Speculation: New Eeveelution?


Thanks to NeoGAF for the image!


So this is interesting! It’s the logo for the Eevee short that’s gonna be featured alongside the Genesect movie. It’s a pretty standard logo, and it’s just the name for the short. But, there’s a little, interesting detail.


See how every letter corresponds to an Eevee? Each one matches the color pretty dang well, and then there’s that last, mysterious letter. Sure, the words themselves aren’t relevant to the Eevee’s, so it’s not like they’re naming all of them by the letters, but there’s something to consider here.

Every Eevee evolution is based off special-based types. Fire, Electric, Water, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Grass; all of them are special types. Know what the only type that’s left in the special category? Dragon. Know what color Dragon type is shown as? A light, purplish color with some hints of blue. That’s the exact color I’d say that last one is.

Sure, maybe it represents Psychic, but Psychic is normally a bright, hot pink. Not really a dim, bluish purple like this. So there is a good difference here.

Now with that difference in mind, they added a bow to fit Espeon in. They could have just made the last letter Espeon, but they added room for it. That’s kinda interesting, wouldn’t you say? The Pokémon are also ordered by generation, and it would be a bit odd for Espeon to be last, they simply could have coloured it differently to let it fit in.

Completely unworthy of being news, the American Pokémon company posted a trivia question that seemed oddly related to all of this:


Thanks to Simbo for the tweet.

Honestly, this tweet is a pretty normal tweet, and there’s almost no reason to talk about it. Still, it seemed oddly specific with all of the rumors floating around. There’s only two days to the big reveal, whatever that reveal may be; to post about Eevee rather than their usual trivia is kinda interesting. Keep in mind this is still pure speculation on our part. Thanks to NeoGAF again for the heads-up.


Hopefully, the announcement on the 8th clears up all this speculation; but we can say one thing for a fact: Pokémon isn’t dying, so thankfully, they’re not announcing the end.


  1. Holy cow! Thats so suspicious! I hope we do get a new eeveelution. Wow a possible dragon type cool. Amazing! I am so excited about the 8th i just cant wait!

  2. An interesting theory, but the letter shown corresponding to Espeon (the one that looks like a bow), is just that. A bow. It’s not a letter, it’s decoration.

  3. Sorry but, eeveelutions are about adapting to environment and surroundings. Dragon type doesn’t fit the concept of it.

    1. Not meaning to come off as rude, but technically that’s incorrect.

      Psychic isn’t part of the environment, in fact, a dragon type matches a mountainous environment. Where’s psychic type fit in? Plus, all of the types so far have been special types, not one has been one of the physical types such as rock, ground, flying metal, or poison. It can’t possibly be a coincidence.

        1. Still, it doesn’t fit into the supposed pattern of adapting to the environment.

          Every Eevee should be adapted to day and night, after all, it’s not like there’s only specific ‘day’ places on the planet. As well as the fact that Espeon doesn’t really adapt to the morning by gaining an eye and psychic powers, just being fair. The mainstream accepted theory on Eevee has always been the special types, but you could be right.

          1. Ok, if you’re saying I’m making this up look at the official dex entry:

            “Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving. ”
            “It has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment. ”

            Umbreon is an Eevee that adapted to night,so Espeon is a counterpart of it, which we can say that effected by the Sun more that any other Eeveelution, therefore gained Phychic abilities.

  4. Could be a new type even :3 with the last symbol it has stars maybe it could be that new type PJ was saying awhile back ‘cosmic’ I’m soo excited !!

  5. Eevee’s dex entry was reffreing to Leaf/Glace eon . Eevee evolves into espeon by beib=ng happy during the day. Eevee must be exposed to a firestone to eveolve int flareon. COMPLETELEY different. Eevee could easy into let’s say Dragoneon by leveling up in the dragon force Or a dragon den. And yes there could be a new type. My geuss is: Harmony, Light, Solar, Aura, ,and magic is likely.It fits the color scheme along with dragon and solar. GF could expand the title to some thing like this: Pikachu, and Spaceon, and Eevee friends with a dark purple S for Spaceon, or whatever color and name the eeveelution is.

    1. NO, Eevee’s dex entry was not reffreing to Leaf/Glace eon, because it is from Pokemon Gold Version, when and where those didn’t exist.

  6. Guys, on Bulbagarden Forums, it was said that it was apparently confirmed that the last letter represents Espeon. Here’s the link:


  7. About the bow controversy: I think the last letter corresponds to Espeon, and the bow represents the new eeveelution. My other option is that the two stars on the last letter corresponds to two new eeveelutions.

    Yay, I’m excited. :3

  8. did anybody seriously think they were ending the franchise? gen 5 was an entirely new beginning so why would a company that’s done so well stop right at the start of a new phase with a new system and countless more creative possibilities? anyone who thought that needs a reality check. lol

    1. I know right? I keep hearing “What if they’re announcing the end?!”

      It’s crazy, haha.

  9. I wonder what happens when you level up an eevee who is under the poison status in the battle it levels up in? Or holds the toxic orb? I guess we will have to wait in see what in store for gen 6
    It is also cold outside, i hope you all brought your metal coats

    1. I know what it is. it’s Sylveon the fairy type pokemon.

      I believe that you evolve eevee somewhere but i don”t renember
      where though i’m telling the truth i have seen the eighth eeveelution.
      of course not it can’t evolve in the poison stat or the toxic orb on an eevee.
      Phantom spoiler and there ain’t any dragon eeveelution who ever said that.

  10. But still Belmad,gamefreak decides. Not you. Eevee once again, evolves in different ways. Can you beat that? Now go sit in the corner and think about what you thought you could decide Leafeon and glaceon could easyily have been refrenced, like a future dex entry. I win.

  11. Just a thought, what makes a special type a “special” type? By the looks of it, the last letter corresponds to ghost-types.

    And for those of you who are thinking this in irrelevant, do you notice the timing? January 8th.There are 7 evolutions to Eevee (not including Eevee itself). And this announcement is on January 8th. 8th. As in, 8th evolution.

    But it’s all still speculation. Feel free to critique (or agree).

    1. It’s based on the types of the moves before 4th gen. Before 4th gen, all the moves of a single type fell under a specific category, either physical or special. Ghost, rock, ground, poison, flying, fighting, normal, bug, and steel were all of the physical types. The rest were special.

      That’s a good point honestly!

    1. But seeing as they are set in order of which generation they are from, it’s rather strange to see the “espeon” themed one at the end, isolated from the umbreon one.

      1. No they are not. The only order is the original 4 being on left and later 4 being right.

        Espeon is the last.
        It was never pink to begin with.

  12. Haha i love reading these comments! If i hasnt read the article i wouldnt have guessed a dragon type for a possible eeveelution but a space type (similar to deoxys) because of the stars….See if an eevee comes jn contact with meteor rocks what would happen? My guess has changed from dragon type to a new type that probably might not happen…(but its fun to imagine )

  13. Well, I do believe it might be a new dragon type eeveelution because of all the hype with Charizard returning for this film (I know Charizard is not a dragon type, but come on) and also Dragonite being included.

    Anyways, we will find out about this very shortly!

  14. Notice the end kanji, It’s kinda looks like a silverish color with two stars on the end. This silverish grayish color kinda reminds me of Eevee’s shiny color. It looks even more to that it represents a Shiny Eevee to me since of the fact that they are even stars there too , and that we know they like to represent shinys with a star marking.

    Besides, I still though hope we would get something like a 6th gen Pokémon out of this announcement even if it ain’t a new Eeveelution. That is if the big thing announcement is related to the 6th generation.

    1. That is a good point. 😀

      Yeah, that’s what I’m looking forward to as well. I’ll be happy with almost anything they announce though.

      1. There’s a shiny genesect in the movie, so a shiny eevee may fit..I think it’s the right interpretation..

  15. I’m thinking it’s for a new eeveelution.
    1. The letter: It’s shiny with sparkles, possibly referring to a shiny or steel type.
    2. The Anime: Currently there is a character in the anime named Virgil who uses all the eeveelutions and an eevee, my theory is that his eevee will evolve into a new pokemon in an upcoming episode.
    Further evidence is that Virgil recently appeared in the anime and is in the pokemon league tournament. Another similar character would be Harrison, who appeared in the Johto tournament where he used Blaziken, a Gen III pokemon.

  16. what about dual-typed eevee evolutions? or a normal-type evolution? or the start of a new trend with (formerly) physical types? i couldn’t help but notice that no one considered those possibilities so that will be my second contribution to the discussion. lol

  17. I highly doubt dragon type. Dragon is meant to be the “ultimate” type, so I don’t see it happening on an Eeveelution until possibly the last one. Even if they were based on previously special types, I don’t see any reason for them to NOT tap into physical types. Eeveelutions are popular and sell a lot of merchandise, after all. My guess is for poison or ghost.

    1. I’m excited as well! By tomorrow night we’ll probably know a lot more than we do now. 😀

  18. i´ve been thinking, the other trainer virgil the one with the eevee team is going to battle on the final against either kotetsu or ash ( hopefully ash, i´m not really a kotetsu fan) and his eevee is not sure what does he want´s to evolve into. Now i´ve been wondering why push the final until the 10th that´s a little more than 2 weeks!! and now i think i know why, could they have moved to the 10th to “maybe” avoid a new eevee evolution spoiler?

    1. If by “zu” you mean the last Japanese character, then why does the “espeon” one have those shiny stars? It seems kinda unfair to the others in my opinion.

  19. Not to be a downer, to me the last letter is the color of a shiny Eevee. And there are stars there, too.

    1. It is kinda, but if it were, then why is there no shiny eevee advertised? A shiny eevee isn’t something that should be kept a secret in my opinion, but I could be wrong lol.

  20. I honestly am conflicted with this because it makes no sense to put Espeon at the end, completely messing up the order especially because it has 2 stars on it but the color does match espeon’s. and the bow unfortunately, I believe represents nothing but a “space” although it would be super exciting to get any new eevelutions. I’m hoping the 6th generation is sort of a tie between unova and the rest of the regions because as I said before, it would be awfully weird to bring the 6th generation region back to near kanto, Sinnoh, johto and hoenn because that would essentially isolate unova as a standalone almost pointless region/generation. despite Cynthia and Caitlyn appearing in it. plus a rumor DID state that the 6th generation would be based on a world crisis which WOULD essentially bring all regions together in a sense. maybe not being able to travel to each individual region, but bringing together the “world of Pokemon”. nonetheless, I’m stoked for a new generation, as always.

    1. but after reading some of the comments and further analyzing it, I think it could be a shiny eevee. but I really hope that’s not it because for an international announcement, that seems rather bland.

    2. well Glaceon/Leafeon are in reverse order too, and the first 4 are a mess anyway, so its basically
      and then as they pleased.

  21. What if they introduced a dragon type Eevee to complete the special types, then added a new normal-type pokémon like Eevee but a different species, like a puppy or something, and started a new set of Eevee-like evolutions to do the physical types? There’s absolutely nothing that indicates they would do this, but I think it would be cool! It’s a stretch, but the two stars could represent the dragon Eevee and the new base pokémon because one is smaller and one is bigger, so one is unevolved and one is evolved.

    1. probably one of my favorite suggestions. plus it would be benifical to the creators lol as they love marketing these things.

    2. They didn’t deliberately choose “special” types for eeveelutions.

      Special types were the ones that were more energy/element related instead of being physical things.

      Eevee evolves when exposed to a strong energy source, gaining full elemental powers in the process.

      Both of these had a similar train of thought for choosing, but the latter is not a consequence of the former.

      In short, eeveelutions just happen to be special types because both are very elemental.

      1. well rock type and ground type are physical types and they’re pretty elemental, I’d even say they’re more so elemental than psychic and dark types.

  22. The preview of the episode BW108 shows eevee use iron tail. The new eevolutione is steel?

    1. Yeah, author was confirmed to be trolling. I know that I post rumors that are like that during the lead up to game launches, but I didn’t feel like giving him more attention for games that haven’t been announced yet :p

      1. ya i know , there are plenty of people who make jokes in this period of time, when something is going to be revealed. poor guys 😛 but i like your rumors the more 🙂 love them 😀

  23. The starters will be Grass/Flying, Fire, Water/Poison
    The legends will be about nature, with the epic mascots being Grass and Ground
    The villains are Team Gaia (their goals are similar but different in each version, one being pro-nature and the other anti-technology. Both are the first villains to use more natural oriented types instead of Dark and Poison, either focusing on Ground or Grass (like Sharpedo & Camerupt) depending on the version)
    The third legendary is Poison (but will get a pure Water form in the sequel)
    The traditional legendary trio are Ground, Poison and Ice types all with a secondary Dark type and are hidden in special underground caves.
    Many Hoenn characters show up during the plot because the regions are very close.
    This is so as to set up the stage for a Hoenn-game 15 years after RSE, which is the time these games also take place.
    There is of course a bunch of new Pokemon (~90) including a 3 stage fish, a Grass/Ground “Oddish-clone”, an Electric starter-like Gift pokemon, a Dark/Flying-bat, several interesting Ice combinations, an Electric/Psychic levitating Pokemon that looks like a galaxy, several exotic underwater Pokemon like catshark and underwater volcano, a 3-stage fossil that is Rock/Dragon, a freaky Bug pseudo-legendary… along with a few new evolutions too (Banette, Luvdisc, final Eeveelution, alternate Trapinch evo…) and babies (Skarmory, Torkoal, Tropius..), bringing it up to 750.
    But the casual roles are palyed by older Pokemon (Magikarp, Tentacool..) again, with barely any Unova pokes.
    The advenutre gives a lot more freedom, so the 1st and 8th gym are fixed, the other 6 can be challenged in any order, their levels simply adjust depending on your number of badges.
    There is an extra Normal gym at the beginning which gives you the badge case.
    Some of the interesting locations are a heavy industrial area (which also inhabits a Poison/Steel gecko->komodo dragon), several stone-henge like places, an abandonded lighthouse, a forest with 3 areas, a long snowy mountain that consist of 3 routes, a sacred Dragon mountain, a huge underwater diving area and a desert with “aquatic” looking Pokemon ‘swimming’ in the sand.
    There are some game mechanic fixes, like a more balanced type chart (most noteworthy being Ice resisting Dragon/Ground, and Poison being SE against Normal/Dark..)
    Stealth Rocks are nerfed, but more hazards are added (Burn and Paralysis spikes), along with new ways of getting rid of them.
    HMs now don’t need to be learned, you just need to have a Pokemon that can use them in your party when needed.
    Assist/Challenge are standard options from the beginning.
    Arceus’ formes now also have different stats, 120 HP, 120 speed, one 150 and one 130, with the rest being 100.
    I read this on pokebeach. Hope it is real.

    1. Love the pro nature and anti tech team, the type combos
      ! But i hope its fake. Poison SE against dark?? Wtf. Poison was a better type when it was SE against bug.

  24. Why does this picture start showing up everywhere NOW?????

    Where were you a month ago when we debunked that thing as inaccurate, duh.

    It does seem like we are getting an eeveelution, but the picture is simply wrong and not a hint to that at all.

    The exact same stylized title is on this page
    without the pink bow separating the 2 words.

    Espeon is purple. And the last symbol.

  25. Random thought
    Not saying I think were getting a dragon eevee evolution but if we do I hope the name is more along the lines of Galeon, Drakeon, Wyrveon/Wyreon, or Scaleon than the often said Dragoneon, Draconeon, or Drageon.

  26. im confused. Espeon is represented by the “bow” symbol. It’s not last its between Umbreon and Eevee.

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