12/15 Anime Preview (Kami Trio Special!)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhg99Qq9w-w Also, if you want the Winter Deerling C-Gear Skin, the password is B8XME69W!  <3 pokejungle Featured Thread: The Food Club by Zalck

Charizard C-Gear Skin for EU

European Black and White players will be able to download the Charizard C-Gear skin from October 13th 2011 to February 16th 2012.  Players must use the password ‘EUPGL102011’ to unlock the skin via the Global Link website.  Nintendo will be releasing another limited edition C-Gear skin (Blastoise) in November for lucky EU game owners. <3 … Read more

Reshiram & Zekrom C-Gear Skins

…in Japan, at least for now.  They’ll undoubtedly make it to the rest of the world soon enough though.  Opinions on these new looks?  Personally, I think these customizable backgrounds were a nice little feature for Black and White.  Although there is possibility for misuse, I wish they would’ve included a feature to let us … Read more

Some awesome new C-Gear Skins

Japanese players will be able to download the C-Gear skins featured above starting from Feb 25th (lasting for two months)!  The two with the unevolved starters are POKEDEX skins :3 Definitely digging the Venusaur one.  ;D <3 pokejungle

MMC: Snowy Mount

I got a little surprise tonight as one of my best friends, fellow admins at MMC, and skilled graphic designer SAUL just released a new theme for our forum!   This is our new winter look entitled ‘Snowy Mount’.  Loving the tasteful snow sprinkles and neat little javascript easter egg that I’ll let users discover … Read more