Darkrai Download

I was really debating whether to post this news or not because, for almost all of you, it won’t matter.  Darkrai will be given out in a select few shops across Japan starting two days after Christmas (December 27th).  This is not a WiFi download. The reason I decide to post this is that I will try to pick it up.  PJN has be avidly collecting BW downloads so that we can do a giveaway as soon as BW launches in the US & Europe :3

Enjoy your Friday~ this is gonna be my last weekend in the US for awhile 🙁  I leave on Tuesday!  Sadly this Darkrai is being given away at the Haneda airport, but I’ll be arriving at Narita :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- What winter holiday do YOU celebrate?  Or do you not?  :]  All this talk of Christmas here has made me curious.  I celebrate Xmas as a secular holiday because I’m not religious, but I don’t want people to feel like this site only caters to one holiday 😡