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Pokémon Smash!

Pokémon Smash will be airing soon in Japan, this episode we’re not expecting much in terms of news, and as such we will not provide live coverage, a stream will be available below, however. This will be the final episode of Pokémon Smash, with a new series taking place after today.

A stream can be found below, as well as the PokéJungle Chat. So please follow along with us! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! If you’re looking for some more user-to-user interaction why not register on our forums? Please remember to follow our Community Guidelines too!

Please note: if you can hear a constant popping/clicking noise, please open the Chat spoiler and click the small speaker in the bottom left.

Live Stream

We will not be providing our own stream this week, instead we will provide an external one. Please click HERE to view it. Sadly mobile users may struggle to view the stream properly.  To hide public comments on the stream click the button with the 开 character on it. We also are not able to solve any issues with the stream.

PokéJungle Chat




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