Looking back at the past…

…while I move into the future.  I’m letting the nostalgia wash over me by looking through pictures of my life in Osaka back when I was 16/17.  Back then I had arrived in August amid the Diamond and Pearl news rush and eventually got to pick up Diamond the day it was released in Japan.  Somehow Serebii had already gotten a copy through black magic (or possibly just a ROM), but I was still pretty proud of being able to go to the local Toys ‘R Us and getting it.

Not sure if any of you remember pokejungle.net that far back…  it was a much smaller site that really didn’t do much different than the rest of the fansites (and there were a LOT back then), but because I was in Japan and got my hands on certain magazines and whatnot people still came to my site.  Even though I ended up shutting PJN down for a year when I was 20, I’m still proud of where it is today.

Did this post really have much of a point?  Nah.  Just let me relive the glory days of my youth :]  I look forward to covering the 3rd game (Grey?) while being in Japan, or any other Pokemon games that are released.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Only two more full days in the US before I go!