is an ox it would probably be fire/fighting so hope its not I really could see the next fire starter being a dog though and for grass i see a grass/flying starter and it either being one of the 3 dinos listed Petinosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, or Haopterus and for the water type i too believe it will be a platypus

  4. I love starter speculation every new generation 😀 (though I hate the few morons who say “lets change the starter trio types to dark/psychic/fighting” gets more and more tiresome everytime and its obviously not likely to ever happen)

    Never noticed the Fire/Calender theme before. As I have been hoping for the past 2 Gen’s here are my dream Starter

    G: A toucan or a Flamingo. Grass/Flying (Dinosaurs evolved into Birds so it fits the theme, if only loosely)
    F: Ox. Pure Fire or Fire/Ground. (The Ox -or more specifically the Musk Ox- is my favourite animal, so if they stick with the calender theme I’m hoping for an Ox. I picture a Minotaur type creature fop the final Evo)
    W: PLATYPUS!!! Water/Poison (I have wanted this forever PLEASE make it so)

    Cool article, but I dont think a new Gen this year or even next is a “sure bet” its only been 2 years since B/W. There was a four year gap between R/S and D/P. Then another four year gao between D/P and B/W. I anticipate the announcement next week to be Gen 3 remakes…not that I would complain about either 😀

  5. I personally want a good excuse to use the Grass starter. I never do because I like attacking ‘mon. Grass/Fighting for me would be perfect.

    Fire/Rock is a cool way to go for a Fire type, and it would fit very well with the ox or ram from the Zodiac. I did like the Fire/Fighting glut though, they are my favourite types! But yeah, it really needs to stop this gen.

    Which leaves water with Water/Ice or Water/Flying. There are plenty of good arctic/antarctic sea creatures still to use, and plenty of good aquatic birds also. I personally would love to see a Heron, a Flamingo or a Goose.

    Grass/Fighting, Fire/Rock and Water/Ice(or flying)… that makes it so that every startaer is super-effective against the other two!

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to add- I wouldnt mind three more Elemental monkey lines! Panshock (Electric), Panchop (Fighting) and Panchill (Ice) are my favourite ideas.

      Oh, and gameplay wishes:
      -Pokemon following you around again (I loved that feature).
      -A massive overall to the trading system. I want to be able to trade more than one Pokemon at once, and also to be able to trade one pokemon in return for more than one. I have 168 Pokemon on Pokemon White that I want to keep, and I’m having to catch 168 Patrats and Purrloins in White 2 to be able to trade them all over. I need to do this quicker.

  6. Grass
    I think both /Rock and /Electric would be weird types for a grass starter. I think a part Flying, Fighting or Poison would be best, even though they’ve been done before on other pokemon, they just fit well as balanced starter types. I think a frilled lizard or some kind of pterosaur would be a good base animal.

    I’d be happy with anything that isn’t half fighting. Some good types would be plain fire, or part psychic or dark. A tiger would be the coolest choice from the chinese animals, but a more obscure one like the ram or the ox could prove interesting.

    For water I’d like to see a part ice or psychic type. A plain water type wouldn’t be so bad either. There are plenty of awesome sea creatures I’d like to see used, all of the water starters so far have been animals that live on land too (Tortoise, Alligator, Salamander, Penguin, Otter). A lobster family or some kind of squid would be cool.

    Anyways, all that said I’ll probably love whatever pokemon they throw at us in Gen VI.

    1. Technically, they’ve already used Penguin (Piplup) and Alligator (Totodile, though you can argue he’s a Crocodile). BUT, there are different verities of each animal in the real world, so it is possible that they may reuse some animals

  7. grass types are my favorite, that said, id love to see a starter that deals with some of grass type weaknesses.

    grass/steel would be grand, grass/rock could be fun

    id love to see a stegosaurus grass type. biggest hurtle though would be making sure it doesnt look like grotle was supposed to be apart of that line. that or a triceratops would be cool. high defense with decent attack

    fire, i dont mind the fire/fighting combo, that said something different needs to be done. fire/ground would be an interesting addtion, and if we stick with the zodiac theme could fit many. for me id like to see a fire/ground snake (with obvious poison moves) probably with high special attack.

    for water, id love to see a good water/fighting combo (which should have been the oshawott line) or a water/bug line. but i like the theme of x4 weekness to its apposing starter i have going. so water/rock, or water/ground. and intence looking hermit crab would be cool for both.

    so to recap
    grass/steel x4 weak to fire
    fire/ground x4 weak to water
    water/rock x4 to grass

  8. I’d still like them to change the types but knowing it won’t probably happen, they should at least do something different and give the starters a common type in the final evolutions: grass/ghost, fire/ghost, water/ghost so the cycle would still be the same but with something out of the ordinary.

  9. Grass/Steel proves to be quite useful. Minus a 4x weakness to fire, Steel cancels out loads of weaknesses and give sit immunity to poison.

    I’d really like to see a Fire/Dark starter. Houndoom is one of my favorites! Maybe they can release a half decent water/flying type. The new ones they’ve been releasing since Gen 1 have been horrible in almost every way.

  10. I would love to see for a grass starter a frog.
    Gives it room to become either Grass/Poison, Grass/Water or Grass/Fighting ( as most frog pokes we already have)

    For the Fire Starter, keeping with the Chinese Zodiac, a Ram would be awesome.
    Also it would dictate what starter would stay a quadruped, since there is always a quadruped starter : Venusaur, Meganium, Swampert, Torterra and Samurott. (Serperior would count to this but it has no limbs to speak off)
    Anyways, Flaming Ram plox! Typing possibilities include: Fire/Steel, Fire/Dark, Fire/Psychic. Fire/Steel would work best both visually and thematically since fire type starters are all about attacking and power.

    The water starter should be a bear line. Why? cause water/fighting polar bear.
    Pretty much sums it up xD (Secretly wanting a better polar bear pokemon than Beartic, visually at least)

  11. Guys, is the fifth gen grass starter serperior really still considered based off a dinosaur? I agree with all but that one. Anywho I like the idea of a huge brontosaurus pokemon larger than Meganium but is a grass/lightning type as the long neck would act as a lightning rod and power its electric type moves up. Another alternative would be a grass/fighting grass/dark t-rex or raptor type creature.

    I love the idea of the snake however serpirior was a snake and unless its final form looked like Volvagia from Zelda ocarina of time with a fire/ground typing im all but opposed. Out of all the zodiacs left I’d love a bighorn ram with a fire/steel typing. Rams are known to be intense mountain climbers why not give one with the ability to have magnetic feet that could walk up any metal wall? Ive always wondered why they have not done this yet.

    The water starter is always a dual land water type animal thats why only these ones could work: hippo (water,dark), salamander, sea snake(too recent), duck/heron, crab, platypus (water/poison), frog. Most of those have been done to death so my moneys on a vicious crustaceon, another water bird, an amphibeous komodo dragon looking lizard, or the much wanted platypus. More than likely the crab is to scary to have as a starter imo they always make the first forms adorable which sucks so my moneys on a type of water based lizard. Although: squirtle:beach, totodile:rivers, mudkip: swamp, piplup: arctic, oshawott:ocean, 6th gen: seafloor or lakes or grottos? Idk

    1. “dinosaur-derived/reptilian look”

      Snakes are reptilian. That being said, they did evolve during the late Cretaceous period so they did exist alongside dinosaurs :p

    2. There were a pre-historic snake with limbs, like Serperior. I think they’re based on pre-historic creatures like dinosaurs etc.

    1. We already have a Fire dog, It’s called Growlithe. Oh, and a Fire horse too. I’m not against the idea of using those animals again, but not with the same types.

  12. oh I like new Pokemon,if the GNE6 will come true,I hope…
    GRASS:Panda or Leopard Cat Pokemon,Although I know Spinda is a panda, but I prefer Chinese Panda.
    FIRE:I really don’t want to see the FIGHT type,I hope it is Lion Pokemon or Tiger Pokemon.
    WATER:I like sea creatures, but I think it is not the best of sea creatures,so I hope it is Water donkey Pokemon.

    I‘m sorry , because my English is poor.

  13. Im super excited for this big reveal on January 8th !! Im hoping its about Generation 6 because hasnt it been nearly 3 years since Zoroark was revealed for Movie 13 ?

  14. Ok so the U.S. Pokemon site also has a countdown to the 8th.This has to be about a new main series game, otherwise I don’t think that they’d hype as much!! I am so ready for generation 6!! XD

  15. Fantastic ideas here by everyone. My ideas would be

    A frilled large dinosaur like starter, almost like the dilophasaurs in jurassic park.
    ( fyi dilophasaurus’s didnt look like that in reality )
    It would end up being grass/poison or grass/dark and id love it to be a hard hitting starter, Fast speed but average defences.
    I could really see gunk shot being a perfect move for this pokemon.

    Keeping with the Chinese zodiac id love a tiger style or better yet slightly off the calander an ox/bull Minotaur like Pokemon. I love the idea of fire/rock and making the fire type a bulky pokemon with large attack and defences. Despite average-low speed and its large x4 water and ground weakness.
    Despite average speed i could see this Tiger or Minotaur using eruption. Or a devestating flare blitz.

    Elephant. I need a big bad elephant. Not a smaller donphan like elephant but a big 7ft+ beast. A water/psychic is a dream combonation for me but i could also deal with water/ice or water/steel again. As much as I want a fast water type starter sweeper, this elephant should have average speed, sp def and moderate but useable sp attack stat. But have a Huge Hp, large attack , and defence stat.
    A new hard hitting physical water type move ,should be invented for this beast. Roughly 100base attack power.Or water spout despite not being as powerfull but i could see it being a key move.


  16. I’d like to see 3 generations of water/fighting starters……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………kidding

  17. Regarding Fire, although I do think that a pure one would do the job, if they go for dual type anyway,
    I think the article missed a very interesting combination that is as complementing as the obvious ones we’ve seen so far:

    In fact its even never been used, which only makes it even more amazing.

    If they follow the zodiac, at least snake would fit that perfectly, and make quite a contrast to the pure Grass regal one we’ve just had.

  18. Grass
    Keep with the dinosaur/ reptilian design, I’d love if it was based on Coelurosauravus, and it’s type would be Grass/Flying.

    Well for ever I wanted to see a fire/dragon starter :3 so if there’s a new gen, I hope it be part dragon. AND no more fire/fighting pokemon please..

    This one is tricky, maybe something a long the lines of a Squid..although it be ugly as hell..or Polar Bear. Water/Poison Or Water/Ice .

    Maybe game freak will change it up and have completely different types for starters. If so I think Dark, Psychic, and Fighting, it be interesting. :3

    1. I like those ideas,especially the grass 🙂 The only thing is having a starter as part dragon type would be massively unfair to other starter pokemon. While the fanbase for a dragon-esque starter pokemon is high I doubt it would happen as the dragon type is ” rare” well ment to be rare 😛

      We can only dream about dragon starter pokemon 😀

      1. Thanks ^_^ Yea I know it would be unfair to have a dragon as a starter, what I meant was that the fire final evolution would be part dragon :3 Like when I first saw Charizard but no Charizard is only fire/flying D; like come on game freak its clearly a dragon !!

  19. Grass/Flying griffon
    Water/Fighting horse
    Fire/Rock frilled/monitor lizard

    Otherwise a grass dog starter just because that was an example sugimori said was “unrealistic”.
    the a water-elephant
    and a fire tiger

  20. Hmmm… I wouLd like a Grass/Dragon because I always think the final evolution of these grass starters look like dragons. And it would be the first combination of my two favorite types. for what it is based off of… How about a more of just a dragon not necessarily a dinosaur. That way they can leave it to the imagination.

    For fire… Going with the Zodiac or whatever… I doubt it would be a Snake this gen because of Serperior… I would like to see a less fierce more cute animal like a rabbit. Psychic Type. Or Tiger, still psychic type.

    For Water, I would bet my left foot it’s a platypus… I like the water/poison typing.

  21. I’d love to see Grass/Fire Fire/Water and Water/Grass, repeating each of the types as a secondary type, even if its final form.

    Grass fire could go down the dragon route, like being based off a snap-dragon flower, or else, something volcano based.

    Fire water would obviously be a steam based pokemon, and could be based off of Dogū statues or possibly a Lion with a firey and watery mane

    Water grass is again something that could be based off anything. Like a reed by a river. that would be awesome.

  22. The grass type is always a reptile; that means that I’m looking forward to it the most!

    Man, I might do a special Pokeology article if they reveal starters or a Pokemon like that.

  23. Yayy the international sites have stated to check their sites on Jan 8th! This pretty much confirms a new main game announcement. The question now is; R/S remakes or Gen 6?

  24. Grass idea
    My idea is a Pangola grass/dark. It has an average speed and health but defenses and attacks are high.
    Fire idea
    Keeping in the zodiac i would choose rabbit there is no many rabbit pokemon and maybe it is fire/ghost. Snake was already in gen v and i don’t want a snake starter again.
    Water idea
    A squid or platypus. Types is poison/water.

  25. I would love a Grass/Fighting Koala line, a Water/Psychic Dolphin line, and then a Fire Rabbit line.

  26. I haven’t even finished B2W2 and it looks like I won’t till like Summer time. Busy busy busy. And I hope it’s that and not that I’m losing interest in Pokemon, never!

  27. well on a completely different note from the types everyone wants i think that the types should be this:
    Water: Well for one I would want a Vaquita (look it up) it is like a shark and is endagered but really cool water dark would be a cool typing for it.
    Grass: a flying gecko. grass flying this animal are much like flying squirrels and can pretty much any surface. even smooth glass.
    Fire: a ligon as the biggest evalution it gose from tiger to tiglon to liger the biggest cat and also a hybrid cross between tiger and lion would be cool

  28. Maybe game Freak will mix the starter types with rumor starter types (Fighting, Psychic, Dark). It could go like this:
    Or something like that.

    1. Definatly this would make me happy 😀 Good typing and it shows that theres a little bit of input to please some fans out there that wanted to mix it up 😀

  29. So Starter!
    Water: It’s about time we get a Dolphin starter! Water-fighting type!
    Fire: Lion or Tiger would be good! Fire-dark or steel
    Grass: Koala or Bunny-rabit or Pegasus type! str8 grass or grass-flying 😀

  30. Okay now a serious comment on the matter.

    I see the approach this article took was by pondering about secondary types first and then tack on what could fit. While I tend to do that myself, I’m pretty sure that is not how it works at Gamefreak xDDD
    The design and inspiration are priority, also a sense of balance contrast an diversity between the three as a group.

    The secondary types are probably rather just added where appropriate or where it doesn’t feel forced but adds a bit of epicness.
    I mean, sure. After Sinnoh went full party on this bit, people have been going wild with proposing combinations that would be the main attraction, especially the waaaay overused (in the fakemon community) Psy/Fight/Dark thing, which I find utterly boring to see on anyones fake starters at this point. Its been tried to death and its not even that great in practice.

    Lets take a look at what really went on til now:
    GEN I : Poison – Flying – /
    Poison on Grass was almost a norm at the start and a combination that is quite self-explanatory.
    If something gains wings, obviously you’ll make it Flying.
    So basically nothing fancy here, no special thoughts invested into whether there should be extra types.
    GEN II: / – / – /
    Ah the one gen that had all pure. I don’t think it’s a special case however. It just wasn’t necessary. What I mean is, if Meganium gained wings theyd have made it Flying, so Im sure the mindset about this was still the same as gen I.
    GEN III: / – Fighting – Ground
    Suddenly, exotic types.
    Here did we get types that people actually notice. I tend to think of them as a counter to having Grass/Poison in GEN I like its the most obvious and complementing combo said type could have.
    I mean, Fire and Fighting, the word that comes to mind right away is offense, while Water and Ground feel like the most natural thing to combine just the same.
    So yeah, things got interesting, but in a symbiotic manner..just adding the fitting “physical” side to the elemental main type.
    GEN IV: Ground – Fighting – Steel
    HERE secondary types became a main attraction. Each of the starters getting one, each of them an awesome one. I mean Steel is a viable option? It didn’t even exist at the beginning lol.
    GEN V: / – Fighting – /
    Back to basics, obviously.
    They took a bold step back, and even with the only combo thats in there, it happens to be exactly the one thats just been repeated due to blending so nicely. Although I know by now every single pokefan is saying “jesus christ enough already.” But I think of it right now as “hey, it was probably just a matter of pure or Fighting, which was a 100% fit to its concept anyway.”
    So gen V, did nothing breathtaking here, just like gen I/II.

    If youve been reading along, you might have realized that they don’t just throw out flashy exotic types without a good reason.

    While I think that what we’ve seen so far, have all been viable possibilities for any of the types they didn’t get used on yet
    Poison, Flying, Fighting, Ground, Steel
    I’m quite convinced that several types will not be added to this list anytime soon (along with Normal which is basically the default type and doesn’t make sense as secondary)
    Bug, Ghost, Dragon
    Because the starters are always land-dwelling great looking creatures. They have distinct personalities an something pet/bro-like about their appearance. A freaky insect, something undead, or as mythic as Dragons… will probably stay away from the first pokemon you choose to start your adventure with.
    Ice, Electric
    The extra types have all been things that don’t clash with the main types for attention.
    I’m not entirely sure how safe it is to assume this, but IMO Psychic falls into this category too.

    One secondary type I only recently started doubting in is DARK.
    (FYI: Dark is originally named the Evil type due to its focus being mean attacks, unfair and dishonest tactics, cheating etc.)
    An argument for this might be Emboar. Being based on a pig-demon from the same chinese story as DBZ is based on, I would think they would have made it Dark if they considered that to be completely fine. But they went for Fighting another time instead.

    So in the end, I guess the point I’m trying to make is, don’t get too excited for something crazy. Obviously they might really tack Fighting on Water or Grass for a change…but it all depends on what designs they picked first and foremost. Same for say Flying, or Poison. I’d love to see either of those on starters 😉

    1. Now for a real comment here, I think they should mix it up a bit more. Sure they did poison – flying on a starter. That was all well and good,but they done it. Time to move on .Realistically having a decent secondary typing 99% of the time is something most fans want. I totally agree with you on the types you have listed as ones that seem as ”flashy” types bar the ice and bug type’s wouldnt fit on a starter pokemon.

      The dark type being ”evil” has nothing to do with anything on a starter pokemon. People or kids are not going to not choose it due to a type that is considered evil. In fact the majority of people probably would enjoy the added dark type pokemon to the dex. And before any comments about dark pokemon not looking ”cute” or small and fuzzy, we have zorua and poocheyena who are considered mean yet are ”cute”.

      I dont understand how you simply think that types are or arnt slapped onto a pokemon just because of what they are based on and chosen from. You cant honestly tell me when gligar was made then they thaught ok its going to be able to ”fly” so lets do a completly mad move and go for a flying/ground type. Then for your arguement to say flashy secondary types are not added unless they are necessery. Because come on flying/ground is not necessary.

      1. Yea, I have had a fakemon starter that turns Dark for a long time myself. I’m not gonna say that its impossible we get a /Dark starter (unlike the other ones I mentioned), I just think that gamefreak would have done it already if they were okay with it, so I will assume it unlikely until I see it happen.

        Not for pokemon per se man. I’m talking explicitly about starters here, because they come about in a much longer process and are given way more thought and care.
        I’m not sure I get what you wanna say with the Gligar example.
        But obviously they’ll make an Electric Pokemon for the sake of having more Electric Pokemon etc.

  31. Oh and IVe also had this crazy idea lately about Grass starters and their constant reptile basis..

    As you know, Fire changes to completely unrelated creatures in the animal kingdom (which happen to be featured on the chinese zodiac so far, but Im not sure whether that’s intention or just random) and simialrly Water is more versatile too.

    What if they merely intended for Grass to change at a slower pace for some philosophical reason LOL
    Like, imagine the next one being a bird-reptile link based, and then for 2 gens or so, two more birds as Grass starters, afterwards shifting further into mammalian kingdom perhaps etc

    I don’t even take this serious myself, but thought Id share it anyway xDDD

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