Pokémon X&Y Fest has Begun at Mt. Moon!

See that cute Clefairy looking at you? She is begging you, begging you, to come join the festivities at our official forum: Mt. Moon Community (now over 7 years old)! Our boards have a completely new look to celebrate Generation VI and its impending release! Since we’re two weeks away from release we’ve set up a number … Read more

First annual ‘Haunted House’ RP on the forum!

Welcome to my home, trainers! My name is Ghetsis.  You may have not have heard much from me since my departure from Team Plasma, but I’m back.  And tonight you will fight for the lives of three hostages you may know.  Mwahahahaha.   That’s right! Your darling friends, Cheren and Bianca, along with dear Professor Juniper have been kidnapped!  And … Read more

Train your own pokemon @ our forums!

After quite a bit of work I’ve implemented a system at our forum so that you can “raise” a pokemon.  From the UserCP panel you can set what pokemon you want to raise (currently Black/White pokemon only) and its information will be displayed under all your posts :3  HP and XP were from an IPB … Read more

Congratulations! Your forum has evolved!

I am REALLY proud right now.  Mt. Moon Community has been our forum for 4 years and it has grown a lot during that time.  I had wanted to renovate and upgrade it for awhile, but the process really started in early September when I had to ask for donations in order to both pay … Read more