First annual ‘Haunted House’ RP on the forum!

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Welcome to my home, trainers!

My name is Ghetsis.  You may have not have heard much from me since my departure from Team Plasma, but I’m back.  And tonight you will fight for the lives of three hostages you may know.  Mwahahahaha.

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That’s right! Your darling friends, Cheren and Bianca, along with dear Professor Juniper have been kidnapped!  And are now trapped within this house.  And the timer is ticking my friends, time is of the essence. I cannot guarantee they’ll survive past Halloween… My Chandelure is looking forward to snacking on their souls.

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I’ve set up this challenge for you.  Keep yourself alive and find your friends.  You may begin now.

Ghetsis disappears into the manor and leaves the door slightly ajar.  The house is almost beckoning you in.  Three ghost pokemon float around the estate goading your forward… ]

ps- Because I am a staunch supporter of less restrictions, you’ll notice our forum does not require registration for replying.  Anyone can participate!  MMC does have a separate account from your username 🙁  If you want to post without CAPTCHA and have the ability to create threads you can feel free to make an account.  <3 you guys!