Train your own pokemon @ our forums!

After quite a bit of work I’ve implemented a system at our forum so that you can “raise” a pokemon.  From the UserCP panel you can set what pokemon you want to raise (currently Black/White pokemon only) and its information will be displayed under all your posts :3  HP and XP were from an IPB mod that I tailored to my own needs and I added the Pokemon functionality as a fun way to encourage users to post in the forums.  The level is dictated by your total number of posts (and the XP bar shows you how far you are to the next level) while the HP bar is at full health when you have an average of at least 2 posts a day!  This isn’t a battling sim or anything, but I believe it’s a cute addition nonetheless :3

Not a member? REGISTER and get started leveling up your new little pokemon!  Already a member? Edit your SETTINGS to choose what pokemon you want to be raising (which can be freely changed, though the level is tied to YOUR post count, not the pokemon).

In addition to this our forum does have a lot of great features such as: wall comments, status updates, ability to “like” status updates ala facebook, profile customization, and more!

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m always trying to improve and refine our offerings on the site and if you ever have any suggestions I’m MORE than willing to hear them.  Need to work on a page for the “Focus On” series next so they’re all grouped together.  That’s been requested quite a few times 😡