Nintendo eShop: Slowpoke & Pinball

Nintendo has started the year right with some great new offerings no matter where you are in the world! The European/Australian/American 3DS eShop now has a killer Slowpoke theme up for download. It costs $1.99/€1.99/£1.79 and is 27 blocks. For North American users, the Wii U eShop now has Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire available for … Read more

Charizard X Revealed in Super Smash Bros.

We’ve known that Charizard X would be the final smash move of Charizard, but up until now we had never seen it in action. The official Super Smash Bros. picture of the day finally revealed it and also shared that it has the attack Flare Blitz which causes recoil damage. Super Smash Bros. will be … Read more

Nintendo Direct: October 1, 2013

Watch Nintendo Direct LIVE with us!  We’ll be providing updates below, newest updates at the top. Updates Finished!! New Kirby game announced! Unfortunately no title! The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be forgoing the traditional idea of one item per dungeon. Player’s choice of items and order of dungeon will play a … Read more

Pokémon Wii U Game Hinted at in promo! *Video*

Following on from our coverage of the Pokémon Game Show yesterday, a video has surfaced suggesting that the image we saw yesterday was indeed a new game. The trailer sets it up to be something after X and Y release, possibly a new Stadium/Battle revolution title! The graphics look to be Wii U and not … Read more

Nintendo Direct for Valentine’s Day 2013

Nintendo Direct will be live in less than 10 minutes! It is set to be a “Luigi Special” and we may not get any new Pokemon news. Even so, we’re covering it for all you Nintendo fans who might not be able to watch the live event! Please visit the official site to watch the … Read more

New Game Announced: Pokémon Scramble U

A new title in the “Pokémon Scramble” series, or Pokémon Rumble as we know it, has been shown in a new advertisement. This will be the first Pokémon title to hit the Wii U, just as Rumble Blast was the first for the 3DS. Below is the information which has been translated by our staff member NL: … Read more