Pokémon Smash – Live Stream, Updates and More! (FINISHED)

UPD: So, it seems that Smash didn’t actually tease or reveal anything today, but instead simply increased the excitement for the announcement on the 8th. As always we will bring you news as and when it happens so keep checking back!

Pokémon Smash is airing in Japan shortly, and a possible big announcement is right around the corner. There are several possibilities as to what Smash will reveal, but it’s likely related to the global announcement on the 8th of this month.

Assuming it’s something brand new, whether an entirely new Sixth Generation or remakes of the Third Generation games, it’s likely we will see a teaser of something. If this is the case we could be shown some new silhouettes for either brand new Pokémon, or even old Pokémon; which would suggest remakes are coming.

ZephyrSonic’s Live Stream of Pokémon Smash

  1. There won’t be any announcements… they will only show their little battle tournament :I

      1. Ehhh it was to be expected. They are really hamming it up for the 8th which is tommorow in Japan time.

  2. Supposedly they showed a mudkip and torchic and some gen 3 stickers or something. Hints?

  3. Gen 6 is coming.
    The region map will be shaped like a helix.
    Colress returns but is an older man who has is trying to recover codes in eevees dna to create a nameless all type.
    Sort of a play on the tcg rainbow energy.
    The protagonist are 17.
    A type of join avenue will return and during that point you will be given the option to change clothes of your character and bike accessories and 3 types of running shoes.
    There are 3 major lakes on the left,middle, and right side of the helix
    Said to be creted when the sky met the earth and the sun fought the sea…
    There will be 100 new pokemon
    There is an evolution exactly like karrablast and shelmet but are not bug typed.
    There will be a trade evolution with a new item.
    A new item evolution like weavile and gliscor.
    The berry system is added, rare berries can be obtained online to plant that increase ev’s ( replacing the wing items)
    There are 14 gym badges.
    10 to collect pre elite four.
    4 to collect post elite four and the elite four re challenge will incorporate a whole differet facility than your first challenge and new amazing aesthetics. I cant wait for you guys to see whats in store

      1. I could definitely see most of it being true especially 14 gym leaders. Game freak seems to be expanding on that lately. Even if they are not true good ideas phanrom spoiler.

  4. And now we play the waiting game……….. UGH the waiting game sucks. Anyone up for hungry hungry hippos ?

  5. There will not be a new type though. Colress’s attempt’s are just plot. He wont fulfill anything in his own endeavors but will trigger a prophetic awakening between two beings.
    He is not part of an evil team.
    The new region is his home region.
    He will see potential in you and ask your help to collect pokedex entries on eevee and its 9 evolutions…

  6. There is an evil team but they are less important in the plot twist.
    You will end up teaming up with the evil team ( but dont confuse me, you will not join a team or have the option to)

    1. No source could possibly reveal that much information at once. U bein silly and making things up. Which is fine, but make sure people know you’re just speculating instead of stating fact 😉

  7. I love how I follow Pokemon news from Japan, but purchase things when they come to North America, so everything always seems so much closer together! 🙂

  8. I had a dream about this…in my dream it turned out to be a new spinoff. It was called Echo and it was some action RPG where you fought with swords and stuff and the Pokémon part was sort if irrelevant. I was pretty let down.

    1. Bringing swords into Pokemon battles might get grisly 😮

      I hate having dreams about getting new game info… and then waking up to reality 🙁

      1. I know what you mean. My brain keeps telling me it will probably be a remake but my heart wants generation 6 with a long awaited dolphin pokemon.

    1. I just looked at Pokebeach’s website and they seem to think so. Water pokemon master stated the coincidence between an eevee short before the Genesect movie and their is a trainer in the unova league (Japanese version) who has an eevee team. He also mentioned how it is on the 8th – 8 forms. Coincidence. Maybe. It could be the Blaziken of the 6th generation.

      1. In addition water pokemon master said that tuesday was an unusual date to have an announcement for game freak and the only way i can think for that is if the new episode that will air in japan on thursday might have an eeveelution in it. They might want to announce something beforehand.

  9. Colress must have discovered the first part of the unkown evolutionary branch of eevee when decoding the secrets of its dna?!! What type will it be? How many more things are hidden in eevees dna?

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