Pokémon X&Y Fest has Begun at Mt. Moon!

See that cute Clefairy looking at you? She is begging you, begging you, to come join the festivities at our official forum: Mt. Moon Community (now over 7 years old)! Our boards have a completely new look to celebrate Generation VI and its impending release! Since we’re two weeks away from release we’ve set up a number of different threads to entertain visitors while they wait for news. If you haven’t joined, but have enjoyed commenting on news articles, come on down!

Pokémon X&Y Fest Activities:

We’ll be adding things before release, so don’t miss out! We know that our community is amazing and I hope that a lot of the visitors whose comments I enjoy reading HERE start posting on our forum too!

<3 PJ

Featured Thread: Let the Pokémon X&Y Fest Begin!