Pokémon Gray Coming Spring 2012?

During a Nintendo Financial Conference today, it was revealed a new Pokémon game will hit the shelves next Spring in Japan. Sadly, as it was more of a note towards investors and not the gaming audience, no details were given.

However, we can speculate a bit about it. With the game coming out in Spring, a main game is a bit unlikely, given that those announcements come months before release. If it is a main game (probably Gray), expect details soon, but I personally doubt it. Maybe we’re getting another spin-off? Poképark 3DS, Ranger 4, another Mystery Dungeon,… they are all possible.

I know you wanted a bit more information, but my spy-device inside Satoru Iwata broke. So I’m asking you guys: what do you want to see? Is it going to be Gray (I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, yet) or something lame? Or do you have a totally new idea? Discuss it all in the comments!