We Proudly Present: Retry Level

Long ago, back in the year 2013, Samual (moving), Sam and I discussed our mutual love of gaming outside of Pokémon and talked about opening a site that covered all gaming news. Although I bought the domain in March of last year, I didn’t start working on it for several months. We opened up the … Read more

Important Upcoming Changes at PokéJungle!

Hey everyone, just a quick note to the community! First of all I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal visitors and commenters who make updating and searching for Pokémon news worth it 😀 Very soon I will be overhauling the site’s design to be more in line with what I think … Read more

Pokémon Direct: LIVE COVERAGE

Only about an hour left until the announcement! We’ll be covering all new information announced LIVE plus you can watch the stream right here! NEWS [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Livestream has just started Iwata is talking Brief look back at the series Talking about the version mascots of Red and Green Talking about localization delay between Japanese … Read more

“Pokémon Direct”: January 8th; 8PM JST, 11AM GMT, 6AM EST

  This is your last chance to guess what it’ll be about! At 8PM tomorrow in Japan (or 6am in the morning for those of you on the United States’ East Coast) all will be revealed! Or at least something. It’s set to be 10 minutes in length.  These are the leading ideas in the … Read more