Generation 6 Speculation: New Pokémon


It’s official, the January 8th announcement is a global announcement… not unlike the one which ultimately revealed Zekrom and Reshiram to fans across the world. Our speculation continues today, this time considering what new Pokémon we might expect in “Gen VI”.

Design Inspirations

[spoiler]» So, what real world animal hasn’t already been used as some sort of inspiration for a Pokémon? Although there are already over 650 of the latter there are still a lot of untapped real world creatures that haven’t been drawn from. Included in these are a lot of unique insects, plants, and mammals which can be found all over the globe. For example, why not a ‘sea sponge‘ Pokémon? Couldn’t be worse than Luvdisc, right? While on the subject of marine life, how about a Yeti Crab inspired pocket monster? I’d also like to see another snail, Macargo is awesome and all, but its typing left a lot to be desired.

» Of course, we don’t just want real life animals re-purposed into Pokémon, there needs to be some original ideas in there as well.  Drawing inspiration from some Japanese folklore would be a treat (ala Golduck as a take on the Japanese Kappa). As was mentioned in some rumors long ago, I am still waiting for my haunted umbrella monster! Another good example of a folklore-inspired Pokémon is the oft-forgotten Dunsparce and its snake-monster origins.

» As to what else could come, that remains to be seen. Many of these ideas will simply come from the minds of Game Freak employees and there’s no predicting what they’ll come up with.  I certainly didn’t expect to see anything based on an ice-cream cone.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]» One of the key parts of the Pokémon franchise has always been the various types, such as Grass, Fire, and Water. Part of the series’ strategy is solely derived from the combination of a Pokémon’s typing and the moves which it uses against its opponent which can take advantages of strengths and weaknesses. There are some unused type combos at this time which would be great to see in a new generation of Pokémon games.

» Although polar opposites, Fire/Water and Fire/Grass could both make for interesting pocket monsters. An oil spill on fire and a burning tree? Fire/Poison is another combo that hasn’t been used either; lots of missed potential.  Another type pair that hasn’t gotten any love is Electric/Psychic, a pretty fearsome set that might have lightning rods shooting between twistedspoons. Wouldn’t want to meet that beast in a dark alley. Others include Rock/Dragon, Poison/Dragon, Grass/Ghost, the list goes on… so many ideas left!

» Finally, what about a brand new type? Because I run this website, I’ve seen a lot of commenters express wishes for and against the idea of adding something new into the mix. While I think a ‘Light’-type may be a hard sell, I’d love to see a ‘Cosmic’-type which takes more design inspirations from stellar sources. Deoxys could also be retroactively added into this new type.  Yes, no? We already have moves such as Cosmic Power and Meteor Mash, it’s conceivable that the creators have their minds in intergalactic places already.[/spoiler]

New Ideas

[spoiler]» Another important aspect of the series is evolution. It will be interesting to see if any new features get added into this part of the game and how it would change the way we play. Generation II introduced new evolution-stone based lines and also happiness evolutions. Generation V also added an interesting evolution which required two specific Pokémon to be traded wirelessly. There have also been many evolutions which could only be triggered if the target was holding a very specific item. What’s next? Could we see Pokémon fusions?

» We’ve also had downloadable Pokémon which are only available at retail locations, but what if there were location-based evolutions that made you travel to a real world store just so your beloved Pokémon could reach the next stage?! Sounds farfetch’d, but anything’s possible…[/spoiler]

Hope that the discussion keeps going! Your ideas for starters had me intrigued and many of them were better than my own 😉 Perhaps Nintendo will ‘borrow’ a few for Gen VII? We can only hope…1

<3 Jungle

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  1. I love the design of Pokemon, so I always look forward to the new Pokemon.
    For example:
    1.according to the different of mouth ,hummingbird evolved into a Toucan and woodpecker.
    2.The stick insect can evolve into a Kallima inachus, because they can mimic.
    3.Grass and Ghost type,I think we should see a pumpkin.
    4.Water/Flying and Fire/Flying type,respectively corresponding to the peacock and cassowaries. Legend of cassowaries can eat coals, peacock somehow give me a feel for the water.
    5.The werewolf. I feel the official did not design a real wolf, we can let the wolf evolved into a werewolf, type is Ice or Ice/Fight.
    6.Fossil. I like dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Coelophysis and other characteristics of the dinosaurs.
    7.Folk legend. I feel very interesting folklore, German folklore of the sand man, we can let the sandglass evolved sand man.Type is Ground/Phychc.
    8.Inanimate objects. I want a building block(Rock/Eletric), nut(Steel), and of course the wall clock(Steel/Ghost).
    9.The ocean, I love it. There are a lot of animal has no official design. Such as the sea urchin, squid, sea cucumber, sea anemones, and a variety of interesting fish. In addition, they should design a swordfish as the fastest water attributes, rather than Starmie and Floatzel.

    Although say so much.
    I may be disappointed, in January 8th.´・ω・`

  2. i want my dolphin pokemon already D: also a centaur would be cool imo psychic/fighting maybe????

  3. There are 1,740,330 species desribed by scientists in the world. At a rate of 120 Pokémon each generation, and three years in between each gen, that would mean that they can put out 14503 generations in a span of 45000 years.
    Bring it on Nintendo!

    1. Plus the inanimate objects! They’ve done things such as a ball (Voltorb), pine cone (Pineco), the Sun and Moon (Solrock and Lunatone), balloons (Drifloon and Drifblim), and even ice cream cones (Vaniluxe line)! The possibilities are enormously unimaginable!

  4. i whant a fighting/ flying type i designed one myself and called it brawlair. i also whant some coll flying types like braviary not like crappy unfezant and i want some cool water types the swordfish idea sounds good. and i whant a dark/ psychic type. i think it would be cool to have more pokemon that evolve by trading with each other.

  5. I want an announcement along the lines of ‘Real life Pikachu has been created, get ready for real life Pokémon battles’
    That won’t happen though, haha
    Seriously though, a gen vi reveal internationally, what angle would they be paying though?

  6. I doubt anyone will read this due to the length haha 😛 But sure here I go 😀

    Good Lord No Pokemon Fusions Please. The Zekrom/Reshiram – Kyurem is grand and leave it at that. It would be cool to yes ”fuse” pokemon or more realistically Breed 2 compatable yet different species of pokemon together. But imo that would seem a little too much for a pokemon game.

    Id also rather the type chart to stay the same. There are some good moves that would be compatable with the cosmic type if created but then the entire type chart would need to be altered to suit weakness’s and strenghts. 😛 Im A-ok with what we have 😀

    Bring on a few new type combonations. For example Id love to see a fire/ice pokemon. 🙂

    A new idea id like is to have the same pokemon, eg my fire/ice type above…. But have an alternate apperance/forme (eg spinda/unown style) and have it Ice/fire. Just having its apperance changed by a swapped primary type same base stats and all. I wouldnt mind how they did it eg ice/fire in the north and fire/ice in the south etc.

    And I would love to see more pokemon rivalries eg seviper-zangoose. I dont mind if there not based on a real life counterpart animal or not. Back in generation 1 when I was a kid I always imagined Gengar and Alakazam to have a bitter rivalry. Just because they were in some way similar. Now I AM NOT saying all similar pokemon should have a rivalry but the odd one or too should. There in game rivalry could either make the rival pokemon appear more often in the wild to battle or during battle your pokemons stats are raised when facing the rival pokemon. Just an idea 😛

    Also as much as I dont want too many massive changes one word should say it all ..HM’s. Give pokemon abilities for Goodness sake. Decently sized flying types can fly, Realistically useable/sized Water pokemon can surf/dive etc. This or just allow HM’s moves to be forgotten. That way I have no beef with them haha.

    If anyone read that there, thanks for reading it and giving me your time. I assure you I read all comments on this haha 😀

    1. Did read it all 🙂 I like your thoughts, especially about adding more little touches such as rivalries. There aren’t really that many defined relationships between species besides a few who have evolutions related to them or whatnot.

      1. Haha thanks man, I wrote another big essay like this in the starter pokemon idea yesterday lol. Heres hoping we get some good news on the 8th. Ps Happy new year 🙂

    2. I had a nice idea that the HM system could be repkacedbwith field moves, like in Pkm Ranger. Each pokemon would have a different “field moveset”. You would have to have a certain badge for the Pokemon to learn certain field moves. This way they can introduce new ingame obstacles, like burning logs to be doused for example. The overworld effects some abilities have could be transferred into field moves too.

  7. I would love to see an Origami Pokemon, its base type would be normal but depending on how it evolves it could gain a different form and extra type ?

    I wonder if well get evolutions for previous Pokemon ? Because we had the first gen with all the Pokemon obviously unrelated to the other gens because they werent released yet XD Then the Second gen gave us evos and pre evos of the first Gen, then the Third Gen appeared and had pokemon completely unrelated to the previous generations except for Azurill and Wynaut, then the fourth gave us evolutions of the previous and Gen 5 gave us 150 completely new unrelated Pokemon again so maybe well finally get some evolutions and pre evos for pokemon who are part of the previous Generations ?

    1. I had a similar idea. Sindoll. It’s just a plain boring doll, but get it to a certain level (like 20ish) and get it to hold one of seven items, and it evolves into a doll depicting one of the deadly sins. Theyd each gain a new type on evolution, and this way we’d get rid of some Normal type combinations we still have.
      Wrath: Normal/Fighting
      Lust: Normal/Poison
      Pride: Normal/Dragon
      Greed: Normal/Dark
      Gluttony: Normal/Bug
      Sloth: Normal/Ground
      Envy: Normal/Steel

  8. That origami idea is quite good I like that 🙂 I keep getting images of a white porygon made out of paper haha 😛

      1. What are you talking about ? Whatever you posted your name appears under your comment. Dont go around saying people stole your comment. In fact everything I wrote was before you even commented or saw this topic in the first place. Please double check your mistakes BEFORE you accuse me of that again, because watever you did was wrong.

  9. this is a long message, so thanks in advance if you’re about to read it.

    i love some of the idea’s that people have been commenting with, anyone of those would be awsome in this game. For me personally, from the time i was a kid, i always had this crazy idea…

    A wolf pokemon. It can evolve in almost all ways, and it’s base type would be fighting. So imagine this, expose it to an electric stone and it becomes a fighting/electric type, train it up during the day and it becomes a fighting/pyschic type or give it a moonstone for it to become a fighting/dark type. Take it to a mountain (which all games have) and train it, during the day on that mountain, it evolves into a fighting/rock type and if you train it at night on that mountain it becomes a fighting ground type. Any mix of fighting/… Could be possible. But that’s a silly idea though, just a dream of mine.

    But in all honesty, i would love for a 3d without glasses view of certain pokemon battles, like gym leaders, the eilte four, maybe the rival/s. If the game comes to the 3ds, that would be awsome, but not every battle should be like that, otherwise it will get boring. New typing of pokemon from the list they already have would also be cool, a fighting/flying combo or maybe a dark/fire combo, those would be cool imo.

  10. Honestly, whatever this turns out to be, i just hope it does not dissapoint. Can’t wait for more information to leak and then Pokemon/Gamefreak/Nintendo threatens to shut down all the pokemon fansites for posting that copyrighted information and then we are left with nothing, so PJ graciously posts a description of all the pokemon in words so we have some idea as to what they look like. ^_^

  11. Well i think we need more Evolutions to old pokemon generation V including new pokemon but no new evolutions to old pokemon i think certain pokemon from each generation need a evolution’
    Tauros(FInal and pre)
    Lunatone and solrocK(Final by trading)
    Absol(final and pre)
    Pluse and minu(Pre Depends on day or night)

    1. Well, your post gave me an idea. How about two different Pokemon evolving into the same pokemon? It’s like branch evolution, but reversed. Lunarock and Soltone evolving into the same Pokemon.

  12. I have an idea that this may not be a new generation, but a remake of RSE. It seems too early in the timeline to set off a new generation. The past few generations have followed a trend with the releases. 2002/2003 brought Ruby and Sapphire to Japann and US respectively. 2006/2007 brought Diamond and Pearl to the same locations, and recently, 2010 and 2011 brought us Black and White. This announcement could be a new generation, no doubt about that. But I have a feeling they won’t be breaking the trend for the next generation. I’m kind of split between a new generation and the RSE remakes. More leaning towards the remakes, but I’ll still be open to the release of a new generation. Figured I’d put my thoughts into this.

  13. Sadly i do not see a six generation coming yetbut i would love to see a couple new types like cosmic light and one you guys would not think of a kinda gravity type strong against flying and fighting though it is kinda like psychic it could be cool.

  14. So? Ghost can damage effectively other ghost as well as physchic
    just like dark. On a side Note here are pokemons that need to evolve: Lucario (with a mane and armor), Pinsir , banetee, Dunsparce, Corsola, Mawile, Sabeleye Shuckle, Liepard, a draconian emolga, A draconian Pachiursu,Maractus And for eevelutions: A grifiin like flying type, A harmony type with musical notge on its torso that make a tune and amusical bar tail, and finally, a light type fennec fox with a light bulb tail! I hope this is not to much gamefreak.

  15. mutated type. in my mind it makes sense for a new type. first because its “mutated” it would explain why there is suddenly a new type. second with evolution via so many means “mutated” would make sense, and be easily accessed.

    it could have some natural weaknesses to other types, poison (because of the mutations its natural immunities are down) grass (many cures can be found in nature) fire (because burning stuff is a clear way to deal with a mutation) mutation (what better way to battle a mutation than to mutate it further)

    it could be resistant to, as well as its attacks could be strong against; normal (its mutated so it will take more than the “norm” to deal with it) psychic (its mind is mutated to not be as accessed as before) dark{or evil as it is in japan} ( a mutation is at times not at all about evil)

    also resistant to fighting (because some mutations you just cant fight)

  16. Pistol Shrimp! A good Fire/Water type right there.

    I’d personally love to see a greater expanse of environments and pokemon related to them, like a bunch more deep-sea bioluminscence-related pokes aside from chinchou and lantern, or move towards things like birds of paradise.

    What I liked about fifth gen was that something didn’t have to be the type of its environment in order to live there, like darumakka or the cactus thing in the desert, or stunfisk in the water. I think that similar designs along those lines will allow for a greater diversity of typing!

  17. Here are a few ideas for possible new Pokemon that I have had bouncing around my head for a while:

    Grass/Water seaweed/kelp
    Ground sandy wildcat/caracal
    Water retriever/poodle
    Fighting/Flying acrobat/gymnast with gender differences
    Ghost/Rock tombstone/statues
    Steel/Water pipelines/valves
    Bug/Ground earwig/termites

  18. Mkay this may become a little tl;dr, but here it goes!

    First and foremost, I want a Dolphin Pokemon. I want it to be Water/Fire and also based off of steam. The blowhole could produce steam or maybe even it’s fins can be vents that release steam, but I think it is the perfect way to introduce the Dolphin.

    I want a Bug/Dark as well. There are so many creepy crawlies that reside in dark spaces, there just needs to be a Pokemon based off of that concept.

    I would love to see a Grass/Ghost Pokemon based off of a Weeping Willow. It just makes sense because the tree is “weeping” and a ghost could be weeping. It could form when dead people’s spirits bind with trees energy or something idc I want it.

    There needs to be an Electric/Fire Pokemon that is based on the concept of an engine. The Fire created by, say, eating berries and food causes the Pokemon to not only produce extreme heat but also a build up of electricity.

    There needs to be an Aye-Aye Pokemon. It needs to be creepy and hard to look at but amazing. I think it would be a good Dark Pokemon since it is Nocturnal. Maybe another Dark/Grass, or even Normal/Dark.

    Ice/Fire could be based off of an igloo. People build fires in igloos so they could possibly work that in somehow. If not Ice/Fire for an igloo Pokemon, they definitely need to have like a turtle or something with an igloo on its back.

    Steel/Ghost NEEDS to be done. It would be so much fun to play with. I’m thinking it be based on a haunted suit of armor. Or maybe based around a cursed weaponry. I want it. Now.

    A Fire/Poison Pokemon would be so cool. It would just light the flammable toxins it has, or could be based on fossil fuels, tar or even the process of burning rubbish like they do at dumps.

    A Pumpkin Pokemon definitely needs to happen, and it needs to be a Jack-O-Lantern-esque Pokemon because that would be the best excuse to have a Grass/Fire Pokemon. The fire is based around the candle!

    Electric/Psychic is a must because it just seems so easy to make! So does Electric/Dark and Electric/Fighting. They just need to happen.

    I want a Hummingbird Pokemon. Grass/Flying or maybe even Steel/Flying (with a sword or javelin or spear as its beak.)

    Ice/Rock seems so easy too. And a Psychic/Dark Pokemon. And Fighting/Flying. And Fighting/Dragon. And Fighting/Ghost.

    OH I want more mythological Pokemon. Griffin, Sphinx, Gorgon, Kelpy, Leprechaun, Elf…I want it. Please can I have it?

    Also, no new types. Disgusting thought, there has been too many generations. I do however want a proper Vampire Pokemon. And for pete’s sake I want to a Dark gym and I want the Elite Four to have Electric, Normal, Flying and Grass. The only types not used in the Elite Four.

    I want different evolution methods, but I do not want new stones/items for trading, etc, etc. And I want more mechanics that make the game appealing to play after you have already beaten the games. And something different. I want all of the same in a different way. Y’know?

    Oh and please please please give me Platypus and a Koala. Koala could be Normal/Poison. They’re poisonous to eat because of the eucalyptus, don’t ya know. And a Peacock, definitely a Grass/Flying. Oh you could go Steel/Flying and make its tails look like some sort of war weapon. And I want a Saber Tooth Tiger fossil Pokemon with Icicle teeth. Ice/Rock. 😀

    Mkay and Pokemon that need evolutions: Absol, Male Combee, Ledian, Chatot, Sableye, Mawile, Chimecho, Corsola, Dunspace (Normal/Dragon DO ET), Eevee.

    And I wanna see babies too. I didn’t have any evolutions/pre-evolutions this last gen, I want them the next gen.

  19. Even though I’m not sold on the gen 6 idea yet…I have to say I am super excited for it 😀
    I have no doubt that the starters will be awesome. I just pray Fire/Fighting goes away for a bit. Platypus is what I’m praying for water-wise.
    For the legends I don’t really know what the theme could be. I’m hoping for something like sin/virtue or just some random giant creature that somehow built the world ala Groudon.
    For the pokemon that I hope get an evolution…I would have to say Dunsparce is at the top of my list. Others include: Sandlash, Dodrio (imagine all the heads), Jynx (she was robbed in gen 4), Eevee of course, Octillery, a bug/water alternate of Masquerain, Maractus, and Audino.
    As for animals/plants not used yet….I’d love to see things like a water beetle, koala, bamboo, pumpkin, and prolly Dolphin the most.

  20. Just a random thought, but what if they based the next game around the starters, like they were even more special than usual and had some important role in the story, and they had to be in your party… Does anyone agree?

  21. That’s one quality stream right there. Keyhole TV with the sound turned down and someone speaking over it who can’t even pronounce Pokémon.

    Also you’re all insane. It’s only been 2 years and a few months since B&W1 were released in Japan. Judging by past trends it’s unlikely we’d get any information about a new generation for atleast another year

    1. I think it makes sense. We’ve had major releases 3 years apart for RB->GS->RS and then four years apart for RS->DP->BW when the remakes started coming. Without a remake three years would fit the cycle. It also stands to reason that the Genesect movie will feature a “new” Pokemon which would also suggest that a new generation of games will debut later this year.

      Zoroark was announced Feb ’10 and the games came out Sept ’10. It wouldn’t be surprising if we got a Gen VI hint now in preparation for its Autumn launch.

  22. Personally I think it’s too early for Gen VI, although I would love if it that were the announcement. I’m kinda hoping, however unlikely it seems, that the announcement will be for RSE remakes,:)

  23. If there were going to be two new types, My best guess would be “Solar” and “sonic” types.

    Solar would have to do with light waves/particles and radiation of luminosity and heat. Naming it “Solar” instead of “Light” gets rid of the confusion that it would be an opposite to “Dark”. Anything cosmic would fit into this category as well. Some Psychic and Fire-type moves could be changed to Solar.

    Sound would seem like a weird typing, but sound waves are essentially pressure. This pressure can be enough to cause nausea, internal bleeding, and brick walls to crumble. Combined with the ability to deafen, a new condition could be introduced that prevents a pokemon from listening to its trainer for a number of terms.

  24. I would really like to see an Evolution of Jynx and Mr.Mime, maybe the Jynx Evo will be based on an Opera Singer and Mr.Mime Evo based on Pantomime ?

    Also been thinking would anyone like to see a Ghost pokemon based on the white sheet and chains idea? XD

  25. Im really intrested now that its been announced almost globally. I wasnt to sure about it being gen 6 but I think its definatly a high possibility now.

    Im not to sure about RSE remakes still…I mean we can still play them effectivley but I guess it is a bit outdated graphics wise. I dunno I wont mind the remake but with the hype they put out I want it to be more then that for a main game.

    Totally excited!

    1. I think the RSE remakes are not so much that we can still play GBA games. But more so we want to play them with the Physical/Special split plus all the new moves (and to a lesser extent Pokes) introduced in Gen 5. Also, ease of transferring Pokemon from RSE to B/W. It can be done now but it is a tad tedious

  26. A new type is REALLY unnecessary and I am highly opposed to it.
    On a similar note the conversation about a new type (be it light/digital/virus/cosmic etc etc) gets more dull with each new generation announcement

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