Speculation: New Eeveelution?


Thanks to NeoGAF for the image!


So this is interesting! It’s the logo for the Eevee short that’s gonna be featured alongside the Genesect movie. It’s a pretty standard logo, and it’s just the name for the short. But, there’s a little, interesting detail.


See how every letter corresponds to an Eevee? Each one matches the color pretty dang well, and then there’s that last, mysterious letter. Sure, the words themselves aren’t relevant to the Eevee’s, so it’s not like they’re naming all of them by the letters, but there’s something to consider here.

Every Eevee evolution is based off special-based types. Fire, Electric, Water, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Grass; all of them are special types. Know what the only type that’s left in the special category? Dragon. Know what color Dragon type is shown as? A light, purplish color with some hints of blue. That’s the exact color I’d say that last one is.

Sure, maybe it represents Psychic, but Psychic is normally a bright, hot pink. Not really a dim, bluish purple like this. So there is a good difference here.

Now with that difference in mind, they added a bow to fit Espeon in. They could have just made the last letter Espeon, but they added room for it. That’s kinda interesting, wouldn’t you say? The Pokémon are also ordered by generation, and it would be a bit odd for Espeon to be last, they simply could have coloured it differently to let it fit in.

Completely unworthy of being news, the American Pokémon company posted a trivia question that seemed oddly related to all of this:


Thanks to Simbo for the tweet.

Honestly, this tweet is a pretty normal tweet, and there’s almost no reason to talk about it. Still, it seemed oddly specific with all of the rumors floating around. There’s only two days to the big reveal, whatever that reveal may be; to post about Eevee rather than their usual trivia is kinda interesting. Keep in mind this is still pure speculation on our part. Thanks to NeoGAF again for the heads-up.


Hopefully, the announcement on the 8th clears up all this speculation; but we can say one thing for a fact: Pokémon isn’t dying, so thankfully, they’re not announcing the end.