“Pokémon Direct”: January 8th; 8PM JST, 11AM GMT, 6AM EST


This is your last chance to guess what it’ll be about! At 8PM tomorrow in Japan (or 6am in the morning for those of you on the United States’ East Coast) all will be revealed! Or at least something. It’s set to be 10 minutes in length.  These are the leading ideas in the fandom as of now:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Gen VI games revealed
  • First Gen VI Pokémon shown
  • New Eeveelution debuts
  • Ruby/Sapphire remakes announced
  • First Wii U Pokémon game


Just giving you guys a new space to comment in 🙂 I’ve got 6 staff members itching to post the details as soon as they hit! If you want to follow the LATEST breaking news without being at this site all day long make sure to add us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

<3 PJ

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