Dae asks: Completion Time


Still slow news, but at least some are enjoying Rumble Blast and I can get my hands on with Zelda next month… This time no favorite question, but hard cold numbers (and some discussion).

How much time do you take to complete the story in your main games? Are you doing it as fast as you can, or do you take the time to enjoy your new adventure? Or do you have a hard time getting through the main story? Personally, as I always buy two versions, I rush with one game and take my time with the other one as soon as I completed the first. I usually clock in at 10-12 hours for beating the champion and receiving the national dex.

But how about you guys? As always, this series is about you, and not me, so tell me all your times in the comments below!


  1. I’ve never understood why there’s a game-time counter in the game. What’s its purpose? Naturally, I take my leisurely time finishing up the main quest. Maybe I’ll want to loiter around in the Desert Resort for a while, or maybe I want to evolve my Pawniard before challenging the Elite Four. Who knows? Whatever the reason, for me, speed is never a necessity for enjoying a Pokemon game, so I’d say that it takes me upwards of 24 hours of gameplay to usually get through to the Champion.

  2. well i have difficulty when playing against time i wan’t to complete it fast but i have this need tht i have to talk to everybody and go everywhere in white i dunno why it just makes it feel more complete to me huhhhh someone help me when i clocked in against the E4 time was 100:37 plzzzzz some1 help

  3. I make sure I talk to every single person, obtain every single item, catch every single Pokemon, explore every single crevice, everything. EVERYTHING. Due to this, I end up clocking in an upward of 150 hours. I like to enjoy my games. I am like this with all of my games. Even on my Rumble Blast now, I am obtaining every single Pokemon in each area I can. 🙂

    1. Actually, I just checked, and it’s more like 250 hours! Never realized how long it takes me to do all of that (this is Austin, I just made an account)! At least I enjoy myself! 😀

    2. I’ll do the exact same thing. It’s more fun to me that way, like I’m really exploring the world. Gotta ransack every NPC’s house and go through their trashcans in hope of an item. xD

      1. Lol, I do that too! I never find any loot in trashcans though (not counting the one outside in Villiage Bridge)… 🙁

  4. rushing through would probably take me about 8-10 hours to beat Elite 4 and get National dex…
    My longest to only complete national dex was in Diamond, all 493 within about 230 hours.
    Next is Heart Gold (again only national dex), all 493 within 180 hours
    Black completed all 646 within 120 hours…
    getting quicker =P

  5. I can’t remember how long it took me to finish Black, but my badges show a difference of two days with game completion on the same day as my final badge.

    I found Black to be the easiest pokemon game I ever played, which is kind of odd with all the reports of how hard B/W was when the japanese version was released.

  6. I always buy to versions, and take my sweet time through my first playthrough. Level grinding, exploring, catching things, breeding…My second playthroughs are generally a lot quicker since I know where everything I need is, and I generally breed my parties after my first playthrough, so I don’t really search for Pokemon or catch things.

  7. Usually I finish the main quest of a new game in 20 hours (not really rushing). But with every generation, they slap in more story. I think that Black took me 35 hours or something.

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