pokejungle.net’s Gratitude Giveaway

2011 was a great year for us here at pokejungle, and we hope you had fun coming to our site for news and friends 🙂 Recently Pokémon Centers across Japan gave away Shaymins in a “Gratitude Giveaway”, so I decided to make our own and pass on the Shaymins that I downloaded from the Tokyo location! … Read more

First annual ‘Haunted House’ RP on the forum!

Welcome to my home, trainers! My name is Ghetsis.  You may have not have heard much from me since my departure from Team Plasma, but I’m back.  And tonight you will fight for the lives of three hostages you may know.  Mwahahahaha.   That’s right! Your darling friends, Cheren and Bianca, along with dear Professor Juniper have been kidnapped!  And … Read more