Pokémon Gray Coming Spring 2012?

During a Nintendo Financial Conference today, it was revealed a new Pokémon game will hit the shelves next Spring in Japan. Sadly, as it was more of a note towards investors and not the gaming audience, no details were given.

However, we can speculate a bit about it. With the game coming out in Spring, a main game is a bit unlikely, given that those announcements come months before release. If it is a main game (probably Gray), expect details soon, but I personally doubt it. Maybe we’re getting another spin-off? Poképark 3DS, Ranger 4, another Mystery Dungeon,… they are all possible.

I know you wanted a bit more information, but my spy-device inside Satoru Iwata broke. So I’m asking you guys: what do you want to see? Is it going to be Gray (I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, yet) or something lame? Or do you have a totally new idea? Discuss it all in the comments!

  1. Nah. A next main series game won’t come out till Sept of next year, at the earliest….

    Ranger 4? Another chance to destroy my DS screen?

    Another Mystery Dungeon? Yay, another story to bring people to tears.

    PokePark 3DS? Oh god, no! We’re already getting a sequel! We don’t need a third so soon.

    Personally I’m hoping for a Smash Bros. style Pokemon game, but the chances of that happening are unlikely…

      1. Only if there’s an update that allows you to find pokemon hiding in your room ala Ghostwire for the DSi.

      2. I never got a chance to play Snap when it was around 🙁 I wanted that game so bad as a kid!

        I can totally see a 3DS Snap allowing you to use the real-life camera to search for Pokémon in your room, a park, etc. 😀

  2. Magma Ruby and Aqua Sapphire for the 3DS or an National Dex update for the Pokedex 3D app. It would kinda seem like the RS remakes since next year will be the 10th anniversary of the games.

    1. First of all, the remakes are not going to be for 3DS! But I do think the R/S remakes would come before Gray chronologically; Gray is probably going to be marketed to heck and hyped all over the place, so it’s best to have that be the “finale” of Gen V then have it fall in the middle. Personally, though, I want this to be a spin-off like PMD.

  3. If it’s a main series game I hope it is RS remakes( Not ready for Gray yet)
    If it is a side game then I hope it is the 3D console game(Please be a sequel to COL/XD)

    1. I doubt that it will be a big game for the Wii.
      The Wii U is coming Q3-Q4 2012 and it would be wiser the move the big cannons to it, to fasten the adoption rate.

  4. I’m hoping for a Ranger or PMD sequel, hopefully not exclusive to the 3DS. Pinball B/W would ROCK THE ENTIRE POKEMON WORLDalso be nice.

  5. If it’s a main series game, I want RS remake. FRLG was released before Emerald, so RS might follow the same pattern.

    If it’s a side game, it needs to be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Ranger is acceptable.
    Or at least Pinball BW, since I enjoyed Pinball RS. Every odd-numbered Gen needs a Pinball game.

  6. If it is a Mystery Dungeon game im going to CRY i hate hate hate those
    at least a pokemon ranger game would mean a possible hidden pokemon transfer like they did with manaphy and shaymin
    POKEMON SNAP 3D yea please id love to hear professor oak’s voice again 🙂

  7. I’d like a new Ranger game..or PMD, and of course like everyone before me, Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald remakes! I just hope they utilize the use of the 3D function nicely with whatever is to come out..:>

  8. The only things I would get excited about would be either Gr(a/e)y on the DS or RSE remake on DS.
    Every other scenario = me not caring.

  9. It’s either going to be another spin off game or just a portable version of stadium that they plan to have communicate with the WiiU stadium when it comes out.

  10. Pokemon Snap = Sure!
    Colusseum/XD sequel = YES OMG YES!!!
    MagmaRuby/AquaSapphire = YES!!!
    Gr(a/e)y = YES!
    Pinball BW = Sure!
    Mystery Dungeon BW = YES!!! (3D “non-Pokemon Rumble” Pokemon models anyone?)
    Pokepark 3DS = NOOOO!!!

  11. Rating of want 1-10:

    Pokemon Snap: 10!
    Colusseum/XD sequel: 7.5
    Ruby/Sapphire remakes: 10!
    Grey: 6 (8 if it’s as epic as Platinum)
    Mystery Dungeon BW: 7.5 (only if its as tear-summoning as the first two)
    Pokepark 3DS: Won’t happen. Not this soon.
    Pokemon Ranger: 8

  12. Whatever these games are, I think that we can at least count on some solid news coming out soon. There won’t be enough time to hype them before release if the announcement is delayed too much longer… :< *crosses fingers for news soon*

  13. Id like it to be mystery dungeon for regular DS. I can wait for gray and hoenn remakes (just started new emerald game)

  14. i still think that it will be a main series game
    you are saying “spring” like there isn’t a lot of time between now and then, but spring covers march, april and may, so they perfectly can announce the new game now in november or december and release it in april or may
    moreover, april makes one and a half year from the release of black and white in japan, so the dates are ok
    and remember that pokemon company have to announce some games for DS and 3DS before the end of the year (that said Ishihara, right? i can’t remember now), so that’s why i think it could be a main series game
    of course, if it is a spin-off, i won’t be angry or anything

  15. Am I the only one ie the world who doesn’t like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and prefers Pokemon Ranger…?

    As for Pokemon Gr -a/e/i/o/u- y… i don’t think so however it has been a year for Japan so possibly…
    It will probably turn out to be a small Pokemon game, a spin-off if you will seeing as Pokepark will be relaesed pretty soon.

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